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“Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”
—William Cowper
Flavor Trends to
1. Turmeric
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10 Flavor Trends to Spice Up Your Menu

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“Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

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10 Flavor Trends to Spice Up Your Menu

  1. 1. “Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” —William Cowper 10 Flavor Trends to SPICE UP 1. Turmeric Ginger-like, yellow-orange colored spice known to have a pungent, bitter taste with hints of orange flavor Add flavor: To scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables, or rice Behind the trend: Budget-friendly with health benefits Southeast Asia 2. Grains of Paradise Woodsy, with a clove-like flavor and a kick of black pepper aftertaste Add flavor: To duck, in a salad dressing, or in place of black pepper at the table Behind the trend: Part of a raw food diet, and easier to digest than black pepper West Africa Your Menu 3. Star Anise Licorice-flavored spice that adds a savory, mouthwatering taste to meat and Chinese dishes Add flavor: To soups, a meat marinade, or sauces Behind the trend: Compliments both sweet and savory dishes Sources: FF_2015_final.pdf Ready to Spice Up your Menu? Whether you are looking for spice shakers, graters, grinders, or vacuum packing machines, Mission Restaurant Supply can help! Our equipment and supply experts can provide you with quality products from trusted manufacturers. Make us a part of your team today! Learn more online or call us at 1-877-693-0951. 4. Piri Piri Africa Northeast Vietnam 5. Bhut Jolokia Spicy, red pepper with eye-watering heat used in both fresh and dried forms—better known as the Ghost Pepper Add flavor: As a pizza topping, a burger topping, or in stir fry Behind the trend: Versatility—used on anything from pickles to dried pork 6. Coriander Cilantro-based spice with a tangy, lemon-like citrus flavor and hints of nut Add flavor: To French fries or potatoes, rice, or Mexican dishes such as quesadillas and guacamole Behind the trend: Increased demand for ethnic cuisine 7. Gochujang Fiery red paste made from chili peppers and glutinous rice Add flavor: To Asian dishes and stir fries, grilled steak, or in place of BBQ sauce Behind the trend: Earthy flavor that pairs well with popular American foods India Southern Europe Korea 8. Urfa Biber Smoky raisin and chocolate taste with a hint of coffee Add flavor: To kebabs, couscous, vegetables, or desserts Behind the trend: Key ingredient of the popular Mediterranean diet 9. Fennel pollen A dried flower with bright flavors including licorice, citrus, and marshmallows Add flavor: To breads, steak, in muffins and other bakery items, or lamb Behind the trend: Fennel pollen is both a flavoring agent and a flavor booster Turkey Italy 10. Achiote Yellow spice with an earthy, peppery flavor extracted from seeds of the Bixa Orellana tree—also known as Annatto Add flavor: To smoked fish, chicken and other meats, or soups and stews Behind the trend: Boosts plate presentation by adding color The Caribbean Spicy, made with crushed African Bird’s Eye chili peppers and pungent flavors, such as oregano, ginger, basil, and onion—also spelled Peri Peri Add flavor: To a marinade, BBQ, or roasted vegetables Behind the trend: Emerging appetite for African flavors