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Real Lessons in Working with Digital Influencers - SXSW 2015 Workshop

This is my four-hour workshop I gave at SXSW 2015.

The workbook that accompanies it will definitely help you make sense of this! Email me at to get a copy of the workbook. (the lead generation form isn't working here)

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Real Lessons in Working with Digital Influencers - SXSW 2015 Workshop

  1. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Real Lessons in Working with Digital Influencers
  2. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | • Interact a LOT. Ask tonnes of questions. Tell your own stories where applicable. Push back. Share! • Watch a LOT of Videos. We are mostly covering YouTube, but we can explore other platforms as well. Show and tell! • Absorb a LOT of information. My card is in your workbook. Feel free to reach out to me afterwards if any of it was unclear. • Have fun! I hope! Today we will:
  3. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | • WHY work with online influencers? • WHO are these influencers and what have they done to build their influence? • WHERE do we find them? • HOW do we make this work? Schedule
  4. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | work with digital influencers?
  5. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | 1. They are who the audience is paying attention to. 2. They are who the audience TRUSTS. 3. And yes, their audiences include non-Millennials, too! 3 Reasons to Work with Digital Influencers:
  6. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC |
  7. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC |
  8. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Some Stats (YouTube)
  9. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Some Stats (Vine)
  10. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Some Stats (Snapchat)
  11. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Some Stats (Instagram)
  12. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | – Marketing Magazine (UK) March 3, 2015 ! YouTube celebrities work because their audience wants authentic perspective. "The danger for the celebrity is that endorsements compromise their perceived objectivity, which is at the root of what initially made them popular," he argues. ! Continued reliance on pre-roll advertising and the slick commercialised 30-second spot fails to tap into the authenticity and immediacy the medium demands. To truly capitalise on this trend, brands should invest in creating their own content or partnering vloggers.
  13. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | are some of these digital influencers?
  16. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | YOUTUBE
  17. GRACE HELBIG 2.1 million subscribers YouTube 900,000 followers Instagram 964,000 followers on Twitter ! Vlogger/Comedian ! Grace has been on YouTube since 2007, when she started her daily vlog. She is an actor and comedian, who has leveraged her YouTube fame to get acting gigs. She’s worked with brands like St. Ives.
  18. LOUIS COLE 1.2 million subscribers YouTube 864,000 followers Instagram 590,000 followers on Twitter ! Travel/Adventure Louis has been on YouTube since 2011, where he originally gained fame by eating awful things. In 2013, he switched gears to vlog his travel adventures.
  19. GLOZELL GREEN 3.4 million subscribers YouTube 196,300 followers Vine 745,000 followers on Twitter ! Comedy Green started her YouTube channel in 2008 - mostly with song parodies and comedy sketches about her life. She interviewed Barack Obama after the State of the Union address this year.
  20. BETHANY MOTA 8.4 million subscribers YouTube 4.4 million followers Instagram 2,390,000 followers on Twitter ! Beauty/DIY/Fashion Bethany started on YouTube in 2009 and since she rose to fame, she’s done a clothing line for Aeropostale, been the face of CoverGirl, been on Dancing with the Stars, was a judge on Project Runway, and she also interviewed Obama post SOTU address. She will be 20 this year.
  21. PEWDIEPIE (real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) 35 million subscribers YouTube 5.46 million followers on Twitter 5.4 million followers on Facebook ! Gamer ! Felix created his channel in 2010 and was the first channel to reach 15 million subscribers in 2013. He is known for his very colourful commentary (ie cussing) on his gaming videos. He’s moved into more vlogging and comedy as well as gaming. He’s worked with a few brands (like Mountain Dew), but mostly works on his own. It’s estimated he makes $4-6 million in ad sales alone per year.
  22. RYAN HIGA 13.9 million subscribers YouTube 1.6 million likes on Facebook 1.58 million followers on Twitter ! Comedy Ryan has been on YouTube from very early days. His channel started in 2006. His channel was the first one to reach 3 million subscribers in 2010.
  23. MKBHD (name: Marques Brownlee) 2.2 million subscribers YouTube 174,000 followers on Instagram 324,000 followers on Twitter ! Technology ! Marques started uploading videos in 2009. He is the most subscribed to in tech-based YouTube channels.
  24. MELISSA MAKER (channel: CLEANMYSPACE) 245,000 subscribers YouTube 6,433 followers on Instagram 3,683 followers on Twitter ! Home Care ! Melissa started doing how-to cleaning videos in 2011 and is a great example of finding a passionate niche and really rocking it. Though her subscriber numbers aren’t super high (compared to the biggies already listed), she’s received over 20million views on her videos.
  25. MANJULA JAIN 222,300 subscribers YouTube 442 followers on Twitter 745,400 followers on Facebook ! Indian Cooking ! Manjula was an early adopter in 2008. She isn’t the ‘typical’ YouTube creator - she has grandkids! Once again, a great example of a channel built on passion and persistence that has done well over the years. These more ‘niche’ channels (Manjula’s videos have been viewed over 92 million times) are important to pay attention to. There are more opportunities here than battling for the big guys.
  26. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | VINE
  27. NASH GRIER 11.2 million followers Vine 4.3 million followers on Twitter 4.1 million followers on YouTube ! Comedy Sketches ! Nash shot to stardom on Vine in 2013, but has faced all sorts of controversy around his use of homophobic and sexist slurs in Vines. In 2014, Aeropostale, who had partnered with Grier, got all sorts of pressure from teens to drop him.
  28. EHBEE FAMILY 1.4 million followers Vine 35,000 followers on YouTube 30,000 avg views Snapchat ! Comedy Sketches ! Great family humour that grew on Vine since 2013. They’ve worked with Disney, Dignity Health, Regal Cinemas, Nordstrom and Toyota.
  29. US THE DUO 4.5 million followers Vine 396,000 followers on Instagram 149,000 followers on Twitter ! Music ! A lovely couple with a wonderful story. They’ve been together for three years and became famous on Vine after their #6secondcovers went viral. They’ve now gotten married and released an album.
  30. AMYMARIE GAERTNER 3.6 million followers Vine 274,700 subscribers on YouTube 81,000 followers on Twitter 699,000 followers on Instagram ! Dance ! Amymarie is a self-taught dancer and choreographer who shot to fame with Vine in 2014. She also posts adorable Vines of her dog, Ginger.
  31. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | SNAPCHAT
  32. CASEY NEISTAT 506,000 Subscribers on YouTube 76,500 followers on Twitter 228,000 followers on Instagram ! Filmmaker/Activist ! Casey has been very omni-channel over the years. He first gained fame in 2003 with a film called ‘iPod’s Dirty Little Secret’, then with a popular video on the New York Bike lanes in 2011. He’s done videos with Nike (Make It Count), Mercedes-Benz and J.Crew. He is prolific on Snapchat now.
  33. DASHA BATTELLE ! Artist ! Dasha creates what she calls ‘SnapArt’, drawing pictures with her finger and the rudimentary Snapchat tools. She works for Mashable on the visual storytelling team.
  34. JEROME JARRE 8.1 million followers on Vine 1.15 million followers on Twitter 913,000 subscribers on YouTube ! Pranks/Comedy/Inspiration It’s hard to classify Jerome. He’s prolific on Vine and on Snapchat…as well as YouTube. His message is about fun and positivity and he recently did a prank where he turned down a million dollar brand deal (brand unnamed). He’s now raising money to support other creators in their endeavours. He is thought to be the first Snapchat celebrity.
  35. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Power Influencers Influencers Social Enthusiasts Fans Big audience with lots of clout. Celebrity status. Depending on the network, could be >100k or >1M engaged followers. Creating content is their full-time job. Great, engaged audience. Most likely has closer relationships with followers (answers tweets and comments). They may still have a day job. These are great people to get to know before they get really big! They follow lots of influencers and interact on a regular basis. They are looking to become Influencers one day. Don’t ignore these ones… you never know who follows back or how they will grow their own audiences over time! The bulk of people on social networks just want to interact with their friends, but they still really love it when a brand they love interacts with them.
  36. The are emotionally raw. “emotional arousal”
  37. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Emotional Rawness Example
  38. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | The Theory of Emotional Arousal Adapted from Jonah Berger’s studies in Contagious: Why Things Catch On Emotional arousal is a state of heightened physiological activity. High-arousal emotions include joy, anger, fear, surprise, awe and distress. Positive high-arousal emotions incite us to share.
  39. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | High Arousal vs Low Arousal HIGH AROUSAL LOW AROUSAL + Awe, Joy, Love, Excitement, Humor, Hope, Giddiness, Inspiration, Surprise (happy), Obsession Contentment, Relaxation, Calmness, Satisfaction - Fear, Distress, Anger, Anxiety, Disgust, Tension, Frustration, Alarm, Annoyance Depression, Sadness, Loss, Pity, Boredom, Gloom ! Though sad moments are shared by Digital Influencers, the moments are shared to give hope and inspiration to their audience. Though sharing their sexual orientation was emotional for the twins, the outcome was incredibly positive.
  40. The are accessible. “fuelling of mimetic desire”
  41. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Mimetic Desire (theory by René Girard) “The theory of mimetic desire says that we do not desire things directly for ourselves in a linear fashion, but rather we desire objects because someone else desires that object.”
  42. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | How Mimetic Desire Works I’m just like you…I was bullied and lost. I’m silly and imperfect! Now look at where I am! You can do it, too! OMG! We love you, Bethany! You are so inspirational! We want to be JUST like you! We want to dress like you, eat like you…BE you! ! Because Bethany and her kin are just ‘normal’ kids that followed their passions - exposing warts and all - other ‘normal’ kids see themselves reflected and are motivated to follow the same path.
  43. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Even Traditional Celebrities Are Doing It ! Traditionally, celebrities had a polished, perfect image. The growth of democratized media has shifted the desire for the audience. Now we want to see imperfection. It is in a moment of human frailty that we see ourselves and feel that we have something in common.
  44. They put their audience first. “empowerment & sense of community”
  45. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | — Marvin Weisbord, author of Productive Workplaces: Organizing and Managing for Dignity, Meaning and Community How to build a community: ! “People support what they help to create.”
  46. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | ! Start small. Content creators don’t need tons of money or fancy equipment to develop big viewership. They need to cultivate a connection and then build from there. It’s as though successful YouTube content creators have intuitively – or perhaps out of necessity – built their brands and businesses on the premise that you need to lead with a minimum viable product and the development of your community of customers, culled from the audience you attract, to have a better chance of being sustainable. — Rock on Ink Magazine
  47. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | do I find them?
  48. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Finding the right influencer is crucial to the success of your campaign. There are a few tools available and a process to help you pick the right one. Here are the steps: 1. Define your goals 2. Figure out your audience 3. Research the space 4. Narrow the options 5. Reach out Finding the Right Influencer
  49. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Are you trying to: build awareness? seem popular? seed high profile reviews? build relationships? sell a product or a service? other? or all of the above? Defining Your Campaign Goals
  51. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | ADVOCACYRETENTIONEXPERIENCEPURCHASECONSIDER Audience Awareness Stages AWARE RESEARCH This is where influencer marketing is AWESOME. You should use other tactics here.
  52. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Best Way to Set Up Your Program? manually
  53. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | WHY Manual Setup? ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES You own the relationships It takes a lot of time You understand the community (both the customer + influencer) — It saves you money — You get the jump on emerging influencers — You could learn some tricks of the trade — It’s hella fun —
  54. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Database Example: highrise
  55. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Figure Out Your Audience To understand who influences them, you need to know more about your audience: ! Who are they? (demographics) ! Where do they hang out online? (online behaviour) ! What are their interests? (psychographics)
  56. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Figure Out Your Audience HINT: If you don’t already have data about your audience, take a look at data on your competition or proxies. You won’t want to copy them, but you can learn from them.
  57. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Tools: Audience Research
  58. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Tools: Audience Research
  59. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Tools: Audience Research
  60. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Getting To Know the Space Now that you are committed to spending lots of your free time on social media, following who your audience follows, you’ll discover: ! The rules of engagement ! The insider language ! The tropes
  61. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | The Rules of Engagement “You are the bomb.” “I’m hanging with you.” “I’ve checked you out.” “I recognize you.” “I’ve seen you around.” AWARE INTERESTED INTERACTED ENGAGED TIGHT start here and ONLY here
  62. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: The Makeup Tutorial ! Pretty self-explanatory, Makeup Tutorials are step-by-step how-to’s on creating a look. Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, Tamang Phan and Carli Bybel are some of the biggest in this category.
  63. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: The Haul ! Hauls are video blogs that document what the YouTuber just purchased. Originally brushed off as ‘stupid and shallow’ by critics, haul vloggers have grown to have some of the largest, most dedicated audiences on YT.
  64. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: The Tag ! Tags are powerful because they spread through the community (they also exist on Instagram as photo challenges). It’s ‘tag’ as in tag, you’re it! ! There are 361,000+ TMI Tag videos
  65. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: The Challenge ! Challenges are like Tags, but they are usually more physical in nature (and participated in by the male creators more). ! There are 503,000 results for Cinnamon Challenge on YouTube. Glozell’s is the most popular with 43million views!
  66. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: DIY’s ! DIY’s are how-to videos on recreating stuff you would normally buy in the store, but are simple enough to do yourself. Of course, they are also how-to’s, but I always think that DIY’s are the simpler brethren of How- To’s. ! Rarely do I see anyone build something insurmountable (like a house).
  67. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: Pranking ! Prank channels are very popular on YouTube. Pranks range from simple to very elaborate (like this one or like the Just For Laughs Gags pranks). The audience really loves being in on the joke and watching the poor victims of the prank being tricked.
  68. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: Unboxing ! Unboxing videos are incredibly popular. Started with the tech set, it’s now the toddler crowd that’s gotten involved. Sometimes called ‘toddler crack’, the toy unboxing channels are some of the most subscribed to channels and have led to YouTube creating children’s tools that access only these channels.
  69. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: Lists ! Before Buzzfeed video, there were many, many list YouTubers. ! Lists are usually in numbers (10 things you didn’t know about blah) and are both entertaining and informative.
  70. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: How It Works ! How it works is not only informative, but it’s very entertaining and is highly searchable on YouTube. ! These videos are mostly scientific, but are sometimes just explorations in social behaviour.
  71. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: Play With Me ! Minecraft is one of the biggest gaming communities on YouTube, but there are many gamers that post entire games or sections of their games and get hundreds of thousands of views. ! Why? Well, why do we watch sports? Video games are the new pro sport for the next generation.
  72. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | TROPES: Draw My Life ! This Tag cut across all communities and genres on YouTube and nearly every YouTube celebrity has made one. They are wonderful ways to learn more about the YouTubers we follow. ! They are made by telling their life stories (highlights, of course - with serious issues) and drawing out the story.
  73. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Narrow the Options By the time you get here, you will probably know enough influencers, but just in case, there are some tools you can use to: ! Find the right influencers ! Set up influencer campaigns ! Figure out if you are on the right path
  74. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Search Tools: buzzsumo
  75. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Search Tools: tracker
  76. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Search Tools: littlebird
  77. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Search Tools: twtrland
  78. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Search Tools: grouphigh
  79. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Influencer Campaign Platforms
  80. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | The Scorecard: narrowing your options
  81. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | do we make this work?
  82. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | The Kick-Off Checklist
  83. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Costs - What to Expect
  84. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | What to Negotiate For ! Call to action ! a giveaway or a contest ! a meetup
  85. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Tips for Creating Contracts
  86. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | The Creative Process The Influencer knows his/her own audience the best. Give him/her the creative brief + be clear about the campaign goals and then let him/her bring you back a proposal.
  87. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Being Clear With Your Goals CLEAR/REASONABLE GOALS UNCLEAR/UNREASONABLE GOALS Give away # of products. 500,000 giveaway entries. Show how to use the product in an image. 100,000 hashtags. Produce a video that integrates the benefits of the product. 250,000 views. Maximize impressions of product review across social networks. 3 million impressions.
  88. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Measuring Success As aligned to where Influencer campaigns move the needle: 1. increase awareness (mentions, impressions, reach) 2. create more authentic positive reviews (number of reviews on review sites, unbiased videos/posts results in a search) 3. positive feedback on your product/brand (thumbs up, shares, positive comments)
  89. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | Case Studies Let’s play!
  90. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | tara hunt ! 647-992-2951 ! !
  91. | @missrogue | Tara Hunt | TOTEM.TC | • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • All photos credited, except those that are screenshots (and should be credited to those referenced in the slide) Sources