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Software That Keeps Your Meeting's Mojo Working Year Round

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Software That Keeps Your Meeting's Mojo Working Year Round

  1. 1. READ ON Software that Keeps Your Meeting’s Mojo Working Year Round 2 Mobile Event App Adoption is Suffering 3 Event App Developers Are Carving Out Niches 4 Are Interdependence & Mutual Support too Much to Ask? EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH 1 Meet Zerista
  2. 2. Meet Zerista EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH The CEO of Zerista,Eric Olsen is on a mission to improve the quality of meetings through Meeting Hub—the most recent iterationofthecompany’s event software. Eric Olsen, CEO Zerista's Meeting Hub application addresses the following pain points: Making content from a meeting available and accessible year round Extending the usefulness of the event mobile app beyond the trade show or conference Combining the features and functionality of multiple event software applications Providing exhibitors and sponsors with exposure before, during and after the event Increasing the value of face-to-face events
  3. 3. Mobile Event App Adoption is Suffering EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH “What I was hearing was that event apps are great, but that audience members aren’t that keen on them, there was a feeling that there was no purpose for the app once the event was over." “Something you can do to drive adoption is to make the value proposition [of the event app] really rich. Looking at a schedule [using a mobile app] is OK, but not super compelling. When you get into the reasons why people attend events, mobile + web may be a better option.”
  4. 4. Event App Developers Are Carving Out Niches EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH Meeting Hub accomplishes that goal by hosting content and multiple software programs (think calendars, digital content storage, private social network, newsfeed, appointment setting, banner advertising, and lead retrieval) in one location on the Internet that canbeaccessedfromanydevice(tablet, smartphone, desktop computer), via a native mobile app or web browser, enabling users to work in whatever manner is most comfortable for them. What makes Zerista’s app unique is its expanded focus on content, collaboration, and marketing.
  5. 5. Are Interdependence & Mutual Support too Much to Ask? EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH Part of Zerista’s mission is to create an event ecosystem in which stakeholders and contributors are all equally involved and dependent on each other. This holistic approach helps keeps members of an event community engaged and interacting with one another throughout the event lifecycle.
  6. 6. Are Interdependence & Mutual Support too Much to Ask? EVENT BRIEF.COMTECH “We plan to shine light on what has been a dark place in marketing, the value of face-to-face events.” - Eric Olsen, CEO of Zerista
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