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Harvard innovation lab : Michael When Outbound Marketing makes sense

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Harvard innovation lab : Michael J Skok : Startup Secrets : Go To Market Hi #innovationlab @mjskok #startupsecrets Benefits Considerations • Fast to implement • More intrusive… – Dont need to wait for SEO – leads to lower conversion rates rankings to kick in… just pick up – Impact on perception of your your phone or walk a tradeshow brand floor • Can have very high $$$/Lead • Very quick/immediate feedback • Not likely to produce any viral cycles for testing scale – Live feedback, A/B message testing, click-through data, and more • Should be done in conjunction – Helps to guide content with content people want/value… development for Inbound tactics! but this will carry some costs of • Laser-focused targeting when Inbound ideal profile known • Can raise awareness in your target segment and drive prospects to search and enter the 5 "Inbound funnel”Image:

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