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Fairmont group work

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Fairmont group work

  1. 1. Abdoulaye Safiyatou Khemasiri Sirinapa Sivavetpikul Pornsinee #mba2b IEMI-CMH
  2. 2. Fairmont & Complex Customer Decision Journey Different Online Channels to reach the target: The hotel addresses complex customer decision by offerring various online channels to make the brand accessible to the target such as twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, etc. Key word for search engines: Luxury hotel : When search the word ‘Luxury Hotel’ on Google, Fairmont hotels & resorts appears as the second one on Ads bar. This is to show that the brand is aware of key words that relate to demand of customers. Tech-savvy: Moreover, the brand also provide its smartphone application which has all-in-one concierge service. This is another trendy way to respond to tech-savvy customers by giving the
  3. 3. Key digital marketing initiatives Fairmont has officially unveiled the first phase in a multi-stage digital platform redesign that will influence and enhance all of the brand’s online environments. The customers can share thier story and experience in the hotel on this site Plus Fairmont hotel and resort launched the contest on Faceook. Andrea Johnson, Executive director said “their goal is to provide a valuable sweepstakes offer to drive interest. They also want to provide something unique for fans to explore on Facebook (the quiz portion of the contest), while also learning a bit more about their customers and social media fans in the process.”. The contest is easy to enter and features a number of luxury prizes. Enrollment has been high and they’ve received excellent feedback from their fan base.
  4. 4. Areas to be improved Be more interactive: Use Branch to have a real conversation with customers and get feedback to know what to improve Improve their ranking on Instagram Ask followers for advice on new ideas Encourage customers to pin their own pictues of their stays at Fairmont hotels
  5. 5. Competition with OTAs As the OTAs become the main competitor in the market, hotels can accomplish their goal by using brand loyalty. Technology elements are tools to attract customers in this period of time. The more convenience we can offer, the more likely customers will choose us. Hotels can also make a partnership with each other in order to create interesting projects to attract customers such as sales promotions.
  6. 6. Where does 'sharing' fit into the decision process? Sharing photos on the social media will help the traveler make thier decision to book the hotel because it will allow customers to discovery the other’s experiences. Moreover, it is easier to them to make thier decision to book a room. After visit their site “everyone’s an original, the customers not only share the hotel photo but also share their moment and the hotel’s services. The travelers can follow Fairmont hotel & resort at instagram, twitter, facebook and youtube.
  7. 7. How to provoke sharing - Upload more pics on pinterest and also the customers put their own photo experiences to share - Making the customers feel engaged and involved in a more personal way - Consistent updates on social media network - Host events to create buzz - Initiate some attractive activities to call for participation such as sweepstake.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION More and more consumers involve commercial activities online so managements should be aware of the impact and create online approach to reach customers. Being available online allows brands to be visible to larger market. Technology is the key driver of competition in engaging potential customers in hospitality industry. Digital marketing strategies are to be acknowledged for more sophisticated approach in the dynamic market.