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Networking on the Introvert's side of the Room

These days, networking is essential. It's how employers fill 70 percent of their job openings, and well-connected UX professionals earn higher incomes.

But with most networking activities geared towards extroverts, what are Introverts—who often find being around other people draining—to do?

It turns out that many characteristics that define an introvert also make them wonderful networkers. Introverts are comfortable making one-on-one connections, they know how to develop meaningful relationships and they're excellent listeners. Introverts just need to align their networking activities with their innate strengths.

In this session, I'll share the tools that have enabled me to grow my network without changing my introverted personality. If you're intimidated by our extroverted world, this session will guide you toward your own networking success.

This talk will help UX professionals:

leverage existing communication skills that work well for an introvert
learn how to choose appropriate networking events
maintain the network by focusing on helping others

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Networking on the Introvert's side of the Room

  1. Networking on the introvert’s side of the room Michele Marut Senior User Researcher, Intuit@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  2. Credit: typical networking event@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  3. Introverts• Are everywhere• Prefer small groups• Recharge alone@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  4. Credits: UX Stencil © Todd Zazelenchuk & Elizabeth Bo@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  5. Networking• Relies on relationships other 30%• Many uses networking 70% Methods of finding jobs - Bureau of Labor Statistics@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  6. Dunbar’snumber150 = Maximumnumber of people withwhich we can maintainrelationships@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  7. FOUR WAYS INTROVERTS CAN BUILDTHEIR NETWORK@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  8. 1. Engage in online communities@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  9. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  10. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  11. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  12. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  13. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  14. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  15. @michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  16. 1. Engage in online communities• Jump in• Share your knowledge• Engage@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  17. 2. Attend low key events Credits: AIGA Philly@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  18. 2. Attend low key events• Go casual• Bring your favorite people• Step away (if you need to recharge)@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  19. 3. Attend activity-based events Credits: @UKUPA@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  20. 3. Attend activity-based events• Pick fun things• Act early@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  21. 4. Volunteer at the event Credits: @nycupa@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  22. 4. Volunteer• Work the sign-in table• Chat with volunteers• “Stalk” attendees• Use your backstage pass@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  23. NOT DONE YET ….REMEMBER TO MAINTAIN THE NETWORK@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  24. Offer your resourcesThe more you trade, thebetter your chances ofvictory. Even if it is notyour turn, you shouldoffer trades to thecurrent player!Settlers of Catan game rules Credit: | #uxintroverts
  25. Do…• Engage in on-line communities• Attend more low-key events• Choose events with activities• Volunteer at the eventRemember!• Offer your resources• Always feel free to step away from the group and take breaks or go home@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  26. Challenge• Try one technique a month for four months• Tweet me @michelemarut with #uxintroverts tag and your progress@michelemarut | #uxintroverts
  27. Resources• Articles/sites – Introverts and Networking stack - – The Power of Introverts• Book – Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz• UX Organizations – Interaction Design Association (IxDA) – Usability Professionals Association (UPA)• UX events on Twitter – @finduxevents – @UX_NYC@michelemarut | #uxintroverts