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The future of mobile apps

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DMI 2017 Mobile Trends
DMI 2017 Mobile Trends
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The future of mobile apps

  1. 1. the mobee dick
  2. 2. mobimoni #MTC2016
  4. 4. 1980 1990 2000 2008 mobimoni #MTC2016
  5. 5. App fatigue mobimoni #MTC2016
  6. 6. DEVELOPER PERSPECTIVECONSUMER PERSPECTIVE Apps gold rush must come to an end. Why? mobimoni #MTC2016 • too much apps for the same thing • hard to differentiate one app from the other • replicate existing experiences with a story of a better design • new apps don’t provide enough value to come back • hijacking our daily lives with real-time notifications • introducing endless anxiety • hard to build and maintain • dealing with the approval overlords • neverendless bug fixing • new feature rollouts are slow • version control is slow • devs are tired of building similar apps ;-)
  7. 7. Do we really need more apps? mobimoni #MTC2016
  8. 8. Smartphone owners spend nearly 90%of mobile device time in apps. mobimoni #MTC2016
  9. 9. People on average use 10 apps a day and 25 apps a month. mobimoni #MTC2016
  10. 10. (C) The Nielsen Company
  11. 11. mobimoni #MTC2016
  12. 12. mobimoni #MTC2016 Google earns more money when people are on the mobile web, not in apps.
  13. 13. mobimoni #MTC2016
  14. 14. App- or web- experience? mobimoni #MTC2016
  15. 15. WEB APPS mobimoni #MTC2016 The answer is:
  16. 16. ING Bank Śląski mobimoni #MTC2016
  17. 17. Nowy program będzie nietypowy - będzie formą hybrydy łączącej aplikację natywną z wersją przeglądarkową RWD. Nowa aplikacja pojawi się na przełomie pierwszego i drugiego kwartału przyszłego roku. Dostępna będzie na trzy główne systemy: Android, iOS i Windows Phone. Aplikacja, podobnie jak zwykła przeglądarka internetowa, będzie odczytywać kod HTML. Dzięki temu po uruchomieniu program zaciągnie kod nowego systemu bankowości internetowej RWD. System wewnątrz aplikacji będzie więc wyglądał niemal tak samo jak w wersji mobilnej dostępnej przez przeglądarkę. Szymon Mitoraj (wypowiedź dla, z grudnia 2015 r.) mobimoni #MTC2016
  18. 18. FUTUREPAST read and write only large existing data sets automation mobimoni #MTC2016 the software works for the userthe user manages the software HUMAN APP We download apps in order to do something Existing app will know what to do for us APP HUMAN
  19. 19. mobimoni #MTC2016 How can we utilize an existing data set to create sophisticated automation?
  20. 20. mobimoni #MTC2016 Context-awareness
  21. 21. HTC Sense Home mobimoni #MTC2016
  22. 22. mobimoni Google Now
  23. 23. iOS9
  24. 24. mobimoni Now on Tap
  25. 25. mobimoni #MTC2016 AI is the new UI
  26. 26. RANK BRAIN
  27. 27. ASSISTENT M
  28. 28. mobimoni #MTC2016 One app to rule them all
  29. 29. mobimoni #MTC2016 KakaoTalk WeChat ViberWhatsAppMessenger SnapchatTangoLine
  30. 30. SNAPCHAT mobimoni #MTC2016
  31. 31. WHATSAPP mobimoni
  32. 32. MESSENGER mobimoni #MTC2016
  33. 33. 2016 would be the year of “conversational commerce”. Chris Messina mobimoni #MTC2016
  34. 34. QUARTZ mobimoni #MTC2016
  35. 35. QUARTZ
  36. 36. Notifications mobimoni #MTC2016 are the new medium
  37. 37. “People have different ways they want to consume information. Search is one way. Social is another way. And we think push notifications might be yet another. We see that as an evolving medium and want to be a part of that.” Michael Cerda mobimoni #MTC2016
  38. 38. NOTIFY
  39. 39.
  40. 40. @JenSelter’s notifications
  41. 41. Touch ID too fast? :)
  42. 42. 1. Web app experience 2. Context-awareness 3. Artificial intelligence is the new UI 4. One messaging app to rule them all 5. Notifications are the new medium 5 trends to be aware of: mobimoni #MTC2016
  43. 43. Think beyond mobimoni #MTC2016 on the phone just a mobile app
  44. 44. User Experience Design mobimoni #MTC2016 non-negotiable is now
  45. 45. “Airbnb cares much more about the entire experience of your vacation — whether you felt welcomed by your host, whether you were able to easily find and get into the apartment you booked, whether your expectations for the place were met (and exceeded) — than about exactly how you felt as you were interacting with the Airbnb app to make a booking. The functionality of “finding a nice/unique/convenient/affordable place to stay” is technically what many people use AirBnb for, but the real goal is for you to have a wonderful, memorable time wherever you’re going.” Joe Gebbia mobimoni #MTC2016
  46. 46. Technology mobimoni #MTC2016 for us should make choices
  47. 47. The best innovation mobimoni #MTC2016 between intention and action comes from decreasing time
  48. 48. mobimoni Amazon Dash Button
  49. 49. Button BUY in social media
  50. 50. Try to predict mobimoni #MTC2016 now what users want
  51. 51. mobimoni #MTC2016 Try to predict now what users want
  52. 52. mobimoni #MTC2016 Try to predict next what users want
  53. 53. Good luck!
  54. 54. We are the mobee dick Monika Mikowska mobimoniMOBILE UX DESIGN STUDIO