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ResourcesThe sensemaking process and leverage The Language of Discovery: Designing Big Data Interactions

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ResourcesThe sensemaking process and leverage points for analyst technology as identified through cognitive taskanalysis, Pirolli, P., & Card, S. (2005) search: from finding to understanding, Gary Marchionini, Communications of the ACM, Volume49 Issue 4, April 2006, Joe. “Goal Based Information Retrieval Experiences”, (June 20, 2006)., Joe. “10 Information Retrieval Patterns”, (June 29, 2006)., Joe. “Discovering User Goals / IR Goal Definitions”, (June 24, 2006)., D. 2006. “Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them”. Boxes & Arrows:, Marcia J. 1979. "Information Search Tactics." Journal of the American Society for Information Science30: 205-214Bates, Marcia J. 1989. "The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques for the Online SearchInterface." Online Review 13: 407-424.Broder, A. 2002. A taxonomy of web search, ACM SIGIR Forum, v.36 n.2, Fall 2002

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