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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) mobileYouth @ Red Bull - 5 Lessons in Youth Marketing

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Observations from my recent trip to Copper Mountain for the 1976 Red Bull Games. Presentation contains action video from the event (at end of slides). Enjoy!

(Graham Brown mobileYouth) mobileYouth @ Red Bull - 5 Lessons in Youth Marketing

  1. 5 Lessons in Youth Marketing from Red Bull By Graham Brown ≈ Author, Inspired by observations from my recent field trip to the 1976 Red Bull Games in Copper Mountain Colorado April 2009 RED BULL 1976 ACTION VIDEO AT END OF SLIDES Twitter: grahamdbrown
  2. The number one preferred method of 1) You have to be communication for students is “face-to-face” where they are (source mobileYouth 2009). Great brands know ≈ this and are encouraging their people to get out of the ivory towers, out of the focus groups and where the youth are at
  3. Sponsoring is easy, it’s safe – like buying your 2) Create don’t regular TVC. But, in youth marketing being safe Sponsor is the riskiest thing you can do. It takes brains ≈ and creativity and a corporate culture that encourages calculated risk to come up with the 1976 games or set up a Slush Cup in Banff.
  4. You could waste a lot of money identifying and 3) Be Their Social chasing trends. What never changes are the Fabric timeless drivers of youth behavior – 1) The need to ≈ belong and 2) The need to be significant. Great brands understand their marketing and product development needs to start with this in mind
  5. 4) Sell Too often we limit our potential to the product. Consumers, however, buy the can not the drink Community not inside (even in blind taste tests). Blind taste tests ≈ Product are only good if you have blind customers. What are the story and the community you are selling. How do youth fit into that story?
  6. Traditional advertising iseasy. However, once the 5) Create legacies campaign stops youth attention evaporates. over advertising How do you create something that outlives a ≈ campaign? Build a legacy, build something that lasts, build something that youth can take away and continue the social interaction around.
  7. mobileYouth “insight is everything” trends:culture:marketing By Graham Brown