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Brand development ( Cream Cracker for Skin Beauty)

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New Brand Development
Cream Cracker Biscuit for Skin Beauty

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Brand development ( Cream Cracker for Skin Beauty)

  1. 1. Key ObjectiveKey Objective • Presenting our proposed strategies to building brand and activation programs to capture the Cream Cracker market initially as the third player in long term to be market leader in the cream cracker category
  2. 2. Guide LinesGuide Lines • Largest Supper Market Chain CGL will launch the new product • Find a potential in cream cracker biscuit domain. • Positioning of a biscuit as just as confectionary product is no more valid • Should be Rice base Cream Cracker • Must adopt Blue Ocean strategies
  3. 3. Market AnalysisMarket Analysis -- BiscuitBiscuit • Sri Lanka has a population of over 50 manufacturers in biscuit products • Sri Lanka accounts for approximately 55,000 metric tons of snack foods each year. • Valued at around Rs. 9.3 billion annually. • The market achieves a growth rate of between 10% and 15% each year. • Munchee accounts for 55% of the total biscuit market in Sri Lanka
  4. 4. Market et Analysis Cream CrackerMarket et Analysis Cream Cracker • Five players in the market • Munchee is the market leader having Super Cream Cracker (a vitamin-enriched biscuit,) and Kurakkan Cracker (high fiber content has made it popular as a health snack). • Munchee enjoying 73% of cream cracker market, Maliban is in the second place sharing the rest among other four players.
  5. 5. Market PotentialsMarket Potentials • The per capita biscuit consumption in Europe is 32kgs a year while in Sri Lanka it is 2-3kgs. Therefore, there is much potential for expansion • Biscuit manufacturers to grow as biscuits are a low cost, high energy product. • At present customers are moving from sweet biscuits to semi sweet and cracker type biscuits. • Growth in the biscuit and cracker market as people snack more due to their busy lifestyles which prevents them from having meals in the afternoon.
  6. 6. INDUSTRY ANALYSISINDUSTRY ANALYSIS Cost Leader Possible Credit Facility New VP As CGL is the largest Modern trade chain Suppliers bargaining power is still low Establishing new plant cost is very high Lot of Substitute available in the market Threat of New Entry Threat of Substitute Bargaining power of Supplier Intense competition within competitors in the biscuit market
  7. 7. PEST AnalysisPEST Analysis
  8. 8. SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. Available input materials – (entire Raw materials of product Rice, Funnels and Cummins are available locally) 2. Low production cost 3.Technological and marketing knowledge 4. Strongest distribution channel 5. Easy manufacturing process 6. Reasonable price (Persuade all the segments to perceive as Value added Product than others) Weaknesses: 1. It is easy to copy the idea by others ( product will be patented) Opportunities: 1. Monopoly market 2. Large market 3. High demand . Threats: 1.High competition in future by copying the idea 2.Entrance of new product 3.Alternatives are un avoidable in some segment 4.Uncertainty of launching a new
  9. 9. Opportunity CreationOpportunity Creation
  10. 10. DemographyDemography 20.2 Million population of Sri Lanka is Distributed as below Male 9.83M 48.5% Female 10.34M 51.5% Below 15 5 .22M 25.8% 15 to 59 12.56M 62.0% Above 60 2.46M 12.2%
  11. 11. Common Problem of consumersCommon Problem of consumers • Health Concerns and being beauty is spread across all the segment in general • People spending their time and money through two different channels to be healthy and maintain the beauty irrelevant of the gender. • Beauty & Health. Products addressing above problems are Beauty Care and Nutrition’s Supplements Products. • All the beauty care products available in the market are for external use, that means it is kind of pigmenting the skin, Hair and nails
  12. 12. Draw backsDraw backs (Beauty care products and Vitamins Supplements(Beauty care products and Vitamins Supplements)) • Research have revealed that nothing makes human body as beautiful on the outside as feeding your inside with a healthy diet. • Being the largest organ of the body, skin deserves to be nourished with the right nutrients to sustain optimal health. • Looking good need not cost a fortune, tastes great, doesn't require painstaking effort or involve too much time! • More expose to chemicals therefore tendency to getting side effects are high • Men also wanted to be beauty but reluctant to use beauty care product as it was use by ladies • There are enough cases registered for skin allergies due to external application of cosmetic
  13. 13. Draw backsDraw backs Cont,,,,,Cont,,,,,
  14. 14. Respond to the ProblemRespond to the Problem • Required Vitamins and minerals to human body has a greater chances to get absorbed in the form of usual meal than the Supplement form • Digestion metabolism activation is at optimal level in specific frequencies for which it used to get foods for digestion. • Better digestion means better level of absorbance. Completely digested minerals and Vitamins obviously bring better results.
  15. 15. • Provide a Solution to the above identified problem, there is a need for a product which must be an Organic, healthy and enriched with vitamins and minerals which are instrumental to bring real and long lasting beauty at affordable price Respond to the ProblemRespond to the Problem
  16. 16. Background of the NPDBackground of the NPD • Largest organ of Human body is skin it is a living, breathing, body- cleaning organ. If you stop it up, you're in trouble. And it deserves to be nourished with the right nutrients to sustain optimal health. • Commercial creams, ointments and salves are not doing anything more than removing the symptoms of skin excretion. Nothing makes human as beautiful on the outside as feeding your inside with a healthy diet • Treating symptoms is just trying to fool Nature. Coating over the body's cleansing efforts does not make you or your skin well. • Radiant skin, shiny hair, healthy skin and beautiful appearance suggests health and self-nurture, and gives humans a sense of confidence when stepping out.
  17. 17. • An increasing number of studies have shown the benefits of eating certain foods to enhance a healthy looking skin and overall well being. And the best of all this? Looking good need not cost a fortune, tastes great, doesn't require painstaking effort or involve too much time! • The ancient Greeks believed that if you were physically beautiful you were in happy and harmony with the universe, and that one’s own physical beauty was a miniature representation of the cosmos Background of NPD Cont,,,Background of NPD Cont,,,
  18. 18. Justification of Raw materialJustification of Raw material • Silica—a bioavailable form of silicon, is called the beauty mineral because it helps you grow lustrous hair and hard nails, fast. It also helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating the deposit of calcium and other minerals into the bone • After the end of 20 weeks study , the women taking silica had decreased skin roughness and less-brittle nails and hair, showing that silica had a significantly positive effect on nails, skin, and hair • Silica is freely available in locally harvest RED RISE
  19. 19. Therefore CGL wanted to develop a product which needed to be identified by customer as “100% organic Rice base Cracker with specialized Vitamin and Minerals concentrated for the true and eternal beauty to Skin, Hair and Nail by making people Healthy”. Offer to the actual demandOffer to the actual demand
  20. 20. Marketing StrategyMarketing Strategy
  21. 21. Marketing strategyMarketing strategy Vision As a responsible organization towards the society, Making people happy and harmony with universe by making them physically beautiful through providing Organic, healthy and nutritious Product as one’s own physical beauty was a miniature representation of the cosmos. Mission Capture market presence by 10% in the first 1st years, 2nd year 25% and end of five years time CGL’s Cream Cracker should be able to cater more than 60% of the Cracker Market by providing 100% Organic high nutrition and vitamins cracker made out of Local rice, Funnels, Cummins and Black Cummins Seeds.
  22. 22. ObjectivesObjectives  With aggressive marketing strategy and product positioning, New Brand is poised to take the National lead in Cracker Biscuit category in four years time.  Gain advantage of the positive press on the Health and energy benefits for beauty purposes which reduce level of exposure to chemical for organic Cracker to boost the sales of its product line.  To get 15% share of market for CGL’ New Brand Cracker in the cracker biscuit market in one year.  To stimulate trail purchase by 35% and repeat purchase by 13% by offering incentives that encourage brand switching in 2014. .
  23. 23. Strategy against CompetitorStrategy against Competitor CGL adopt to black and white marketing strategy Where CGL will keep a close eye on the competitors for certain time period but not investing a lot in developing so called unique competence, All our financial strategies will be based on the basis that we will not allow our product to be matured instead, before it reach its peak come up with a new, updated or innovative product by the time imitators copy our product and start penetrate to the dying market. CGL deliberately let the competitors to enjoy our obsolete cost and in the mean time we will concentrate in growing with new product line
  24. 24. Brand buildingBrand building – 5 Steps– 5 Steps 1. Brand’s reasons-to-believe. • Brand promise is irrelevant if the customers do not believe it. • CGL promises potential customers that Organic Cracker is an "intelligent choice for eternal beauty.” • Three reasons-to-believe... 100% Organic product for healthy and Beauty at the same time the product is value added additional vitamins and minerals. • Three reasons in essence define "intelligent choice" and clearly set customer expectations. also give the company specific direction for designing the customer experience through tangible customer touch points
  25. 25. Brand BuildingBrand Building 2. Customer touch points. • Each individual step in a business process contains a number of touch points when the customer comes in contact with our brand. Organization’s ultimate goal is to have each touch point reinforce and fulfil our marketplace promise. • How CGL generate customer Demand: By carry out an aggressive brand awareness campaign, educate customer about the health benefit organic raw materials used produce the biscuit and How healthiness improve the beauty of the Skin, shine hair nail to generate customer demand • How customers can buy the Brand: Product will be made available in nearly 700Supper markets and 85000 Retail shops for sale. Apart from that it will also be sold through online
  26. 26. • How the customers need to the products: Through an effective communication strategy company will educate customers the occasions and times in which the new cracker to be used • Eg : people on the go, after meal as digest supporter and as snack • How provide after-sales support. Company will have close repo with customer and continuously collecting feed back with regard to the new Bran which help customer to express their real experience and to company to do any updates or changes needed. • Brand BuildingBrand Building
  27. 27. 3. The most influential touch points. • All touch points are not created equal. Some will naturally play a larger role in determining company’s overall customer experience. For example, if your product is ice cream, taste is typically more important than package design. Both are touch points, but each has a different effect on our customers’ experiences as a whole. • Performance of the product means, credibility organic product’s product benefit to the improvement of health and beauty will be key touch point. Taste, shape and colour of packaging’s are other touch points . Brand BuildingBrand Building
  28. 28. 4. Optimal experience. • Determine how to express each reason-to-believe at each key touch point. For example, how can organisation reinforce beauty through health improvement (a reason-to-believe) in product design, at the dealership, and in marketing campaigns (the influential touch points) • Generate a high level Positive press about the benefits of organic product and specially, how the ingredient of the Organic cracker will improve the beauty of Skin and Shiny Hair and nails. • Creative and intergraded promotional campaign to communicate the USP of New Cracker Brand BuildingBrand Building
  29. 29. Brand BuildingBrand Building 5. Align the organization to consistently deliver the optimal experience. • A holistic approach to align organization to consistently deliver the optimal experiences of customers through the right people, processes, and tools that drive each key touch point. • The impacts of behind-the-scenes employees are less obvious but no less important. Similarly, the impact of workflow processes and tools (i.e. technology systems) on the customer experience may be less intuitive but crucial to consistent delivery. • Identify which activities don't align with envisioned customer experience. Determine ways and means to address them so that these components can be brought into alignment. •
  30. 30. BrandingBranding
  31. 31. BrandingBranding • Successful branding begins with a well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to the target market. • Until organization have infiltrated the brand into every level of your organization and built the discipline of CONSISTENCY into every behaviour, action, or communication both internally and externally organizations are not yet on the path to a successful Brand Strategy • Organization have to carefully considered and defined ALL five of the key brand elements—position, promise, personality traits, story, and associations
  32. 32. • The Brand Position is the part of the brand that describes what the organization does and for whom, • what is unique value is and how a customer benefits from working with organization or its product/service. • What key differentiation particular organization have from its competition. Brand Position.
  33. 33. • The Brand Promise is the single most important thing that the organization promises to deliver to its customers EVERY time. • To come up with the brand promise, consider what customers, employees, and partners should expect from every interaction with the organization. Every business decision should be weighed against this promise to be sure that, a) it fully reflects the promise, b) at the very least it does not contradict the promise. Brand PromiseBrand Promise
  34. 34. • Brand Traits illustrate what the organization wants its brand to be known for. • Think about specific personality traits company want prospects, clients, employees, and partners to use to describe the organization. • BP should have 4-6 traits (5 is ideal), each being a single term (usually an adjective). Brand PersonalityBrand Personality
  35. 35. Brand StoryBrand Story • The Brand Story illustrates the organization's history, along with how the history adds value and credibility to the brand. • It also usually includes a summary of the products or services.
  36. 36. Brand AssociationBrand Association • Brand Associations are the specific physical artefacts that make up the brand. • This is the name, logo, colours, taglines, fonts, imagery, etc. • Brand associations must reflect the brand promise, ALL of the brand traits, and support organization's positioning statement.
  37. 37. BudgetingBudgeting
  38. 38. Price justificationPrice justification • New Product brand will be sell at the same price as the market price of other cream cracker. • Though CGL’s New Brand is value added premium product it can not mark a premium price as our Major strength is modern chain network • Modern trade networks in Sri Lanka is being positioned for high quality product at lower price. People go to super market to buy product at lower price and not to buy expensive premium product
  39. 39. MarginMargin • Higher Bargaining power of CGL over the supplier, • Entire raw materials sourced locally • Better advantage in making higher visibility through CGL’s own outlets at low distribution cost urge the products to adopt Cost leader ship, • Trough the cost leader ship CGL create higher margin
  40. 40. Budgeted SalesBudgeted Sales Expected Sales(Per year) Packs (24 Biscuits) First Year 4000000 Second Year 4500000 Third Year 5500000 Fourth Year 6000000 Fifth Year 8000000 Expected sales and growth for the coming five years:
  41. 41. Revenue ProjectionRevenue Projection Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total Sales 200,000,000.00 225,000,000.0 0 275,000,000.0 0 300,000,000.0 0 400,000,000.00 Total Cost(-) 141,760,000.00 159,480,000.0 0 194,920,000.0 0 212,640,000.0 0 283,520,000.00 Total Profit 58,240,000.00 65,520,000.00 80,080,000.00 87,360,000.00 116,480,000.00 Discount + Tax(-) 32,000,000.00 36,000,000.00 44,000,000.00 48,000,000.00 64,000,000.00 Promotional(-) 25,000,000.00 22,000,000.00 25,000,000.00 25,000,000.00 25,000,000.00 Net Profit 1,240,000.00 29,520,000.00 36,080,000.00 39,360,000.00 52,480,000.00
  42. 42. How to Achieve the BudgetHow to Achieve the Budget Segmentation Profile Segment Age Benefit Life style Occation Product Type S1 Kids 8 to 14 Taste, Digestion, and Glowing Skin Happy and Sporty Snack time and Tea time Rice + Funnels with sweet S2 Young Ladies 15 to 25 Taste, Digestion, Vitamin A , Glowing Skin, Shiny Hair and Nails and anti aging Happy ,Sporty, Social and Out going while Studying, Get to gather, leisure time Rice + Cummins with Sour Taste ( Natural Tamarind) S3 Young Males 15 to 25 Taste, Digestion, High Potassium for Bone Strengthening Vitamin A , Glowing Skin and shiny Hair and anti aging Happy ,Sporty, Social and Out going while Studying, Get to gather, leisure time Rice + Funnels with Spicy Taste ( Natural Spicy ) S4 Adults M & F 26 to 55 Digestion, High Potassium for Bone Strengthening Vitamin A, Glowing Skin and shiny Hair, Cholesterol Control and maintain blood Pressure sporty ,Working and Normal while Working, tea time and after meals Rice + Black Cummins with general cracker Taste
  43. 43. Value AdditionValue Addition With core benefit of Silica CGL decided to offer four different Value added product specifically targeting above said segments. The value added properties of Cummins Seed, Funnel seed and Black Cummins
  44. 44. Cummins SeedsCummins Seeds • This is an excellent source of iron , a mineral that plays many vital roles in the body. • Iron is an integral component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, and is also part of key enzyme systems for energy production and metabolism. • Iron is instrumental in keeping the immune system healthy. • Iron is particularly important for menstruating women, who lose iron each month during menses. • Growing children and adolescents have increased needs for iron, as do women who are pregnant or lactating.
  45. 45. Funnel SeedsFunnel Seeds • Fennel symbolizes longevity, courage, and strength. • Its use as medicinal values, fennel has much health benefiting nutrients, essential compounds, anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. • Fennel seeds indeed contain numerous flavonoid anti-oxidants like kaempferol and quercetin. • Removing harmful free radicals from the body thus protect from cancers, infection, aging and degenerative neurological diseases. • Fennel seeds are rich source of dietary fiber. Much of this roughage is metabolically inert insoluble fiber, which helps increase bulk of the food by absorbing water throughout the digestive system and easing constipation condition.
  46. 46. Black SeedBlack Seed • Super Powers & Health Benefits of Black Seeds • Cancer Fighting, Immune Boosting, Anti Allergy, Opiate Withdrawal and Anti Microbial properties • Nutritional Value of Black Seed Calories 22 Fat 1gm Sodium 1mg Potassium 91mg Total carbohydrates 3gm Dietary fiber 3gm Protein 1gm
  47. 47. Value PropositionValue Proposition
  48. 48. Competitors VPCompetitors VP
  49. 49. Creating VPCreating VP
  50. 50. New Brand’s VPNew Brand’s VP New Brand Of CGL is very clearly moved away from the prevailing completion by setting itself unique Value Preposition. New Brand Promises a Biscuit which is made out 100% Local and organic Raw Materials with full Nutritional and Minerals which are very essentials for real Beauty of the human Skin, Shiny hair and nails. Also it has some vital minerals healthy life and anti aging properties. New brand is in called Blue ocean where it has no completion and it will be positioned as 100% Organic and Healthy beauty product in form of Biscuit rather a Cracker
  51. 51. New Brand’s VP MappingNew Brand’s VP Mapping
  52. 52. Brand PersonalityBrand Personality An individual looks very smart and happy all the time also very charm. He/she never missed to do the right thing to context. He/she always decides intelligently. This individual is very conscious on organic foods, being very carefull about pesticide and chemical fertilizer and also finding best vitamins and minerals rich foods which are freely available in the market. Because of his/her particular food habit he/she always being healthy, this leads healthy Skin, Hair and nails to that individual to be looked beauty/handsome. Further, Because of his/her natural beauty /handsome that individual feels enhanced Confidence when stepping out. He/she associates with everyone and everybody likes him/her too to be friendly with them.
  53. 53. New Brand’s VPNew Brand’s VP
  54. 54. USPUSP The ultimate expectation through effective marketing is convert the organization’s Value preposition in to cash by changing potential customer in to acquired customer. Through this process organization enjoy better sales and as consequence a healthy bottom line. A business can peg its USP on product characteristics, price structure, placement strategy (location and distribution) or promotional strategy. These are what marketers call the "four P's" of marketing.
  55. 55. USPUSP
  56. 56. New Brand’s USPNew Brand’s USP Product; a Cracker which is made out of 100% organic local raw material with some unique Vitamins and menials which are vital for the healthy life as well as eternal beauty of Skin, Hair and nails Price; same price as other cream cracker available in the market in the mean time the product offering better value to the marker price than the competitors products. Place; it will be available in all the super markets of around 800 out lets in the island including CGL modern trade out lets and in another 80000 Domestic corner stores and boutiques across the island. Promotions; When it comes to communicate the product to target audience it is very important to have good name to the product which should be able express the entire picture of the product.
  57. 57. Brand NameBrand Name "What makes a good brand name?" judge the desirability of a brand name upon three basic dimensions are that should have ability of Memorable , strategic fit and legal protection Brain is a busy machine, constantly computing information. The easier you make it for people to memorize your name, the more successful you will become. Let’s see what characteristics our brain like
  58. 58. Brand NameBrand Name Short names. should have two syllables. (Google, Wal-mart). Difference. As long as a name is different in its frame of reference, our brain will go the extra mile to remember it. (Kodak, Exxon) Meaning. associate a mental image with your product/service, it will remember it better. (Ford Mustang) Emotions. Scientists prove that emotions enhance memory. (Pampers) Actionable tip #1: People name their dogs and babies and they think naming a brand should be easy. Naming is a deceptively difficult task.
  59. 59. Brand NameBrand Name Organic CrackerHappy & Healthy
  60. 60. PackagingPackaging Packaging plays an important role in the marketing mix As medium in the marketing mix In promotion campaigns, as a pricing criterion, In defining the character of new products, as a setter of trends As an instrument to create brand identity and shelf impact in all product groups.
  61. 61. PackagingPackaging
  62. 62. KMA’s ofKMA’s of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker
  63. 63. KMA’s ofKMA’s of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker
  64. 64. KMA’s ofKMA’s of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker
  65. 65. KMA’s ofKMA’s of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker
  66. 66. KMA’s ofKMA’s of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker
  67. 67. Promotional StrategiesPromotional Strategies
  68. 68. Promotional StrategiesPromotional Strategies To acquire a strong position in the market Need to give special emphasis on effective promotional activities. Use all four tools of marketing promotion. Advertising through mass media will support a lot.
  69. 69. AdvertiseAdvertise  Brand should clearly specify the product category  Demonstrate how the product differ from competitor and benefits for consumers  Have to show what are our promises to the consumers  For the initial stage will stick to below the line advertising activities
  70. 70. AdvertiseAdvertise IMC Consistent communications of information using channels include salespeople, advertising, public relations, sales promotions and publicity. Benefits integrated marketing approach assure that the right target market is reached at the right time through the right channels with the correct message. Critical Success Factors Correctly identify market segments Right target Markets and position
  71. 71. Sales PromotionSales Promotion Provide short term incentives to  Consumers  traders To encourage to purchase or trail the product at initial stage. Pull Strategy –Consumer Promotion Give free samples (supermarkets ,Sports events) Price offs Special offers –buy 2 and get 1 free
  72. 72. Sales Promotion Cont,,,,,Sales Promotion Cont,,,,, Push Strategy -Trade Promotion 1.Quantity discounts up to 15% 2.Display Racks 3.Offer shop salesmen Incentives 4.Branded T-shirts, Caps for shop sales people
  73. 73. Advertise ObjectiveAdvertise Objective  Informative advertising specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience at a specific period of time.  Primary purpose is to inform and build primary demand. Objective  First 12 Week Make awareness about the product  Capture 10% of Cream Cracker market in first year and 25% market share by Second  year with sales volume of 400000 Packs/Month on the first year  Reach 65% of our target audience by Mostly TV and News papers and hoardings
  74. 74. Media PlanMedia Plan In order to achieve above objective we will stick to clearly define plan which will shows the Channels & Paper having higher viewer rate particular segment Channels and News Papers having less comparative ratio Airing appropriate programmed to reach target audience Number of frequencies of an add Suitable Places for placing hoarding Budgeting for each elements of activity Measuring Criteria for each activity
  75. 75. Media PlanMedia Plan
  76. 76. Media PlanMedia Plan Channel Selection TV – Sirasa, MTV, CSN, Shakthi TV ,Rupavahini, ITN, Swarnawahini, Radio –SLBC, Sirasa FM, Shree FM, Hiru FM, Y FM, YES FM, Derana FM, E FM ,Shakthi FM ,Gold FM and Lite FM News Papers –Lankadeepa, Rivira, Lakbima, Divaina (Sunday & Daily), Daily News. Daily Mirror, the Nation, Sunday Observer, Sunday Times, Tharunaya
  77. 77. Distribution planDistribution plan Organic Cracker Adopted Stage -2 & 3 Distribution strategy Short Term (In first 6 Month) GT - 45000 Outlets MT - 800 Outlets FS - 1975 Outlets Long Term (Within 2 Years) GT - 80000 Outlets MT - All available FS - All available
  78. 78. Distribution ChannelsDistribution Channels GT - DISTRIBUTION MAP
  79. 79. Distribution ChannelsDistribution Channels Main Towns of each Territories Western Province Central 1 - Kandy, Matale, Gampola Central 2 - Gampaha, Nittabuwa North - Wauniya, Jaffna North Central - A’ Pura, Puttlam North Western - Dambulla, Kurunegala Kegalle North East - Polonnaruwa, Trinco Hill Country - Nuwara Eliya, Hatton South - Galle, Matara, Hambantota Sabaragamuwa - R’pura, Awissawella
  80. 80. Financial AnalysisFinancial Analysis
  81. 81. Financial AnalysisFinancial Analysis Three major criteria are evaluated. Projected demand Profitability Return on investment Initial marketing expenditures to build awareness and trial were extremely high. Companies with deep pockets and many successful brands at different stages of the life cycle can sustain new products and long-term viability and profitability.
  82. 82. CostingCosting Our Price (MRP) (24 Biscuits) Pack` - Rs. 50.00 Trade Margins GT Retailer12.00% - Rs. 6.00 ND 5% (from Trade Price) - Rs. 2.20 Rs.41.80 NBT 2% - Rs.00.84 Rs.40.94 Transfer Price (From Factory) - Rs.30.44 Selling & Distribution OH -Rs. 5.00 Total Cost - Rs.35.44 GP (Rs) - Rs 6.50 GP % - 18.37%
  83. 83. ActivationActivation
  84. 84. Brand ActivationBrand Activation Brand Activation is the seamless integration of all available communication means in a creative platform in order to activate consumers. Activation means stimulating. 1.Interest 2.Trial 3.loyalty
  85. 85. Why Brand ActivationWhy Brand Activation Shifts the focus to the core of marketing. Stimulating the buying process. Brand activation addresses the key issues in marketing.
  86. 86. Brand Activation ofBrand Activation of Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker I. Conduct a one week programme to offer a complementary Organic Cracker Packet to all customers of CGL who do Purchase for minimum Rs. 500.00 II. CGL’s entire out lets Chain will be design with Organic Cracker Advertising materials for one week during the activation programme. III. Sponsoring National Level inter school and inter universities Sports and athletic Competition IV. Gaining Mass level Press Benefit through a Press conference in collaboration with health Ministry V. Conducting a Miss. Organic and Mr. Organic Competition VI. One month long Raffle Draw and offering return air ticket with entry tickets to winners for an international beauty culture competition. VII. Carry out intensive ATL and BTL advertisement campaign using prominent celebrities and sports personalities.
  87. 87. Brand EquityBrand Equity
  88. 88. Brand EquityBrand Equity BE is The value of a brand is defined by its ability to stand apart from other brands.
  89. 89. Brand EquityBrand Equity Differentiation is a brand’s ability to stand apart from others. It is the degree to which the public finds a brand unique, different and distinctive and is able to gain consumer choice, preference and loyalty. Relevance is a measure of appropriateness (is the brand meaningful to me?) which relates to a brand’s appeal. Relevance reflects consumer choice. Highly differentiated brands with low relevance can still be very successful. Esteem measures the degree to which the target audiences regard and respect a brand – in short, how well it is liked. Knowledge measures whether there is a true understanding of what a brand stands for. Awareness is a sub-component of knowledge
  90. 90. Brand EquityBrand Equity Brand strength is determined by differentiation and relevance and relates to a brands future value rather than it’s past. Brand stature relates to a brands past performance and is determined by brand esteem and brand knowledge.
  91. 91. Brand EquityBrand Equity Goal of branding is to properly analyze and understand the current situation a brand finds itself in and then to apply relevant branding solutions which target the problems the brand is currently facing in order to increase the brand’s equity.
  92. 92. Brand EquityBrand Equity Relationship between the 4 dimensions in the 4 pillars of brand equity model.
  93. 93. Brand EquityBrand Equity 1. Lower left quadrant. Brands usually begin their life in this quadrant, where appropriate differentiation strategies must first be developed in order to establish their reason for being in the eye of the consumer. 2. Top left quadrant Growing brands will initially focus on building brand strength by differentiating themselves from their competitors and becoming more relevant. For brands targeting a mass market this stage represents the brand’s emerging potential. Niche brands can also be found in this quadrant and usually tend to stay here.
  94. 94. Brand EquityBrand Equity 3. Upper right quadrant Leadership brands are characterized by both high levels of brand strength and high levels of brand stature. Brands which find themselves in this position are very interested in applying brand management strategies to maintain their competitive edge. 4. Lower right quadrant Declining brands are characterized by brands which fail to maintain their brand strength. In this stage brands become vulnerable to both emerging leadership brands and discount brands, losing both loyal customers and potential customers.
  95. 95. Action, Measurement and controlAction, Measurement and control
  96. 96. Action PlanAction Plan 3 Ws for the Launching of Organic Cracker what ( Activity) Who When Priority Results Product Development R & D team July High OK Pricing Finance Team Aug Medium OK Budgeting Finance Team Aug High OK Packaging Finalize Marketing Team Sep Medium OK Finalize Marketing Plan Marketing Team Oct High OK Test Market Sales & Marketing Team Nov Medium Will be Launched Complete Test Evaluation Marketing + Finance Team Jan Low Will be carried out Product Launch Whole Team Feb Medium Need to be Done Promotional Activity Marketing May High To be deployed Post Product Launch Evaluation Marketing + Finance Team June Medium To carried out
  97. 97. MeasurementMeasurement The balanced scorecard approach for monitoring company performance  The scorecard is a "strategic planning and management system  monitoring overall performance and ensuring daily work is focused on the strategic objectives.  used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals".
  98. 98. Measurement and ControlMeasurement and Control scorecard system views the business from four external perspectives to gain a more relevant approach to performance metrics  Learning & growth – How we are innovating and improving to meet our goals  Business process – How critical processes are measuring up  Customer perspective – usually measured in terms of time, quality, performance and cost  Financial perspective – financial performance from the stakeholder point of view
  99. 99. Key Performance IndicatorsKey Performance Indicators Market share analysis Sales analysis Financial results Market research Marketing information systems For Organic Cracker below metrics which determine success  CRM - New customers acquired retention  Brand awareness Competitor performance Profitability
  100. 100. Organic CrackerOrganic Cracker PromisesPromises
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    May. 20, 2015

New Brand Development Cream Cracker Biscuit for Skin Beauty


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