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Effective Classroom Presentations

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I delivered a talk at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) on May 03, 2013 addressing a group of nearly 50 higher-ed educators on the use of technology in the classroom to build engagement.
The audience ranged from young educators to seasoned ones but the best part of the audience was that were engaged and committed to the mission of enhancing the experience in the classroom.
It was a pleasure and honour

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Effective Classroom Presentations

  1. PresentationsEffective ClassroomMohit ChhabraCMO, Petro IT Ltd
  2. Ernest Hemingway
  3. Tech is aTool
  4. Most Important
  5. WHY?
  6. The World hasChanged
  7. 1980s
  8. A computer on every deskand in every home
  9. <5,000 hrsReading
  10. <5,000 hrsReading<20,000 hrsDigital Tech
  11. Different kinds of experienceslead to different brain structuresDr. Bruce D. PerryBaylor College of Medicine
  12. DigitalNatives
  13. What doesthat make us?
  14. DigitalMigrants
  15. New Language
  16. Yes sir, I’ll justprint that email
  17. Connect
  18. ConnectMethodology
  23. DIPLets understand theI
  24. SpeakerListener JudgingDaydreamQuestionsAgree/Disagree/DismissFoodLife!!Response
  25. SpeakerListenerDIP
  26. Twitter
  27. ConnectMethodologyContent
  28. 5TopPowerPointAnnoyances
  29. Reads SlidesFull SentencesSmall TextBad Color ChoiceComplex Diagrams 2634485272Percent ofRespondentsSource: Dave Paradi, 2011 Annoying PowerPoint
  30. We have met the enemyand he is PowerPoint
  31. PowerPointis evil!Sep 2003Edward TufteData Visualization PioneerProf. Yale University
  32. What is apresentation?
  33. Inform
  34. Persuade
  35. Entertain
  36. Presentations are conversations
  37. Vision trumps all othersenses.Dr John MedinaBrain Rules
  38. 10%
  39. “Studies show that recognitiondoubles for a picture comparedwith text
  40. 65%
  41. DesignStoryDelivery
  42. Balance the three
  43. Delivery StoryDesignGreatPresentationGreatPresentation
  44. Which is your favorite movie?
  45. 1Build up2Crisis3Redemption
  46. Situation orComplicationResolutionEvidence123
  47. Situation orComplicationResolutionEvidence123SCoRE
  48. mohitchhabramohit_chhabramchhabra@petroit.commohitchhabra