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Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies - NMG Technologies @ Hive India 2 - 22.09.19

Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies talk presented by Mohit Maheshwari , CEO - NMG Technologies talks about specific actionable marketing tactics which can give quick wins for marketing campaigns.

The talk focusses on
1. Setting the base for your Website
2. Converting the Traffic on your Website
3. Content Marketing which bring results
4. Effective Social Media
5. Promotion Strategies

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Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies - NMG Technologies @ Hive India 2 - 22.09.19

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies MOHIT MAHESHWARI | NMG TECHNOLOGIES @mohitinhere
  2. 2. About me 2 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  3. 3. • 19 years experience in the Technology and Digital Marketing • CEO of NMG Technologies - Full service Web development , Mobile app development and Digital marketing agency • Set up dedicated teams for design, development , digital marketing for Enterprises , Mid size companies and Agencies • Offices in LA , Chicago , New Zealand , India and Nigeria • Some Digital Marketing campaigns which we have worked on : • Worked for President of Nigeria online fund raising campaigns for Elections , • Mayor of London ( London and Partners) India business outreach and awards program IE20 • NY Times best selling Author Ron Kaufman and his consulting firm Up! Your Service • Largest Social media marketing led book launch for Penguin India - She walks , She Leads • Oxfam India for raising Donations for Girl Child Education and Floods in India • Enterprise clients like Godfrey Philips , Bacardi , Nikon , Harvard Arab Alumni Network, Intuit etc • Proud Dad • Love EDM Music and travelling to festivals 3 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies Mohit Maheshwari – CEO , NMG Technologies
  4. 4. Digital Marketing : Actionable Strategies 4 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  5. 5. 5 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  6. 6. • Organic traffic initiatives are getting deprioritized for instant ROI initiatives • PAID – Google ads , Facebook Ads , Display ads are getting expensive • Building audience is hard work ! • Marketers are pulled into campaign work • Consumer is spoilt for choices • Google , Facebook are changing the rules . Quick and Fast Digital Marketing challenges 6 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Road Map 1. Email ids CTAs on the website, collecting an email list and setting up email automation 2. Setting up Chat bots on your website 3. Setting up Push notifications on your website 4. Set up Google Local Business pages 5. SEO on page checklist 6. Set up Customer review process 7. Best way to set up your blog Setting the base for website Converting the traffic 1. Setting up Call to action buttons 2. Heat maps to observe traffic 3. Set up Remarketing 4. Exit intent pop ups 5. Tools to Xray your site website visitors Content Marketing for long term ROI 1. Keyword research 2. Schemas : FAQ, How to Schema hacks 3. Building Epic content on your website 4. Guest post with a purpose 5. Industry Round up Social Media for branding building 1. Going Live on Fb , Instagram , Youtube , Linkedin 2. Quora marketing 3. Social Selling via Linkedin Sales navigator Evergreen Promotion Strategies 1. Run Giveaways 2. Offer free services to “ high visibility “ events/ websites in your industry” 3. Webinars Co hosting / Joint webinars / Podcast 7 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  8. 8. Setting the base for your Website 8 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  9. 9. Email is still a big gold mine ! • Set up Call to actions ( CTAs) on your website which collect email ids • Set up email automation platform with drip campaigns for your buyer persona • Share deals and discounts from time to time and at festivals , holiday season • Treat email like a personal , private network • Tools : Mailchimp , Convertkit , Zoho CRM 9 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  10. 10. Chat bots for 24 x 7 business conversations • Chat bots work 24 x7 • Users can be guided based on persona , queries , scenarios and rules • Connect sales with leads faster • Book appointment on open time slots with sales team • Shorten sales cycle *only unaddressed queries come to sales* • Convert more website traffic • Tools : Drift 10 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  11. 11. Push notifications for high engagement • HIGH CTR as compared to email • Send mobile notifications without building a mobile app • Easy in browser subscription – one click • Scenarios • Re engage lost customers • Engage with Cart abandonment scenarios • New arrivals • Promos , deals , sales announcement • Latest breaking news • Announce Time sensitive information and deals • Tools : Push Engage , Subscribers , VWO Push Crew 11 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  12. 12. Google Local Business Page • Google owns landing page for local business services • Free business profile • Rank in Google local pack • Gain star rating and customer reviews • Answer queries • Share Open timings • Engage with customers • Tools : Google My business , BrightLocal 12 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  13. 13. SEO On-Page Checklist 13 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies • Helps with organic traffic generation- SEO efforts • Helps in quality score for PPC campaigns • Ensure advanced level hygiene for website • Tools : SEMRush , Moz
  14. 14. Setup Customer Review Process • Best for building trust • Use tools for automate process for gathering customer reviews in text form , video form • Publish all over – website , youtube , vimeo , linkedin and other 3rd party websites for your industry • User modern tools for recording video testimonials - transcribe and convert to text, audio for usage • Tools : 14 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  15. 15. Managing your blog THINK LIKE A MAGAZINE BUSINESS OWNER 15 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  16. 16. Converting the Traffic on your Website 16 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  17. 17. Setting Up Call to Action Buttons • Sign up • Subscribe • Try for Free • Get started • Learn more • Join us • Download now • Buy Now • Donate now • Yes OR NO Tools : Hellobar , SumoMe 17 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  18. 18. Heat Maps to Observe Traffic • Visualise behaviour and replay site visit recordings • Get data mapped across conversion funnels • Discuss with UI / UX team and marketing for improvements and observe drop offs • How are forms used and drop offs Tools : , Mouseflow , Luckyorange 18 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  19. 19. Setup Remarketing • Visitors who don’t covert get chased across Google , FB network • Ensure ad creatives take to landing page with a different offer and not the same page • Low Cost • Tools :Facebook Business Manager, Google Adwords , Adroll 19 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  20. 20. Exit Intent Pop Ups • Helps with email sign up • Download whitepaper , reports , checklist • Provide the user with a lead magnet • Time and contextualize pop ups based on page and user session duration – 10 sec, 20 second • Tools : SumoMe 20 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  21. 21. Tools to Xray Your Website Visitors • Reverse engineer IP addresses of visitors to your website who don’t covert • Track time spent on pages and source of traffic • Outreach via Linkedin Sales navigator and email • Tools : Leedfeeder 21 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  22. 22. Content Marketing which bring results 22 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  23. 23. Keyword Research 23 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies • Tools : SemRush , Ahrefs , Search Console, Google Keyword planner , Answerthepublic
  24. 24. Keyword Research Process & Finalization Competitor Research 24 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies Brain Storming Keywords Finalization Keywords Grouping & Mapping
  25. 25. FAQ, How to Schema Hacks 25 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  26. 26. Building Epic Content on Your Website 26 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  27. 27. Guest Post with a Purpose • Reach out to events in your industry • Find their website and blogs • Write for their blogs in areas where no one is writing about in that industry • Pitch to talk at the conference on the same topic . EDITORIAL IS PRE APPROVED 27 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  28. 28. Industry Round Up • Create list of your industry social influencers • Create a question of the month • Send email to interview on the question of the month • Publish the interview on your blog as one industry round up • Ask them to retweet and share 28 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  29. 29. Effective Social Media 29 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  30. 30. Going Live on Fb, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn 30 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies • Social Platforms are killing organic reach for your post • However Live broadcast on Social platforms get organic boost from Youtube , Facebook , Instagram and they push up the content in the feeds and give preference. • Why ? Because Platforms love content as it happens in “ the moment” . They want to replace TV as the goto source for LIVE Social Content. • Example : • Keynote from Australian Ambsaddor could have been streamed live across all these social channels by HIVE India. Gaining them massive organic reach which is costing ZERO $$. • Required : Internet connection and small fees. Just plugin to the video cam • Tools :
  31. 31. Quora Marketing • Answer questions on Quora which point back to your blog and website content • Make them contextual • Choose top ranking questions , or with min. 50 followers or minimum 5 responses. • Publish from existing content you have produced. 31 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies Questions Views What are the education schemes for a single girl child in India? 28.8K What is India's rank in the world education system rankings? 9.88K What is the conclusion of women’s empowerment? 8.72K What is the main role of NGOs in disaster management? 6.76K How can I bring a positive change in society? 4.9K Why are children’s rights important? 4.56K What are some powerful short stories on "Women Empowerment"? 3.87K What is the meaning of disaster management? 3.5K What is disaster management cycle? 2.92K What is the role of government and NGOs in disaster management? 2.82K What are some examples of gender discrimination? 2.61K
  32. 32. Social Selling • We have generated over 10000+ leads for our clients across Tobacco , Cigarettes , Timber Trading, Software technology services , SaaS and Product companies. • Requirements : Sales copywriting , Knowledge papers and follow up drip sequences • Tools : Linkedin Sales nav 32 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  33. 33. Promotion Strategies 33 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  34. 34. • Run Giveaway and contest on your website • Outreach to micro influencers to run them • Offer products to winners and influencers for free • Helps especially in B2C , Ecommerce industries • Tools : Rafflecopter Run Giveaways 34 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  35. 35. • Industry events are best for brand visibility and Industry bodies , event companies love discounted or free stuff • Whatever you offer get into partnership with them and maximize your marketing efforts on Social and marketing collateral • Get free deals like free booths, logos in partnerships , email , social media shouts outs and other shared marketing communication • NMG did for NASSCOM , London and Partners IE20 , TiE amongst others Offer discounted /free services to “high visibility” events in your industry 35 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  36. 36. • Create list of influencers in your industry • Interview them on your podcast • Create connections and free content • Transcribe Audio to Text and create blog post from the interviews • Request social shares on their Social media • Repeat to create a personal brand • Tools : Zoom Webinars , Zencastr Webinars Co hosting / Joint webinars / Podcast 36 Digital Marketing Actionable Strategies
  37. 37. Thank You Mohit Maheshwari