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Intelligent Transportation Systems for a Smart City

  1. Intelligent Transportation Systems for a Smart City Charles Mok Legislative Councillor (Information Technology) ITS Forum (2015.11.12)
  2. Commuters wants traffic info on the go
  3. ...drivers too waze
  4. Intelligent Transportation Systems - information and communication technologies applied to transport infrastructure and vehicles for improved mobility, safety, and sustainability
  5. The possibilities are endless ● gather information about commuter travel and traffic habits ● allows city planners and engineers to divert traffic to less congested routes ● connected car technology and real-time traffic information ● improve transport outcomes and traffic management ● such as transport productivity, safety, reliability, and reduced traffic congestion
  6. Hong Kong so where are we in 2015? Intelligent transportation system market for applications is estimated to reach $33.89 billionby 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 11.57% between 2015 and 2020
  7. This. Transport Information System by Transport Department
  8. HK Govt’s own route search app for passengers and drivers
  9. What can developers use? Available for free on HK government’s data portal - 12 items in transport: ● Journey time indicators ● Speed map panels ● Traffic snapshot images ● Traffic speed map ● Routes and fares of public transport ● MTR routes, fares and barrier-free facilities ● Electric vehicle charging station locations
  10. What about in other cities?
  11. Possibilities • Real-time traveler information • Smart electric vehicle charging • Citywide traffic monitoring • Transit signal prioritization • Parking availability technology and Smart metering • Variable speed limits
  12. Can we use technology to solve problems, make informed decisions and embrace innovation?
  13. What is the HKSAR government doing? Public Transport Strategy Study Franchised bus service (install real-time bus arrival information systems for service improvement?) Public light buses (increase the number of passenger seats?) Taxi service (supply and demand, alternative in hired car service?)
  14. What is the HKSAR government doing? Smart City Pilot in East Kowloon making use of smart data and technology information platform for communications and data sharing improve city management and enhance efficiency provide transport/traffic information and high quality public services
  15. Can Hong Kong be a smart city?
  16. What do we need? • coordination of cross-department policies • making available real-time traffic data from service providers • data released in interoperable formats • user’s and application developer’s active use of these datas • updated laws that allow room for new intelligent products and services • review the limitations of road and public transport system capacity
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