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Editing process for chris

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Editing process for chris

  1. 1. From the photo-shoot I did with Chris these three are my favourite. I chose the settings for this image to be outside because I already did the front cover shoot in the studio of my college and thought that different uses of backgrounds would make the magazine look more expensive and professional. Overall out of these three images I picked from the images I took of Chris I most like the image with the green tick on it. This is because it is similar to a image I found a already existing magazine content page from the magazine Billboard. I like the contrast of the background of the image and how the colours of the paint on the wall contrast with his grey jumper.
  2. 2. In the processing of editing this image I picked to use of Chris I begun to edit it in Photoshop. I decided on this image of Chris to be in black and white. Here are the steps of editing this image. Step 1: First I clicked the black and white button shown above. Step 2: Once I made the image black and white I darkened the image and brought the contrast higher to make the image look harsh. Step 3: For this step I change the colour balance of the image. I did this to change the lightness and darkness of the colours on the picture. But to mainly darken the paint on the wall on the background of the image.
  3. 3. Unedited to Edited