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Evaluation 5

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Evaluation 5

  1. 1. When developing my magazine I researched heavily the two music magazines Q and Billboard. I took inspiration from these magazines to attract my audience.
  2. 2. I included a large image that would approach to my audience and make them want to read the spread. I edited the image to stand out and look like a professionally edited magazine. The models featured in the image are males aged 17/18. These models will attract the younger generation of my target demographic. For example in the magazine Q images of the most popular artist at the time are featured on their double page spread as they know that this will attract people to buy the magazine. Throughout the spread I used a number of different fonts to attract my target demographic that will see the fonts as being professional and upmarket. I used different fonts for different parts of the text that I think are more important or should stand out more. This was also done in the magazines that I heavily researched. The text that the magazines wanted to make sure the audience read they made bold, large, bright and a different font to others. In the written content of my magazine I chose to use words like ‘exclusive’ by doing this I think it will attract the audience and make them want to read on as they think the money they are spending is worth it. On the right side of the spread I included images and reviews on the group. By doing this it broke up the text so that it didn’t look like there was too much. Magazines Billboard and Q both done this. I also used more than one image to break up the spread and make it look more appealing and interesting. The famous music magazines I researched also did this and I think it looked effective. The music magazines I researched both included quotes that the artists they interviewed or had a review on had said. This is just a simple way for someone to read a short effective part of the spread without having to read it all before knowing whether they would enjoy the read or not. I think the mature layout to the spread will attract my upmarket demographic.
  3. 3. This is the content page of my magazine. The layout of my magazine is simple and easy to understand. Showing how the older and younger demographic will both understand it. On the content page I include the NO.1 charts. This chart is presented on the left of the content page and would do every week when the magazine is published. Every time a magazine is published weekly this chart would have been updated. I think that this would appeal my younger target audience because they are known to have a strong passion for media and I think would like this weekly updated feature as by reading it they will be on trend. The colour scheme of this particular content page is black, white and pink. Even though the content page is featuring pink as one the main colours and pink is looked at to stereotypically to be a ‘girly’ colour. This does not matter because every week the magazine is published this third colour will change dependent on the modal that featured on the front cover and since the modal on the main image of this week is a female indie pop artist I thought this colour would fit. The images featured on this content page are aimed at all different types of people who enjoy different types of music. This is because my magazine is not just aimed at one particular music genre. So because of this reason I made sure that the images on my content page would appeal to all different parts of my demographic. I wrote about exclusive online details that I think would appeal to the all of my target demographic. This is because internet is a big part of the younger generations life and would appeal to them. The magazines website name is clearly shown in in a different colour so that the readers are able to see it clearly.
  4. 4. On my front cover I used a strong image of my model Frankie that stands out because of the size of the image and the facial expression shown on Frans Face. The front cover model is demographically looked at to be ‘attractive’. The front cover artist is from the music genre indie rock and this will attract to male and females I think. I again used the same colour scheme that I included on my content page which was black, white and pink. These colours will attract more to the female demographic. The written content that I used on my front cover I tried to use as much persuasive writing techniques as I could to persuade my target audience to buy the magazine as they think the magazine being at quiet a high price of £2.99 will be worth the money. I included more than one image on my front cover to attract people to my magazine and make them interested to see what it is that are inside it. Attracting my audience to buy the magazine. On the front cover I spoke about ‘The 50 Best British Albums As Voted By You’. By including this on my front cover I think it will attract the audience to read the magazine because they feel like audience input has been put into the magazine and they want to know what their opinions are.