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Modern problems in backend engineering, Marten Meikop

Modern problems in backend engineering, Marten Meikop

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Modern problems in backend engineering, Marten Meikop

  1. 1. About me ● Hobbies ○ Mindsports (chess, checkers) ○ Programming ( - 30 online games) ● Wrote first line of code in 1999 ● Professional career: ○ C coding for Bang & Olufsen ○ Software architect in Telia ○ Site lead in Proekspert ○ Startup founder (
  2. 2. 90k Customers in 170 countries 600+ Employees 8 Offices Pipedrive - The best sales CRM 2010 Founded $90m Total Venture Capital Funding
  3. 3. 70+ Live deployments every day 2 Data centers 1 billion Requests per week Pipedrive Engineering in Numbers 250 People in Engineering 250 Back-end Services 1 Management region
  4. 4. The Beginning (2010) PHP framework CodeIgniter Percona Server for MySQL Schema per customer database architecture LEMP Stack
  5. 5. Natural Growth (2015) Webapp Websocket Microservices Microservice DatabasePipedrive DB Data Center in US Company DB
  6. 6. Megaparsec: Moving to Multi-datacenter environment (2016-2018) The Needs Challenges Serving end users from physically closer location Legal aspects (GDPR) Not to put all eggs in one basket Running out of physical space - one DC might grow too big Gateway Service Discovery Backoffice / management CI/CD multi-dc support Monitoring 1 parsec = 3.0857x1016m
  7. 7. Customer data in one DC PipedriveDB in multi-master sync between datacenters Universal domain name (, not Geolocation routing Multi-DC architecture: Key concepts Datacenter 1 Datacenter 2 Gateway Gateway
  8. 8. Our own custom public gateway Written in NodeJS User authentication (Crypto cookie, api-token, Oauth) Rate limiting Service discovery & load balancing Enriching headers Producing full access log Routing between Datacenters
  9. 9. Barista eu-central-1 F5 BaristaIdentity Microservice A us-east-1 F5 BaristaIdentity Microservice B
  10. 10. Pipedrive tech stack
  11. 11. ● Monolith split continues Are we already there? ● Kubernetes • Service mesh • Sidecar • Vault (Security between microservices) ● Event driven architecture (Kafka) ● Composite API ● Independent DC-s
  12. 12. Thank you. Marten Meikop · Engineering Manager @ Core Tribe Pipedrive Any questions? Email me at