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Employer Branding - Lahore HR Forum

Keynote presentation by Monis Rahman delivered on January 13 at the Lahore HR Forum on Employer Branding

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Employer Branding - Lahore HR Forum

  1. 1. L A H O R E   H R   F O R U M Power Recruitment: BuildingYour Employer Brand Employer Brand Monis Rahman h January 13, 2010
  2. 2. The Role of HR  Attract / Recruit  Motivate Train Grow Manage Retain Motivate, Train, Grow, Manage, Retain Manage Retain tract  Motivate cruit Grow Rec Att Train B   N E T W O R K S   I N C  A‐Grade people attract A‐Grade People  B‐Grade people attract C‐Grade People N A S E E B  C‐Grade people do not attract anyone 1
  3. 3. How do you attract talent?  Awareness? Em yer Bran g B nding  Money?  Benefits?  Responsibility?  Culture?  Lifestyle?  Challenge?  Growth? mplo  Innovation?  Management? B   N E T W O R K S   I N C  Professionalism?  Fiscal Health? N A S E E B 2
  4. 4. Employer Branding at Work  1,200,000 Registered Professionals R dP f l  24,000 Employers/Companies E l /C i  5,200,000 Job Applications Processed Bank A: 589 Applications B   N E T W O R K S   I N C pp Bank B: 3,127 3 127 Applications N A S E E B 3
  5. 5. Brand Building: Understand Your Customer Self  Actualization Recognition Social  Affiliation Safety and Security B   N E T W O R K S   I N C Physiological N A S E E B 4
  6. 6. Brand Building: Understand Your Brand Identity Rugged Cool Masculine pp Supportive Reliable Physique Personality Optimistic Strong Good natured Trusted Friendly Responsible Caring Relationship Culture Relaxed Helpful Open Social B   N E T W O R K S   I N C High Standards Serious Decent Hard Working Reflection Self-Image Self Image N A S E E B Motivational Educated Inspirational Sophisticated 5
  7. 7. Employer Branding: Idea #1 Create Awareness  Corporate Career Portal  Communicate Culture Values Opportunities Communicate Culture, Values, Opportunities  Build relationship with potential employees  Post job vacancies and collect CVs Post job vacancies and collect CVs  Facebook, Twitter  F e ue tly u date Frequently update  Create buzz and excitement  Communicate events initiatives milestones Communicate events, initiatives, milestones  Get employees involved as brand ambassadors B   N E T W O R K S   I N C  C di Coordinate with Marketing i hM k i  Project softer human side  Newspapers job portals hoardings get the word out Newspapers, job portals, hoardings – get the word out N A S E E B  Participate in events – job fair, exhibitions, etc. 6
  8. 8. Employer Branding: Idea #2 Hire the Best  Be selective  Being hired by your company should be like getting an award Being hired by your company should be like getting an award  Interview scientifically, surgically, strategically  Reward merit in selection Reward merit in selection  Spread the word that you are highly selective  Do ’t i o e eje ted a li a t Don’t ignore rejected applicants  They will tell others about their experience  Send professional letters with decision Send professional letters with decision  Acknowledge applications as your receive them B   N E T W O R K S   I N C G d Good people attract good people l d l  Leverage employee branding to create employer branding N A S E E B 7
  9. 9. Employer Branding: Idea #3 Treat Employees Well  Employees are your brand ambassadors  Policies should be fair transparent and clearly communicated Policies should be fair, transparent and clearly communicated  Recognize and reward achievers publically  Provide growth and learning Provide growth and learning  Minimize politics  Build atmosphere or empowerment vs. fear p p  Benefits should be above average  Build a culture  Turn departing employees into branding assets B   N E T W O R K S   I N C  HR should facilitate departures on a “good note” p g  Disgruntled employees can be a branding liability  Let employees build their personal brands Let employees build their personal brands N A S E E B  Employee branding will enhance employer branding 8
  10. 10. Employer Branding: Idea #4 Stay Connected    Know what employees want  Conduct regular surveys Conduct regular surveys  Understand latest compensation trends  Understand latest technologies, methods, processes Understand latest technologies, methods, processes  Remove unnecessary hierarchy  Ma a e e t hould e ula ly talk ith e loyee Management should regularly talk with employees  Employees should regularly be asked for feedback  Involve employees in decision making Involve employees in decision making  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate B   N E T W O R K S   I N C N A S E E B 9
  11. 11. Employer Branding: Idea #5 An Inspiring Workplace  Office environment should inspire emotional energy  Lighting  Wall hangings / posters  Decoration  Highlight your achievements  E i o e t hould hi hli ht u e e Environment should highlight successes  Environment should highlight values  What will a new employee think when he walks in? B   N E T W O R K S   I N C N A S E E B 10
  12. 12. Top Employer Brands of Pakistan  Conducted by ROZEE.PK for 2009 ‐ 2010  13 753 fully completed surveys 13,753 fully completed surveys  60 questions  Top of mind Top of mind  Respondent profile  P ofe io al 66% Professionals 66%  Students 20%  Unemployed 14% Unemployed 14%  68% between 22 and 29 years old B   N E T W O R K S   I N C  21% between 30 and 40 years old y  86% male vs. 14% female  29% Karachi, 27% Lahore, 22% Islamabad N A S E E B 11
  13. 13. Top Employer Brands of Pakistan Overall Respondents 25% 20% 20% 19% 15% 14% 11% 10% 10% 6% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% B   N E T W O R K S   I N C 0% Telenor Pakistan  Mobilink GSM  Unilever Pakistan  United Nations  Nestleʹ  Engro Pakistan  Microsoft  Ufone GSM  Pakistan Tobacco  Bank Alfalah  Organization  Company (PTC)  N A S E E B 12
  14. 14. Top Employer Brands of Pakistan Employed Respondents  by Location : Karachi   Unilever Pakistan 29.23% Mobilink GSM Mobilink GSM 14 29% 14.29% Procter & Gamble Pakistan 9.61% Telenor Pakistan 8.29% Engro Pakistan 7.72% Pakistan State Oil (PSO) 6.90% Microsoft Corporation. 6.57% Shell Pakistan 6.49% Employed Respondents  by Location : Islamabad Employed Respondents by Location Islamabad GEO TV Network ‐ Jang Group 5.83% Telenor Pakistan 26.85% Axact Pakistan 5.09% Mobilink GSM 18.77% United Nations 16.99% Employed Respondents  by Location : Lahore   Employed Respondents by Location : Lahore Pakistan Tobacco  … 7.27% OGDCL 7.12% Nestleʹ Pakistan 20.00% Ufone GSM 6.75% Mobilink GSM 19.04% Schlumberger 4.97% Telenor Pakistan 17.71% Microsoft Corporation. 3.86% Unilever Pakistan 10.48% PTCL 3.78% Bank Alfalah 7.53% Unilever Pakistan 3.64% Warid Telecom 6.13% Microsoft Corporation. 5.24% B   N E T W O R K S   I N C United Nations 5.17% JGC Descon 4.43% Wateen Telecom 4.28% N A S E E B 13
  15. 15. Conclusion  Employer branding is key to attracting top talent  Top talent is key to building a productive organization Top talent is key to building a productive organization Manage g Retain R Attract  Motivate Recruit Grow A Train T i R B   N E T W O R K S   I N C N A S E E B 14
  16. 16. N A S E E B B   N E T W O R K S   I N C Thank You! Thank You! 15