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curiosity and decision making

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cure ios city

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curiosity and decision making

  1. 1. what the world needs most: the energy of 7b alive people
  2. 2. we don’t need a better political system where ie: more people are included in decision making and people have more options
  3. 3. we need to free up time and space.. so everyone (has to be everyone or it won’t work) can figure out what matters to them each day
  4. 4. eudaimonia and sustaining that eudaimonia ness has to come from inside each person each day
  5. 5. the energy that will last.. (that’s always hungry for more and never tires).. comes from..
  6. 6. an undisturbed ecosystem (aka: alive life) is not about making decisions.. it’s about listening imagine if we just listen to and facil daily curiosity ie: cure ios city
  7. 7. ..rather than a story about consensus-izing decisions
  8. 8. we don’t just need more options.. we need freedom we don’t just need more voice in decision-making.. we need a daily listening to curiosity otherwise.. we’ll just keep spinning our wheels
  9. 9. we need to get back/to the..
  10. 10. starts with daily we need a..
  11. 11. via 2 convers(ations) as infra(structure)
  12. 12. it’s just that
  13. 13. more options/choice/decisions.. not enough.. not deep enough today we have the means to listen to every voice.. from within each being.. everyday