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Progressive Delivery at Spring One Platform

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Talk at Pivotal's Spring One Platform event. Progressive Delivery: a term to describe a new basket of skills and technologies concerned with modern software development, testing and deployment. Canarying, Feature Flags, A/B testing at scale. Advances in approaches to application and service Observability. On the technology side, Kubernetes and Istio bring new management challenges, but also opportunities – service mesh approaches can enable a lot more sophistication in routing of new application functions to particular user communities.

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Progressive Delivery at Spring One Platform

  1. 1. Progressive Delivery: SpringOne Platform James Governor @monkchips co-founder
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  9. 9. align Customer Experience and Developer Experience enhanced A/B testing experimentation and feature flags manage deployment target complexity reduce business risk decouple deployment from service activation Bring the business back into control of deployment decisions Turn pace of software delivery into a service management feature Avoid rollbacks and emergency fixes Additional Reading Towards Progressive Delivery by James Governor New Kingmakers, How Developers Conquered The World by Stephen O’Grady, RedMonk – free ebook. Observability Thought Leaders - Charity Majors (@mipsytipsy), Cindy Sridharan (@copyconstruct), Jaana B. Dogan (@rakyll) GitOps - Alexis Richarson, (@monadic) founder of What You Need to Know