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Growth Of Recruitment Consultancy in Southern India

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Kailash Shahani shares his views with the franchiseindia, provides franchise opportunities in India, for the establishment of recruitment market in Southern India

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Growth Of Recruitment Consultancy in Southern India

  1. 1. Growth of the recruitment market in Southern India Franchising works for everyone because it brings real benefits not just to the franchisor but to the franchisee also. These days Southern part of India is offering vast opportunities to the budding investors. Franchise India is also organising series of business opportunity shows for potential franchisees with thousands of brands from diverse industries and sectors. Let’s know more about the galore of opportunities in South India and how favourable is it to start a business in that picturesque part of the country. Right from F&B to IT, fashion to beauty and health, hotels, resorts, automotive and much more, South India has business prospects in all these sectors. Already existing brands from various industries have already started seeking franchisees from South India. Kerala is one of India's most progressive states in terms of social welfare and quality of life. In contrast to the rest of India and most other low-income countries, Keralites enjoy education and health at levels that are on par with the West. Similarly, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad have been a home to large number of industries. This evidently shows that franchise business is a sure shot success in South of India. Rewards South India not just has established brands like Titan, TTK Prestige and Naturals but it has huge prospects for the rising brands too. A vital aspect which decides the feasibility of any franchising business in a country, relates to the class of consumers it caters to. India is a multi ethnic country and people in every state are very much aware about the avenues best suited for them in any business. Franchising definitely gives a chance
  2. 2. for franchisees to understand the concept, think before investing, do research and then put in their hard earned money in any brand. Liv India Group’s, Speed Car Wash is a Delhi based brand but it operates 12 out of its 40 centers in South India. The growth of information technology (IT) hubs in the southern region have stimulated economic growth and attracted foreign investments too. Investors from different parts of the country are keen to take franchise rights of brands in South India. Established in 2003, Nandita's- The Beauty Zone is one of the leading chains of Organic Beauty Boutique and Unisex Spalon in South India. The brand has three outlets in South India. Booming recruitment market Just like other industries, even the recruitment sector is on a boom in Southern India. Morpheus Human Consulting currently has 16 franchisees in India and the Middle East who are helping the brand in this revenue stream. Morpheus has two outlets in Chennai and Coimbatore. Kailash Shahani, Founder, Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd opines: “As per the latest survey done by a leading portal company, recruitment market in Southern India is set to grow by 23 per cent which is far better than other regions. This business potential has created a sudden need to shift focus to this region. Our expansion in the Middle East has also ensured that we focus on southern India market considering 65 per cent of the Indian nationals comprised majority from this region. We intend to add at least seven new franchise outlets which would cover Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by the end of 2014.”
  3. 3. Altering food preferences The F&B sector in South India has also witnessed a major shift in taste. Much before the international food chains forayed into India, the regional markets were dominated by the local tastes and preferences. The general perception being that robust, wheat-based foods form a staple diet in north while the people of south India prefer a subtler rice-based diet. However, the consumption trends have undergone a sea change today. Subway operates more than 420 restaurants in India, out of which 127 are located in south India. Why operate a QSR in the South?  Studies indicate there is a radical change in the consumption patterns of south Indian consumers, who have traditionally been known for their price sensitiveness.  On the strategic front, there is a huge untapped potential in a fast emerging market.  Over the last ten years, southern states of India have gained manifold in terms of business and commercial activity, leading to the increase in working population, which forms a majority of consumers for the international food brands.