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HIikvision Mobile DVR 2012

  1. 1. Mobile DVR Introduction Myler May.27.2012
  2. 2. Contents Requirements 1 2 Product Line 3 Selling Points 4 CMS
  3. 3. Requirements Record Remotely monitoring Event/alarm uploading Credible evidences Driving information Data analysis ……
  4. 4. Requirements
  5. 5. Requirements Hikvision mobile DVR is specially designed for mobile environment use, Such as vehicles, ships, railways. A higher-level design compared to normal DVR. Normal Mobile DVR DVR
  6. 6. Requirements Reliable, stable and removable data storage Vehicle electrical Critical Shockproof, dustproof, and specifications Environment cooling system Stable connection and transmission
  7. 7. Contents 1 Requirements New Product Line 2 3 Selling Points 4 CMS
  8. 8. New Product Line  From TI DM642 to TI DM642、DAVINCI 6446、KY2010、DAVINCI 6467: DS-8100HMFI-TH DS-8100HMFI-T DS-8100HM(F)I-ST DS-8100HMI-A/B/M DS-8000HM(F)I DS-8000HMFI-B
  9. 9. New Product Line High End Hybrid DVR DS-8100HMFI-TH series High End DVR DS-8100HMFI-T series Middle End DVR DS-8100HM(F)I-ST series
  10. 10. New Product: DS-8100HMFI-TH series • Apply to buses, passenger vehicles, special vehicles Professional mobile Hybrid DVR and railway, subway, etc. for high-end market. • 4、8、12、16 CH analog input + 4 CH IPC input, POE. • 4CIF real-time encoding for each analog channel. • 720P real-time encoding for each IP channel. • Pre-posed eSATA/USB, AV OUT, SIM, LAN interfaces.
  11. 11. New Product: DS-8100HMFI-T series • Apply to buses, passenger vehicles, special vehicles Professional mobile DVR for and subway, etc. high-end market. • 4、8、12、16 channel analog input. • 4CIF real-time encoding for each channel. • Pre-posed eSATA/USB, AV OUT, SIM, LAN interfaces. • Pluggable HDD and SD card storage.
  12. 12. New Product: DS-8100HM(F)I-ST series • Apply to public transportation, school buses, Professional mobile DVR for passenger vehicles, etc. middle-end market. • 4、6、8 channel analog input. • Support 4CIF, CIF, 4CIF&CIF real-time encoding. • Pluggable HDD and SD card storage.
  13. 13. Available Product List -ST Series -T Series DS-8104HMI-ST DS-8104HMFI-T DS-8104HMI-ST/(WI) DS-8104HMFI-T/WI DS-8104HMI-ST/GE/(WI) DS-8104HMFI-T/GE/WI DS-8104HMI-ST/GW/(WI) DS-8104HMFI-T/GW/WI DS-8106HMI-ST DS-8108HMFI-T DS-8106HMI-ST/(WI) DS-8108HMFI-T/WI DS-8106HMI-ST/GE/(WI) DS-8108HMFI-T/GE/WI DS-8106HMI-ST/GW/(WI) DS-8108HMFI-T/GW/WI DS-8112HMFI-T DS-8112HMFI-T/WI WI: Wi-Fi module DS-8112HMFI-T/GE/WI GE: 3G module(EVDO) DS-8112HMFI-T/GW/WI GW: 3G module (WCDMA) DS-8104HMI-ST:CH1 supports up to 4CIF encoding, other channels up to CIF. DS-8106HMI-ST:CH1, 2 supports up to 4CIF encoding, other channels up to CIF.
  14. 14. Contents 1 Requirements 2 New Product Line Selling Points 3 4 CMS
  15. 15. Highlights  Video Compression  Power Input  Wireless Transmission  Power Output  Driving Information Record  Power-off Protection  Cooling and Dustproof  Storage Medium  Friendly GUI and easy operation  Storage Mode  Interface Design  HDD Vibration  Operating Mode Reduction Protection
  16. 16. Highlights  Power Input Vehicle battery: DC 12V or 24V (12~16V or 24~28V) High voltage burrs. 6~36V input; Wide-range isolation; Filter the voltage burrs up to DC 150V ISO 7637-2: 2004、JASO D 001-94、SAE-1455
  17. 17. Highlights  Power Output . . . Onboard cameras, A stable voltage SCP: short- monitors, sound at 5V or 12V for circuit protection pick-ups peripheral devices
  18. 18. Highlights  Power-off Protection Power-off protection of data with the built-in redundant power supply. Built-in Power Supply Power in Vehicle Mobile DVR Battery
  19. 19. Highlights  Friendly GUI and easy operation New design GUI All-in-one sub menu Status inquiry Mouse & IR remote control
  20. 20. Highlights  Video Compression Analog or IPC video inputs Dual stream Audio, GPS info, driving info Standard H.264 encoding
  21. 21. Highlights  Interface Design Firm and stable interfaces: aviation plugs, DB plugs Guarantee the stable connection for audio, video, power interfaces.
  22. 22. Highlights  Cooling and Dustproof Hikvision mobile DVR has a high performance on cooling and dustproof within a totally enclosed no-fan chassis Internal: A reasonable PCB design based on the distribution of the heat, avoid overheating or heat centralized. External: Excellent aluminum material for the housing, integrated with cooling fins, pass the heat to the outside space.
  23. 23. Highlights  Cooling and Dustproof External: Excellent aluminum material for the housing, integrated with cooling fins, pass the heat to the outside space.
  24. 24. Highlights  Storage Medium Two 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs each up to 500G One SD/SDHC card up to 32GB All pluggable
  25. 25. Highlights  HDD Vibration Reduction Protection Hikvision mobile DVR adopts patented hard disk vibration reduction technology, which was previously for military use. Meets the shockproof standard of ISO 16750, able to resist up to 50G acceleration impact.
  26. 26. Highlights HDD SATA/power connecter protection design Anti-Vibration HDD Bracket Design HDD Anti-vibration bracket design • HIKVISION patent HDD Anti-vibration technologies. HDD removable tray design I. HDD Anti-vibration bracket design; II. HDD removable tray design; III. HDD SATA/power connecter protection design; Patent:200620100517.9
  27. 27. Highlights  HDD Anti-vibration bracket design; The HDD bracket adopts steel rope damper to decrease the HDD vibration. Profit from steel rope’s excellent elasticity, the HDD will be well protected from any direction vibration. • HDD removable tray design; Tightness Screw The HDD tray will be firmly fixed with two “tightness screw” and two “tightness latch”; it is easily to be switched out within 1 minute. • HDD SATA/power connecter protection design; Swap During daily operation, the operator Connector switches out the whole HDD Tray instead Tightness of switch out the HDD directly. This Latch design will be very useful to reduce the HDD connector abrasion and broken after hundreds of swap in and out.
  28. 28. Highlights  Storage Mode Normal recording/ Minor recording/ Auto Backup recording mode. Write data to the 1st HDD at first Normal Storage Mode: No protection for data and HDDs. When the 1st HDD is full, then turn to the 2nd one Minor Storage Mode: Write data to both HDD simultaneously Dual storage provides certain protection for data. Every a specific time period, the recorded Auto Backup Storage Mode: data will be moved to Implemented video recording on Directly write data to the SSD the normal HDD. the SSD, and auto backup on the normal HDD. Strong protection for both HDD and data
  29. 29. Highlights  Wireless Transmission Built-in 3G and WIFI module. Optimized the video encoding algorithm to adjust to the unstable speed of the wireless network bandwidth.
  30. 30. Highlights  Driving Information Data analysis on the record of the driving information. GPS module G-sensor Sensor-in Driving Geographic direction position, speed Acceleration (Brake, .etc reverse, turn left/right).
  31. 31. Highlights  Operating Mode 1. Ignition start-up, delay shutdown. • 5 mins ~ 6 hours delay 2. Scheduled power on/off. • To the user-preset time period.
  32. 32. Contents 1 Requirements 2 New Product Line 3 Selling Points CMS 4
  33. 33. CMS  WVS Wireless Monitoring Platform For free, support entry-level functions for all the mobile DVR model. Basic functions:  Up to 500 devices integrated  Remote video download  Region management  Client video recording (sub stream)  1、 4…25 division monitoring  Device settings configuration  Vehicle travel track playback  Remote upgrade  Audio monitoring and 2-way talk  Device status  Manually image capture  SMS  Receiving alarm information
  34. 34. CMS
  35. 35. CMS  Ivms7000(7200) Centralized Monitoring Platform Professional wireless monitoring platform, support almost all the functions for all the mobile DVR, 3G DVS models. It charges. Basic functions:  Up to 2500 devices integrated  Remote video download  Device setting configuration  Multi cameras video monitoring  Remote video playback  Alarm linkage management  Region divide and management  Centralized storage  Remote upgrade  E-map positioning  Smart phone monitoring  Vehicle travel track playback  Audio monitoring and 2-way talk  Hard decoding onto TV wall  Manually image capture  E-fence  Distance measure
  36. 36. CMS
  37. 37. CMS  MVA Video Analysis and Playback Software For free, specially developed for mobile DVR, mainly used for video search, playback, analysis, backup. Basic functions:  HDD video files search  Multi channel synchronous playback  Audio, GPS data synchronous playback, analysis  Video backup and saving.
  38. 38. MVA Interface
  39. 39. THANKS! China - USA - Europe - India - Russia - Middle East - Africa - South America
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