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CRM Readiness Tips For CRM

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CRM Readiness Tips For CRM

  1. 1. Gartner issued a statement that said, “...more than 50 percent of all CRM implementations will be viewed as failures from a customer's point of view." "Connecting Customer Needs with Business Solutions"
  2. 2. WHY?  No business objectives  Lack of planning  Lack of commitment at all levels  User resistance  Lack of resources  Technology focused
  3. 3. HOW DO I ENSURE SUCCESS?  Before embarking headlong into CRM, it is crucial that you understand it’s capabilities so that you can leverage it to meet your business needs.
  4. 4. WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE SUCCESS? 1. Business Objectives:  All executive stakeholders should identify the objectives that they want to achieve using CRM to benefit their business and their customers.  Identify wins/benefits for key users (Critical for sales team to have customer service visibility? Think about implementing customer service first). 2. Business Plan:  All businesses have a process. Review existing process with each department and create a flow chart. A standard process will help reduce errors and improve productivity. It will give you a means to measure and manage for future improvements.  Prepare a CRM strategy plan and get implementation budget approved.
  5. 5. WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE SUCCESS? 3. Commitment:  CRM cannot survive without executive/management buy-in. They must commit to the objectives and enforce CRM usage without exception.  Invite key department managers and executives to be part of the CRM vendor selection process. This will help ensure that CRM is successful. 4. Resources:  CRM implementation MUST have a champion/implementer. They should understand your business and your customers, be a visionary, work well with all employees at all levels and be able to sell!  Create a “CRM Success Team”. This team should include a representative from each department. Members should be team players, good communicators and should be early adopters who can champion new procedures to their colleagues. This is critical in ensure 100% adoption by the sales team.
  6. 6. WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE SUCCESS? 5. Successful User Adoption:  If one executive’s objective is to have an accurate, global sales funnel and forecast, what will be the repercussions of one rogue sales person? One of the largest reasons for CRM failure is user resistance. Good planning, user interaction/communication (sense of ownership), eliminating some of their pain points, training and executive enforcement are some elements to include to ensure user adoption.  CRM requires cultural change. Users must live and die by it. Once this is achieved, you will have 100% user adoption and CRM will become a breathing, living entity! 6. Leverage the Technology:  If you have the attitude “It will solve all of our problems”, you need to rethink going down the path of CRM. It is only a tool. But, if implemented correctly, the benefits to your organization and your customers will be significant and will set the stage for future growth.
  7. 7. FINAL THOUGHTS:  Think Big/Start Small  Plan for the Unexpected  Keep it Simple  Data Cleansing and Accuracy before Importing Following these guidelines will maximize CRM success for you organization. For more information call CRM Connect at 905-337-0404. "Connecting Customer Needs with Business Solutions"