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An Ontological View of Canonical Citations

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An Ontological View of Canonical Citations

  1. 1. An Ontological View of Canonical Citations Matteo Romanello1 Michele Pasin1 1 Department of Digital Humanities King’s College London Digital Humanities conference 2011 Stanford, California 21 June 2011Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 1 / 14
  2. 2. Project Context PhD at the DDH, KCL discussion started during an internal Knowledge Representation seminar HuCit: ontology for the citations in the Humanities part of a domain ontology for Classics application: knowledge base to support the automatic extraction of citations from text Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 2 / 14
  3. 3. Related WorkOntology Engineering CiTO, Citation Typing Ontology SWAN Ecosystem, esp. Scientific Discourse Ontology OpenCycCanonical Citations Canonical Text Services (CTS), Harvard Univ. Classical Works Knowledge Base (CWKB), Cornell Univ. Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 3 / 14
  4. 4. Canonical CitationsMotivation precision of references to texts persistency of citations interoperability of citations across editionsCharacteristics are not tight to a specific edition of a text (loosely coupled) canonical: result of an agreement within a specific community of practiceExamples Hom. Il. 1.1 Athen. Deipn, X 412a Arist. Poetics 1451a35-b6 Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 4 / 14
  5. 5. Citing Aristotle Bekker numbers derived from his edition (1831-1870) of Aristotle’s works used by all scholarly editions citation structure: 1451a35 page / column / line / [0-9]{4}[a-z]{1}[0-9]+ / alternative citation structure: eg: VIII 4 - IX 3 medieval system book / chapter / sentence Similar systems: Stephanus page (Plutarch) Casaubon page (Athenaeus) Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 5 / 14
  6. 6. Citations in a print environment Butcher’s edition (1922) p. 34 and Bekker’s edition (1831) p. 184 Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 6 / 14
  7. 7. FRBR in a nutshell FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records Work: the abstract content of a Work (substance is concepts) Expression: the text of a Work (substance is signs) Manifestation: the physical carrier of an ExpressionExample Work: The abstract content of Homer’s Iliad Expression: The text of Iliad in the Italian translation by the poet Vincenzo Monti (XIX century) Manifestation: A copy of V. Monti, Iliad, Milano : Mondadori, 1995 [isbn: 8804394846] Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 7 / 14
  8. 8. HuCit’s Overview Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 8 / 14
  9. 9. A Canonical Citation (macro level) Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 9 / 14
  10. 10. Citation Styles Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 10 / 14
  11. 11. Canonical Citation as resolvable pointer Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 11 / 14
  12. 12. Citation Scheme and Textual Structure Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 12 / 14
  13. 13. Textual Structure and Expressions Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 13 / 14
  14. 14. Wrap upContribution a conceptual model of how canonical citations work a more abstract / application-independent model to encode semantics of canon. citations interoperability with other standards/protocols for canonical citations (CTS, CWKB) small ontology but mapped to other ontologies (CIDOC-CRM and FRBRoo)Ontology population citations extracted from texts (JSTOR, APh) textual structures to be extracted from TEI encoded texts (Perseus) reasoning over the KB to support automatic extraction Romanello, Pasin (DDH) HuCit DH2011 14 / 14