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5G Service Assurance and Orchestration

This presentation is highlighting the architecture of 5G network and the need for a very efficient Management and Orchestration environnement, very automated and autonomous that monitors the network and services and trigger actions to optimize resources and meet quality of service.

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5G Service Assurance and Orchestration

  1. 1. 5G service assurance & orchestration New Paradigms Barcelona World 5G Summit October 2019 1 Marie-Paule Odini, Distinguished Technologist HPE
  2. 2. Today’s data-driven world is reshaping the telecommunications landscape Increasing high bandwidth consumption Emergence of low latency applications Everything becoming connected
  3. 3. Digital transformation is driving the need for a new network 3 20% of the expected network traffic in 2023 can be carried on today’s networks1 75% of enterprise-generated data expected to be created outside of traditional data centers or clouds by 20223 $45.6B increase in spend on AI and ML technologies from 2017 to 20212 1B Enhanced mobile broadband devices are expected to be connected worldwide by 20231 Billions of new devices Millions of new Use cases & Applications
  4. 4. Evolving the next generation core Unlock a more agile, automated, and scalable 5G-ready infrastructure 4 Service-based architecture Scale and reallocate resources quickly with open, composable infrastructure platforms and shared data environments Network virtualization With NFV and SDN, speed and simplify add, remove and modify network functions and create new services Network slicing Enable individualized partitioning of services and end to end resource allocation
  5. 5. Transforming the network edge Achieve higher network capacity to meet the anticipated demand 5 Heterogeneous Access Support Wifi, cellular 4G or 5G, broadband, fixed, satellite all connected to a common 5G core Spectrum expansion Secure additional spectrum through heterogeneous network deployments and multi-access technologies at the edge New radio deployments Increase capacity with dense radio deployments on the ground, closer to the end user Edge Compute & Services Enhanced compute at the edge to deliver latency sensitive, industrial IoT, and location sensitive services
  6. 6. Managing End to End digital services Enable your dynamic environment with the right services and cloud native applications 6 Orchestration and automation Manage heterogeneous and dynamic 5G Network and Service environments with automation and zero touch operations Open up the network to a broad ecosystem of partners & customers Host their appiications, offer APIs Slice the network to meet personal needs Open APIs, E2E Slicing Virtualized apps, containers that run across heterogeneous network environments for agility, savings on network resources, and operational efficiency Cloud native applications
  7. 7. From Silos to ONE Network for ALL Seamless mobility, Service continuity and resource optimization WIFI Network Fixed Network Cellular Network Satellite Network IoT Network
  8. 8. 5G … a complex network to manage Need for a VERY EFFICIENT Service Management & Orchestration and Service Assurance 8
  9. 9. Closed Loop & Automation
  10. 10. One E2E Network 10 Orchestrated and Managed Multivendor Standards based Open
  11. 11. E2E services for agility With slices spanning across RAN – Transport Network – Edge - Core 11 End to end management Millions of instances
  12. 12. E2E Orchestration and Service Assurance 12 Quality of Service
  13. 13. From Architecture to Information Model & Closed Loop Distributed architecture, Intent based modeling, automation and AI 13
  14. 14. HPE 5G complete solution Focus on service based architecture with a modern, agile OSS 14 Control Plane Functions User Plane Functions 5G UE AF Naf SEPP N32 Namf Nsmf UPF gNodeB (NG-RAN) Data Network N3IWF N3 N2N1 N4 N6 Nw u SMSF Nsmsf NEF Nnef NSSF Nnssf NRF Nnrf UDM Nudm AUSF Nausf PCF Npcf BSF Nbsf CHF Nchf 5G-EIR N5g-eir AMF SMF NudrNudsf UDSF 5G-UDR 3G/4G UDR Nxx Element Management Slice Management Service Exposure Service Analytics MANO / ONAP Enablement Virtualization Orchestration Automation Security Identity Entitlement Microservices Containers API / SBI Feedback Rules Scripts HPE Service Director Methods Intentions Policies Discovery PredictionsBehavior Service Marketplace SaaS/XaaS PaaS IaaS DCN / SDN aaS Service Design, Development and Deployment Environment OSS CI-CD Agile Bimodal DevOps Service CI-CD HPE Shared Data Environment UdLDAP/ SOAP HSS HLR AAA MNP 2G/3G 4G LBS IMS IoT WiFi / LPWAN C/D/Gr S6a S6b SWx/SWm/S6bSLh Cx/Sh S6d S6t • Authentication Server Function (AUSF) • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) • Network Exposure Function (NEF) • NF Repository Function (NRF) • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF) • Non-3GPP Interworking Function (N3IWF) • Policy Control function (PCF) • Session Management Function (SMF) • Unified Data Management (UDM) • User plane Function (UPF) • User Data Repository (UDR) • Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF) • Network Data Analytics Function (NWDA) • Equipment Identity Register (EIR) • SMS Function (SMSF) • Binding Support Function (BSF) • Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) + MEC
  15. 15. HPE 5G transformation portfolio Multi-vendor ecosystem delivers best of breed choice for 5G 15 5G infrastructure platforms from core to edge Edge, Wi-Fi & vRAN for 5G network access Cloud native network functions and orchestration Digital and consumption-based IT services for your 5G transformation A broad partner ecosystem
  16. 16. More information – Realize the 5G promise with intelligent and agile service assurance – White Paper – Network Slice configuration and service slice lifecycle management – White Paper – HPE Service Director – Data Sheet – Intent based modeling key to 5G ZSM – IEEE Paper – Network Slicing business paper – Business Paper on slicing monetization – Blog HPE Telecom IQ – 5G Network Slicing : – Blog #1 - 5G Network Slicing: the most promising 5G use case for digital infrastructure – Blog #2 - 5G Network Slice Management and Orchestration – Blog #3 - 5G: How many Slices? Few or many … that is the question 16
  17. 17. Technology People Economics Let’s accelerate your transformation