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Presentation 5G high school

5G overview for high school students

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Presentation 5G high school

  1. 1. Presentation 5G for High School Mars 2019 Marie-Paule Odini, HPE
  2. 2. Table of Content – 5G Use Cases – 5G Introduction – Key 5G Technologies – 5G Deployment – 5G Projects
  3. 3. Evolution Mobile Communications 3 RadioCom 2000
  4. 4. Evolution Communications Mobile
  5. 5. 5G Use Cases 5
  6. 6. 360 Video – 3D – HD – Virtual Reality 6
  7. 7. FWA – Fixed Wireless Access 7 Point to Multipoint Meshed
  8. 8. Remote Surgery 8
  9. 9. Industrial Robots, Co-Bots (Collaborative Robots) 9
  10. 10. Humanoid, Service, Therapeutic Robots 10
  11. 11. Autonomous Vehicle 11
  12. 12. Very High Speed Train 12
  13. 13. Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 13
  14. 14. Smart City 14
  15. 15. Smart Grid 15
  16. 16. Hologram Holus Estar Takee (3D) Leiainc & RED Star Wars
  17. 17. Satellite 17
  18. 18. 5G Use Cases Source: 5G Americas eMBB mMTC uRLLC
  19. 19. 5G Introduction 19
  20. 20. 4G Today 20
  21. 21. Multiple Silo networks ACCESS CORE SERVICE PSTN Broadband 2G 3G 4G Fixed Broadband DSLAM TAS (VoLTE)
  22. 22. 5G: new Antennas, new network Architecture 22 broadband mobile wifi IoT One Network (silos)
  23. 23. What 5G will bring … a more Efficient Network 23 Source: 5GPPP Key Performance Indicator
  24. 24. 5G Mobile Network Data Traffic by 2020 24 Average Internet Use 1.5 GB/day Autonomous Vehicle 4 GB/day Up to TB Connected Planes 5 GB/day Smart Factory 1 PB/day Cloud Video Providers 750 PB/day Source: Network of Tomorrow, 5G and Edge – Open Networking Summit Europe 2018
  25. 25. 3G, 4G, 5G Comparison … much faster ! 25
  26. 26. Covering Market and Use Cases 26 Massive IoT - mMTC Smart City – Sensors – eHealth Smart Agriculture - Environment Smart Home - Smart Building Smart Industry – Oil - Mining eMBB - Enhanced Mobile Broadband Augmented Reality – AR Virtual Reality – VR Gaming – HD Video Holograms – Train - Plane Ultra Reliable Low Latency uRLLC Remote Surgery w. haptic fbk Remote Driving – Self Driving Remote robotic, motion control Online Gaming, real time 3GPP TR 22.891 identifies 74 service scenarios that should be enabled by 5G
  27. 27. Spectrum background – Focus on Radio Wave
  28. 28. 5G Spectrum … New Spectrum Meeting ITU Dec 2019
  29. 29. Antennas … directional, more efficient 29 Ex: 5G antennas in Paris (experimentation)
  30. 30. Antenna evolution 30
  31. 31. Industry3GPP 5G timeline Pre-Study & Tests Standard & Trials Commercialization 3GPP Release 14 2017 2018 2019 5G Phase 1 5G Phase 2 5G Smart- phones Fixed Wireless Access Non-Standalone - NSA Standalone - SA 3GPP Release 15 3GPP Release 16 Additional Features Trials Jun Dec 31Confidential Release 15 published Release 16 ongoing
  32. 32. From Silos to a Common Core for All 32 Mobile Core Fixed Network Private Network IoT Network 5G Core 4G 5G Fixed WiFI Heterogeneous devices Heterogeneous Access One Core Operator Consumer Healthcare Automotive Manufacturing Verticals
  33. 33. 5G network Architecture 33 Internet access ex VoLTE User Plane = Data Control Plane via HTTP/2 Heterogeneous Access Common Core orStep #1 – Attach to the Antenna & the Network Ask for authorization to use the Network = “Control Plane” Step #2 – Communicate (Voice, Data, Video) => ex: VoLTE, Internet = “User Plane”
  34. 34. 3GPP 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) 34 3GPP Mapping to LTE AMF Access and Mobility Management MME SMF Session Management Function MME/PGW control plane AUSF Authentication Server Function MME/AAA NRF NF Repository Function NEW PCF Policy Control Function PCRF UDM Unified Data Management HSS and UDR AF Application Function gsmSCF/AS NEF Network Exposure Function SCEF UPF User Plane Function SGW – PGW User plane Source: TS 23.501 User plane Control plane ‘Service Based Architecture’ PFCP GTP-U Many components in the Telecom Network = Servers + Software = Virtualized / Telco Cloud
  35. 35. 5G Slicing
  36. 36. NGMN 5G Network Slicing Source: NGMN White paper
  37. 37. UPF2 FWA slice + eMBB mobile slice 37 5G NR RG W Home devices FWA CPE: 1 box 5GNR+RGW Or 2 boxes Macro Cell PHY PHY High MAC Scheduler RLC DU RU PHY RU PHY High MAC RLC CU-CP PDCP-C RRC AMF CU-UP PDCP-U SDAP UPF1 AMF1 SMF1 UDM UDR NSSF NRF AUSF PCF NEFUDSF … PDCP-C PDCP-U UE / CPE PHY MAC RLC PDCP SDA P RRC NAS Control plane User plane gNB NAS 5GCore AMF2 SMF2 eMBB Control plane User Plane FWA
  38. 38. Safety/autonomous driving service URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency) Infotainment/video streaming eMBB (Mobile Broadband) Maintenance/statistics mIoT, low throughput AMF1 SMF1 AMF1 SMF2UPF2 NSSF AMF1 UPF3 NFVI NFVI SMF3 Edge Core URLLC Slice eMBB Slice mIoT Slice 3GPP Glossary: AMF: Access and Mobility Function UDM: Unified Data Management NSSF: Network Slice Selection Function NRF: Network Function Repository Function SMF: Session Management Function UPF: User Plane Function PCF: Policy Control Function ETSI NFV Glossary: NFV: Network Function Virtualization MANO: Management and Orchestration NFVO: NFV Orchestrator VNFM: Virtual Network Function Manager VIM: Virtual Infrastructure Manager NFVI: NFV Infrastructure UDM NRF PCF V2X App Caching UPF1 DN AUSF V2X Slice example 1 car, 1 SIM Card, but 3 slices: • One for car sensors = IoT • One for entertainment in the back seat = eMBB • One for autonomous driving, highly reliable, low latency to prevent collison = uRRLC
  39. 39. UE RAN AMF UDM NSSF NRF SMF 1 SMF 2 SMF 3 UPF 3 UPF 2 UPF 1 1 2 3 AMF 1 4 5 6 7 8 DN Caching V2X App CP UP V2X and slicing Flow 3 slices: Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) Slice Mobile Broadband (eMBB) Slice mMTC Slice AUSF
  40. 40. Deployment model 40
  41. 41. Options … what can I do ? 41 4G Radio 5G Radio 4G Network 5G Network 4G Phone 5G Phone (4G radio antenna & a SIM Card) (5G radio antenna & a SIM Card)
  42. 42. Options #1 and #2 42 4G Radio 5G Radio 4G Network 5G Network (1) (2) 4G Phone 5G Phone
  43. 43. target 43 4G Radio 5G Radio 4G Network 5G Network 4G Phone 5G Phone4G-5G Phone On the move
  44. 44. 12 Deployment Options: Non Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 44 Source: Deutsche Telecom 3GPP June’17 meeting
  45. 45. 3GPP Rel 15 Focus Scenario: Non Standalone & Standalone 45 2) Standalone NR; NGC NGC NR 3a) Non-Standalone/”LTE Assisted” ; EPC Connected EPC LTE NGC NR “1A” Until December 2017 After December 2017 until June 2018 Release 16 – All scenarios !!!!!!!!!
  46. 46. 5G Projects
  47. 47. Europe 47 Many Projects: Consortium Operator+Industry+Academic Phase #1 (completed) Phase #2 (ongoing) Phase #3 (started recently) + international projects: Korea, Japan, Brazil, China + Manifesto: All European country should deploy 5G in at least 1 city by 2020
  48. 48. European countries 5G initiatives 48 Italy: Telecom Italia plans 100% 5G coverage of San Marino by 2018/2019, ‘Republic’ of 30,000 inhabitants in the center of Italy. But Also Milano, Torino with VF. Open IoT Lab in Torino. France: ARCEP attributed 700MHz band in 2016 and new licence in 3.5GHz (lower band for radio, higher band for pure 5G) and 26GHz for 5G trials 25 projects Finland: FINOCA (regulator) will put frequencies between 3.4 and 3.5GHz in use for 5G in 2019. NOW it has granted 13 licences for trials + a 5G test network is available in OULU for research and business trials. Russia: MTS to demo 5G during FIFA World Cup 2018 UK: 5GUK Project - Government allocated £740m for research and infrastructure and claims that 5G could add £173bn to Britain’s GDP in the 2020s. In the meantime Ofcom is going to high court for delaying new spectrum allocation BT focus: Slicing, SDM/SDE Germany 5G Lab Germany: consortium Trial 01/2017: DT-Huawei, 2Gbps, 3ms latency over 3.7GHz DT focus: slicing and zero touch Germany announced 5G Spectrum auction for 2018 Sweeden: Ericsson & TeliaSonera to be one of the first operators to offer 5G, in 2018, initially in Stockholm and Tallinn Spain: 5GTonic Lab: Telefonica + U.Madrid + Interop test 5G in Germany
  49. 49. France – 25 Tests 49 9 categories: • mobilité connectée, • IoT, • ville intelligente, • télémédecine, • vidéo UHD, • jeu vidéo, • expérimentations techniques, industrie du futur • réalité virtuelle. Ces deux derniers secteurs regroupent le plus de tests, à savoir 10 chacun. Site Arcep
  50. 50. France – Experimentations 5G (example) 50 Ville Frequences Projet Grenoble CEA 3510 – 3550 M Utilisation du Spectre Lyon Bordeaux Bouygues 3600 - 3700 Antenne MIMO + use case de SmartX: ville intelligente, la réalité virtuelle, la télémédecine ou l’industrie du futur Lannion Cesson Cevigne Bcom + projet 5GPPP 3500 - 3520 MHz Duplexage temporal (TDD), NSA, synchronization de reseaux Lille Douai Chatillon Paris Orange 3600 - 3700 MHz MIMO, TDD, NSA + recherches opportunites avec communaute de Lille Velizy SFR 3600 - 3700 MHz Technology 5G + interconnect 4G – lab tests Marseille Pau Orange 3700 - 3800 MHz MIMO, dual connectivity, NSA + opportunite business Toulouse SFR, Airbus 3700 - 3800 MHz MIMO, TDD, synchronization des reseaux – en ville + usine – tests avions
  51. 51. France – Experimentations example 51 Ouis treh am CEA LETI 3510 - 3550 MHz L'objectif est d'établir un lien haut débit entre les côtes normandes et deux navires de la société Brittany Ferries qui relient les ports d’Ouistreham et Portsmouth (UK), pour évaluer la faisabilité d'un réseau de collecte terrestre pour les données liées à l'opération des navires (navigation, sécurité) et au trafic internet des passagers à bord (diffusé en Wifi). 5G NR 5G NR 5G NR
  52. 52. Small Cells: small antennas, more density 52 Source: 01net reduire la puissance par 2 ou 5 (reduit risque lie aux ondes et augmente duree de vie des batteries de telephones) augmenter le debit montant – niveau d’onde maximale de 1V/m
  53. 53. Nouvelles antennes 5G 53 Ex: experimentation Free a Marseille
  54. 54. France – 2020 Premiers Deploiements 54 Jusqu’en juillet 2026, la bande 3,4 - 3,8 GHz a été attribuée partiellement à différents acteurs: les opérateurs réseaux THD radio (dont les attributions sont encore ouvertes jusqu’à fin 2019), Bolloré Télécom qui est titulaire de deux blocs de 15 MHz de fréquences, de même que SHD dans les régions PACA et Ile-de-France et différents utilisateurs de stations satellites terriennes, qui disposent d’autorisations jusqu’en 2023 dans la bande 3700 - 3800 MHz. Et à ce jour, la bande 26,5 - 27,5 GHz est libre et peut être utilisée dès 2020
  55. 55. 5G World wide deployments 55
  56. 56. 5G PyeongChang Olympics – South Korea Feb’18 56 Source: MobileWorldlive , Netmania2nd test March’17 • 5G Safety is a security service featuring facial recognition solution that combines drone and AI system. • 360° VR is another realistic service that transmits 360 degree display in real time into multiple live channels through 5G mmWave Access • Hologram Live is an ultra-high quality remote hologram service that uses 5G mmWave backhaul technology for transmission 5G Safety
  57. 57. 5G Smartphones at MWC’19 57 Same baseline : Qualcomm Soc Snapdragon 855 and Modem Snapdragon X50/X55 Except Huawei Mate X with their own chipset Soc Kirin 980 and Modem balong 5000 Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G 6,2 pouce 649,99 euros LG V50 ThinQ 6,2 pouce (Pas de dispo France) Huawei Mate 20 X 5G 8 pouce 2299 euros HTC Hub 5G Samsung S10 5G Huawei 5G CPE 799$
  58. 58. Iridium Next Satellite Constellation 58 70+ satellites Altitude: 780km Direct communication to Iridium satellite phone 66 active satellites, with another nine in-orbit spares and six on-ground spares The constellation provides: • L-band data speeds of up to 128 kbit/s to mobile terminals, • up to 1.5 Mbit/s to Iridium Pilot marine terminals, • high-speed Ka-band service of up to 8 Mbit/s to fixed/transportable terminals. Service Live since 2018 Last satellite launch (by SpaceX – Falcon9) in January 2019 => 5G ‘failover’ Roadmap with Thales Mission Link terminal InDirect communication Via Terminals WIFI 3G – 4G 5G
  59. 59. Starlink – Elon Musk 12,000 Satellites 59 Theoretically, Starlink will be able to send message twice as fast as optic fibers, since signal speeds are slower when transmitted through glass than through space. In November 2018 SpaceX received FCC approval to deploy 7,518 broadband satellites, in addition to the 4,425 satellites that were approved in March 2018 => 7,518 + 4,425 = 11,943 ISS – 350km Starlink A – 550km (1,500) Starlink B – 1,150km (2,925) very-low Earth orbit NGSO [non-geostationary satellite orbit] constellation: 335- 346km (7518) 1,000,000 fixed earth station
  60. 60. Lots of satellite Constellation that could evolve to 5G 60
  61. 61. Thank You