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10 Things To Be Thankful For by: @empoweredpres

  1. thankfulfor: t o b e 10things
  2. In the United States, November 27th is a day we spend with family and friends. reflecting on things we are thankful for.
  3. But it can turn into a day of us stuffing our faces with food and watching football! Instead of remembering all our blessings.
  4. take for Sometimes we don’t know what we granted…
  5. …until they are gone…
  6. It’s good to be reminded of all our blessings!
  7. In case, like us, you’ve forgotten the small things to be thankful for… here’s a start:
  8. sun shine 1
  9. sunlight helps your body produce vitamin d. Sunlight also protects against various diseases likeosteoporosis,diabetes, rickets and some cancers.
  10. 1 trillion Google estimates over Anything you want to know, you can ask and will usually get an accurate answer! Now, all the information in the world is at your fingertips! searches per year!
  11. 4weeks to get from New York to California by train. In the 1830’s, it took about
  12. 47minutes Now, you can get there in: Forget “Around the World in 80 Days”, you can do it in a little over a day! 4hours
  13. beautyof this world: “The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less.” Joseph B. Wirthlin
  14. faster For anyone born before the mid 90’s, remember having to use pay phones or beepers to communicate? Now, we can send off messages via our computer, phones, or even our watches. Thank goodness for technology
  15. one device. The first handheld cellphone was purchased for $3,995 on March 13, 1984. Once upon a time, people use to own cameras, music players, landline phones, video players, and notebooks. Now, you can have it all in
  16. The average person generates: of waste per day! pounds 4.3
  17. streets and homes clean. (and much less smelly!) Thank goodness for the hardworking sanitation workers that keep our
  18. ability to function! Go ahead, try spending an hour WITHOUT using your thumbs. CHALLENGE: Often not given a second thought, opposable thumbs are VITAL to our
  19. indoor plumbing! Not so long ago, people had to fetch their water and use the restroom outside. Thank goodness for Rain or shine, hot or cold this is what you had to use.
  20. Freedomofspeech,freedom of religion and the freedom to pursue happiness is not available to all people. Thousands of refugees are forced to flee their homes due to oppression and war.
  21. privilege. If you live in a country that gives you legal freedoms, just remember: is a freedom
  22. freedom Freedom makes a hugerequirementof every human being. comes responsibility. with “ ” Eleanor Roosevelt
  23. how about you? Sunshine Search Engines Air Travel Nature Email & Text Mobile Phones Garbage Collection Thumbs Running Water Freedom Do you take any of these things for granted?
  24. express We don’t have to wait until November 27th, to what we’re thankful for!
  25. share with us! What are somethings YOU’VE taken for granted?