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10 Ways to Start Off 2014

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2013 is over, and 2014 is here! How will you start the new year? Here are 10 ways that you can!

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10 Ways to Start Off 2014

  1. 10 ways to start off 2014
  2. new years eve is the #1 most popular day leaving many with a...
  3. ve r hango
  4. 18 million gallons of alcohol will be consumed causing some to end up...
  5. ea d d
  6. from drunk driving and alcohol poisoning. the lucky ones end up in...
  7. il a j
  8. with thousands of other drunk drivers and belligerent people.
  9. for those suffering from depression, may commit...
  10. suicide
  11. on the bright side, most of us will just...
  12. sleep
  13. because you stayed up all night. a few will make it to see the first...
  14. sun rise
  15. and possibly start to shed off some pounds with a little...
  16. exercise
  17. to lose all the weight you put on the past year because of your loving...
  18. family
  19. who fed you constantly for the holidays or the unlucky ones who have to...
  20. wor k
  21. because someone has to, and its not the boss because he is setting...
  22. s l go a
  23. how you will start IS YOUR CHOICE!