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Deadly Viral Video Trends

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Viral video challenges are more popular than ever! What is a viral video challenge? They can be fun! They can be silly, but most challenges can be dangerous...

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Deadly Viral Video Trends

  1. dEadly viral videoviral videotrends
  2. viral video are more popularthan ever! challenges video viral popular
  3. viral video what is a challenge?
  4. here’s the definition: viral video challenge [vahy-ruhl vid-ee-oh chal-inj] A video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. noun Video creator completes a task, then challenges viewers to copy what they have done. Viewers participate by filming their attempt and posting online.
  5. they can be fun. whip nae nae
  6. how to do the whip and nae nae stand then crouch “whip” (punch) “nae nae” (wave and walk backwards)
  7. cdflip glasses they can be silly.
  8. how to do the cd glasses challenge wedge 2 cd’s onto glasses tilt head back whip head forward step1 step2 step3
  9. they can be messy. makeup challenge
  10. how to do the make up challenge get makeup blindfold partner partner applies makeup to your face step1 step2 step3
  11. sometimes it’s to raise awareness for a cause. ice bucket challenge
  12. how to do the ice bucket challenge nominate friends to donate $ or splash themselves with ice water (like you) fill bucket with ice water pour bucket onto head step1 step2 step3
  13. find out more here 220million $ raised *also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The Ice bucket challenged helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for *amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research.
  14. most challenges are and fun harmlessharmless fun but…
  15. dangerous challenGes can bE
  16. cinnamon challenge
  17. how to do the cinnamon challenge get one spoonful of cinnamon insert entire contents in mouth swallow without coughing step1 step2 step3
  18. find out more here collapsed lungs. collapsed lungs. doctors warn, inhaling cinnamon can lead to
  19. gallon challenge
  20. how to do the gallon challenge get gallon of milk (8 pints) drink entire gallon within 1 hour try not to throw up step1 step3 step2
  21. challenge ghost pepper
  22. how to do the ghost pepper challenge step1 step2 One Ghost Pepper Peppers equals get ghost pepper try to eat without crying +100 Jalepeno
  23. challenge ductduct tapetape
  24. how to do the duct tape escape challenge step1 step2 step3 requires 2 people and duct tape person “A” duct tapes person “B” for 2 minutes Person “b” tries to escape in under 5 minutes [A] [B]
  25. find out more here vunfortunately, some challenges can cause damaGE rEaL
  26. worse! it gets worse! it gets
  27. stupidand some challenges are dangerous
  28. snortingsnorting condom
  29. how to do the condom snorting challenge take condom insert into nostril inhale condom through nose. pull out through mouth. step1 step2 step3
  30. sauce eyedrops hot
  31. pour hot sauce directly into eye let eyeball burn step1 step2 how to try hot sauce eyedrops
  32. liplipchallenge kyliekylie jenner jenner
  33. severe swelling bruised lips broken blood vessels cuts and abrasions the lip challenge can cause serious damage to your lips! warninGsliGhtly Graphic find out more here
  34. place on lips and suck how to do the kylie jenner lip challenge get shot glass step1 step2 step3 voila. plump sexy lips
  35. game knock game knock outout
  36. how to play the knock out “game” find innocent bystander film yourself punching bystander step1 step2 step3 run away. post video online
  37. v dangerousand Illegal. This “game” is incredibly dangerous Illegal.
  38. people limits know their should even though
  39. common sense unfortunately…. doesn’t always prevail.
  40. is one of the most for video challenges. popular platforms
  41. 1 billionmonthly visitors youtube stats of U.S. teens use youtube 81.9%
  42. viraltrends.trends. many viewers are young. that’s why it’s important to be aware of the latest
  43. viralfamous because sometimes the desire to be can cloud good judgement.
  44. challenges can be really fun! but before you try any…
  45. take a minuteto think…to think…
  46. before doing a viral challenge step1 stop
  47. before doing a viral challenge step1 step2 consider possible consequences stop
  48. before doing a viral challenge consider possible consequences All clear? oK. have fun! step1 step2 step3 stop
  49. challenge! we’re always up for aup for a challenge! we’re always Let us help your next presentation go viral!
  50. *Event is Today! 3.10.16 @ 3pm EST Click above or go to