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#THINGSICARRY by @jairuscopic

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Here are a few things we all used to carry! Yesterday's tools for success! @empoweredpres

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#THINGSICARRY by @jairuscopic

  1. THINGSoIused tCARRYYesterday’s tools for success #thingsicarry @empoweredpres
  2. 20s RADIO After the first US broadcast in Pittsburg, CA, 563 radio stations were made in the next two years!
  3. 20s TELEVISION The first televisions only broadcasted 30 lines. Now most televisions broadcasts 1080 lines in HD!
  4. 30s COMPUTER Some of the earlier computers weighed over 50 pounds; up to several thousands!
  5. 40s CAMERA The first Polaroid camera developed photos in 60seconds! A colored model was introduced in the 1960s.
  6. 40s BEEPER The first beeper was used in a New York Hospital. Ironically, they are still popular in hospitals today!
  7. 50s TAPE RECORDER The cost of the first video tape recorder was around $50,000! Today, you can buy one for under $20.
  8. 60s CALCULATOR The first all-electronic calculator was as large as a 90sdesktop! Calculators today can be as small as keychains.
  9. 70s VIDEO GAMES Pong was the first video game ever created! The inventor of it later went on to invent Atari.
  10. 70s WALKMANThe first Walkman was invented by a German engineer, but he was never credited until 30 years later!
  11. 70s CELL PHONE The first mobile phone sold for $4,000, weighed 2 lbs, and was nicknamed “the brick”!
  12. 80s CD-ROM Although still used today, many people believe CDs willbe obsolete in 5 years! Time to backup files in the cloud.
  13. A few of these still exist!To put things into perspective...
  14. today, this is all you need!
  15. WHAT DID YOU used toCARRY?