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Goal 1 Jefferson's Presidency

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Goal 1 Jefferson's Presidency

  1. 1. Jefferson’s Presidency 1801-1809
  2. 2. Election of 1800  Jefferson (D-R) vs. Adams (F)  Hamilton supported Jefferson because he promised not to fire all the Federalists nor dismantle financial system  Jefferson became President  What’s the big deal? Showed that power can be transferred from one political party to another peacefully
  3. 3. Revolution of 1800 Convention of 1800     Jefferson promised a less formal style of presidency Appeared to be a common man integrate Republican ideas into the Federalists programs US meets with France to end their alliance and settle hostilities that had started after the XYZ Affair
  4. 4. Jefferson in Office  While in office Jefferson reduced the size of the government by… – Paid debts  Cut – – gov’t spending No more whiskey excise tax Cut size of army and navy  Relied on militia  Not a smart move – – Kept Hamilton’s economic plan No more Alien and Sedition Acts  Pleased most Americans
  5. 5. THE SUPREME COURT _ Episode 1 Excerpt _ PBS.mp4 Midnight Judges  Appointments made by Adams on his last night in office before Jefferson came in…the intention was to make sure that Federalists ideals carried on  appointed Federalists who would clash with Jefferson’s Dem-Rep ideas
  6. 6. John Marshall (Federalist)  One of the “Midnight Judges” and the complete opposite of Jefferson  Four Principles: – – – – Federal supremacy: expanded the power of the federal government Judicial Review set up by the case of Marbury vs. Madison so that the Supreme Court can rule laws unconstitutional Loose interpretation Limit power of states
  7. 7. Westward Expansion  Strongest government = people owning land  Idea led Jefferson to support expansion so America could have more farm land  Contradicts his strict interpretation…Constitution says nothing about buying land
  8. 8. Louisiana Purchase.mp4 The Louisiana Purchase, 1803  Napoleon Bonaparte of France offered to sell all of the Louisiana Territory including New Orleans…something Jefferson can’t turn down – –  gained control of the Mississippi River to Rocky Mtns. –  America paid 15 million doubles America’s size Send Lewis and Clark to explore and learn more about region Significance: Contradicts his strict interpretation… Constitution says nothing about buying land and intensifies the debate over expansion of slavery
  9. 9. International Tensions  Britain puts an embargo up against French  We “reexport” French goods and make it appear to be American goods – – Helped French economy Made America a competitor of Britain Napoleon Bonaparte
  10. 10. Impressment legalized form of kidnapping that forced sailors into British navy… major cause of War of 1812  Jefferson had cut size of navy so US can’t do anything about it 
  11. 11. Embargo Act of 1807  stopped “Death by the Terrapin, or the Embargo” all trade with Europe  Hurt American economy more than it hurt Britain  Jefferson repealed act before he left office