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Ava and sara logan walrus power point


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Ava and sara logan walrus power point

  1. 1. Intro •Today we are going to learn about the beautiful walrus. •We will learn their adaptions, environment, and nutritional relationships.
  2. 2. Adaptations • Webbed feet for swimming •Tongue for sucking clams •Tusk to defend •Blubber to survive cold
  3. 3. Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships•Eats algae, krill, small and big fish •Predators are polar bear, killer whale, and humans
  4. 4. Environment •Lives in North Atlantic, North Pacific, Antartica, and Siberia •Endangered cause of Globe Warning • People keeping an eye on them
  5. 5. Fun Facts •Baby weighs more than a 10 year old kid •450 whiskers •250,000 left in the world •Mating season December-March •Latin name is Odobenus Rosmarus
  6. 6. Thanks For Watching