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Ice Cream project presentation

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Ice Cream project presentation

  1. 1. Launching Ice Cream Parlors in Lahore
  2. 2.  BACKGROUND One of the strongest trends today is Pakistan’s desire for comfort. Whether its manifesting in the boom in home redecorating or the growing interest in home cooking, its clear consumers are looking for things that feel safe, familiar, and happy. Ice cream fits nicely with this desire for comfort. "Everybody loves ice cream," points out by a local, publisher of The National Survey, a retail ice cream trade publication. "People have good memories related to it, like walking to the local store as a kid on a hot summer day to get ice cream."
  3. 3.  OBJECTIVES The overall objectives of this project are to provide quality ice cream and an excellent seating space to our customers. Our objectives include the capturing of largest market share of the ice cream market in Lahore through customer loyalty.
  4. 4.  Deliverables Market Survey Administration Human Resource Management Supply chain Management Marketing Campaign Production
  5. 5.  BenefitsFood industry has special Tax RebateThis is the 12 months running businessRaw material is easily available through out the country and through out the yearAfter capturing the market, the rate of return can be increasedThis business has greater rate of return as compared with the other business.
  6. 6.  RESOURCE SKILLS REQUIRED Marketing Personnel Production Personnel Sales and Services Personnel HR people Finance Department
  7. 7.  Chamman Ice Cream Punjab Ice Cream Butt sweats Nirala Sweats Gourmet Other open ice cream shops
  8. 8.  No seating space for the customers No specialization in the Particular ice cream field They are not targeting the youth Less number of Branches Poor packing Very poor customer services No home delivery facilities Poor locations No family and children entertainment things Unhygienic ice cream
  9. 9.  Vanilla All Nut Flavours Chocolate All Fruit flavours Neapolitan Cookies and bakery Chocolate Chip Candy Flavours Mint chocolate chip Coffee Extreme flavours
  10. 10.  Muslim Town, Ferozpur Road Main Boulevard Gulbarg Moon Market Allama Iqbal Town Mall Road near Food Street Anarkali
  11. 11.  Poor understanding of market dynamics Customer behaviours to buy foreign goods. Inadequate infrastructure. Shrinking market because of foreign competitors. Future trends of the Market and customers Financial and political health of the country
  12. 12.  Cost of organization Control composition and Distribution Hygiene and labeling requirements Amended govern health and the production of milk and cheese Dairy Products (Hygiene) Awareness among the people High initial capital requirements
  13. 13.  Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority Act The Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 Pakistan Hotels and Restaurant Act, 1976 Specifications of Ministry of Food Attestation from the Bauru of Food and Nutrition Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan The Cantonment Pure Food Act, 1966
  14. 14.  Building Renovation Rs. 6,000,000 Building Rent Rs. 4,800,000 Furniture and Fixture Rs. 6,500,000 Freezing equipments Rs. 4,000,000 Air Conditions Rs. 5,000,000 Salaries Rs. 6,720,000 Machinery Rs. 8,000,000 Catering Rs. 0500,000 *Electricity Charges Rs. 1,440,000 *Water Bills Rs. 0100,000 *Gas Consumption Rs. 0200,000 *Telephone bills Rs. 0240,000 Advertising Expenses Rs. 1,000,000 Building Supplies Rs. 0500,000   Total Fixed cost during first year = Rs. 50,000,000 Working Capital for First Year = Rs. 15,000,000 Total Capital required for 1 st year = Rs 60,000,000
  15. 15.  Rent Expenses Rs. 400,000 Salaries Rs. 560,000 Electricity Charges Rs. 120,000 Water Bills Rs. 08,333 Gas Consumption Rs. 16,667 Telephone bills Rs. 20,000 Supplies Rs. 41,667 Advertising Rs. 83,333 Running Finance Rs. 1,250,000   Total Per month Expenses Rs. 2,500,000
  16. 16.  Initial Investment Rs. 60 Million Debt/Equity Ratio 2:3 Expected Pay Back Period is 5 years Return on Investment =25% Return on Equity =30% Working capital Requirements =Rs. 15 Million Expected Growth Rate = 9-10% p.a.