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Phillips SWOT Analysis

This presentation was created as an assignment for class. The presentation is an integrated marketing plan for Phillips & Co.

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Phillips SWOT Analysis

  1. 1. Koninklijke Phillips
  2. 2. Company Overview
  3. 3. Philips & Co. • Founded 1891 • First mass-producer of light bulbs
  4. 4. Situation Analysis
  5. 5. Strengths •Market leadership and brand equity afford the company increased negotiating power. •Commitment to research and development allows the company to be highly competitive and penetrate new markets. •By aligning operational costs to current markets, the company was able to increase productivity by 20%. Threats •Strong competition from brands like GE, Sony and Panasonic. •Counterfeit electronics take revenue away form the company while negatively impacting coprorate image. •Environmental and State regulations such as WEE and RoHS increase operating costs. S Weaknesses •Lawsuits against consumer electronics division tarnish overall brand image. •Legal struggles cost the company money and reduce profitability. W Opportunities •Robust growth through acquisitions such as the Siesta Group in Vienna, Luceplan in Italy and NCW Holdings, a leading global designer of LED lights. •Demand for green lighting is increasing. In 2010, green lighting represented 38% of Phillips’ shares. •Penetration of emerging middle class markets in India and China. O Koninklijke Philips SWOT ANALYSIS T
  7. 7. Strengths •Adaptability •Research & development Weaknesses •Law Suits INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT
  9. 9. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Opportunities •Acquisitions •Green Lighting Threats • Strong competitors • Counterfeit goods • Strict Environmental Laws
  10. 10. Strategic Analysis Recommended Actions
  11. 11. Recommended Actions • Diversification strategy • More funding- consumer electronics R&D • Social media campaign- repair image • Reduce prices in consumer lighting • Reduce cost of collection and disposal