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Final startup grind

  1. Startups – How to Build Out Your Early Team Lessons from Both Sides of the Table Mark Suster Startup Grind, February 2013 @msuster
  2.  Ex software developer (‘91)  BuildOnline (’99)  Koral / Both Sides Of The Table (’05)  VC at GRP Partners (‘07)
  3. When You First Start “Co Founders”
  4. My Priorities When Funding Early-Stage Product Market Team
  5. Why is the Team So Important? Departures Departures Staff Staff FF En undin En undin r vvrr i i oo gg nm meer toom n nmeen nt t Cusstctioon Cu a cti Reea R Shit happens. Shit happens. Great teams Great teams handle handle adversity better adversity better AA M bblil M ii onn Disasters Disasters tiitio oo tiy nn ty ti ee too PR eet titi t PR pp zeze m oom CC
  6. The Co-founder Mantra is a Sacred Cow in Silicon Valley – I Believe It’s Overplayed
  7. The Reality is That Over Time Many Founders Fight
  8. Huge Premium for Taking First Leap. Can Hire Cofounders with Large Equity & Keep Creative Control
  9. But I Know You’re Going to All Want Co-Founders So Just Make Sure You Understand Prenuptials
  10. And Be Careful About Having Too Many Co-Founders: It’s the Largest Dilution You’ll Ever Face
  11. I Think VCs Care More About Not Having a Single- Point-of-Failure than Exact Cofounder Founding Situation or Economics
  12. Seed to A “Building the Early Team”
  13. Configuration of My Ideal Founding Team: CEO Plus 4-5 Engineers  Financially numerate CEO CEO  Product management  Ability to lead / hire CTO // CTO Senior Senior Architect Architect eng eng eng eng eng eng
  14. Pet Peeves for Me  Don’t outsource your tech development  Don’t have a consulting firm build your core product  Don’t have tons of business people before you have product completed  Don’t overplay your advisory board. (I just care about your investors & management)
  15. Don’t Hire People All Like Yourself. Diversity in Startup Teams Matters
  16. Product Management: One of Most Underrated but Important Skills in a Startup design // design PM PM customer customer eng eng  Solve functional problems  Capture requirements  Architecture  Test value / determine whether customer will pay  Performance  Competitor reviews  Which tech stack to use?  Prioritizing roadmap  Usability / process flows
  17. Many Investors Will Tell You to Bring on Experienced Team Early. Don’t.
  18. Hire People Who Punch Above Their Weight Class aptitude/
  19. Your First Sales Reps Should Be Evangelical & Consultative (versus relationship managers) Not Not
  20. Engineering needs three distinct management skills: people, process, & technology leadership
  21. Many Startups Have Too Many C’s. They Are Usually a Fudge For Co-Founders to Feel Good About 1 Founder Becoming CEO
  22. Functional Responsibilities Help Better Divide Work & Make People Accountable. CEO CEO VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP Engineering Engineering Product Product Sales Sales Marketing Marketing Finance Finance Biz Dev Biz Dev I am reluctant to see “president” or “COO”
  23. A to B Round (when you’re ready to scale)
  24. Most Founders Get Bogged Down in Minutiae. You Can Get Huge Benefit from an Office Manager who Doubles as an Admin
  25. Hire a VP of Finance – Look for Somebody Who Can Help with Ops, Legal, HR, Office Space, etc
  26. Board Construction  Limit number of VCs on the board  Be very careful about board observers. They are the equivalent of board members.  Limit management officially on the board – makes changes over time too difficult.  You can assign your founder seats to startup ceos if you’re worried about control (you control seat)  Strong industry independents on board – but make them write small checks to be committed.
  27. </Good Luck> Mark Suster Startup Grind , February 2013 @msuster ;