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Sales management

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Dabur Pakistan Sales Management

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Sales management

  1. 1. ace presentations
  2. 2. MKT-403: SALES MANAGEMENT Taha Altaf 20141-17081 Bushra Nayyar 20141-17126 Mufassir Khan 20141-16984 Nimra Azeem 20141-17974 Muhammad Hussain 20141-17712
  3. 3. Dabur Asian Consumer Care
  4. 4. Dabur Amla
  5. 5. Dabur Vatika Shampoo
  6. 6. Dabur Hajmola
  7. 7. Product Line
  8. 8. Introduction Industry Overview Asian Consumer Care Overview Segment and Grading like students VISION “Being dedicated to the health and well-being of every household.”
  9. 9. Dabur Pak Pvt Ltd Asian Consumer Care
  10. 10. Geographic Orientation
  11. 11. Karachi Hierarchy Regional Sales Manager Area Sales Manager (2) Area Sales Executive(6) MERCHANDISER(5) DISTRIBUTOR (NPD) (head of Sales) RSM ASM (3) ADO (8) ORDER BOOKER (35) DELIVERY MEN (18)
  12. 12. 7 Step Sales Process “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” 4*20 Rule Store Check and Merchandisi ng Review of Objectives Presentation and Close Records and Reports Post Analysis
  13. 13. Sales Channels Regional Sales Manager Retail Wholesales Key Accounts Sub- Distributor
  14. 14. Sales Forecasting and Estimation Rolling Sales Forecast Monthly Quarterly Annually • Market Share • Shelf Share • Top Down • Bottom Up
  15. 15. Product Availability Sales Strategies  Push Strategy  Pull Strategy  DABUR’s VIEW ABOUT “SALES LOST IS LOST FOREVER” Sales are never lost, they are returned. The reasons of sales return are as follows:  Damage  Nearness of expiry date  Recent Example: Chyawanprash:
  16. 16. Sales Team Motivation Motivation Intrinsic Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Rewards Bonuses Appreciation Recognition
  17. 17. Sales Team Compensation SALARY PACKAGES FIXED SALARY VARIABLE SALARY • Attendance • KPIs (7 key performance indicators), the major ones being: • 0Monthly Targets (comprises 50% of the variable component) • Range of SKUs • Number of delivery • Customer productivity • Call productivity (call frequency) • Value per bill
  18. 18. Sales Team Recruitment Lateral Hiring Traits: Ethics Winning attitude Empathy Self Esteem Persistent Extraordinary Personality
  19. 19. Training and Development  Existing sales personnel are responsible for training  . According to the Company, classroom training has its advantages, but it is on-the-field training which contributes greater value.  The NSM was of the opinion that training led to creating a better and more holistic understanding of the entire sales process. This in turn, enables the sales people to better impart their learning and experience to newly hired sales personnel. Lastly, it instills a sense of working collectively towards shared goals, which is to effectively contribute to overall organizational growth.  Recent Refresher Course:  Merchandiser Training PLANOGRAM Planogramming is a skill which is used in merchandising and retail space planning. It explains that how and where specific retail products should be placed on retail shelves or displays in order to increase customer purchases.
  20. 20. Human Resource and Sales Integration  The HR department helps the sales department in number of ways. Sales People have on field jobs so they need different things from time to time which include:  Cell phones, Visiting cards  Timely Availability of Cars  HR department told us usually hiring is based on referrals. Whenever sales department requires new people they usually hire who are refereed by sales team because of the built trust level.
  21. 21. Conclusion  Dabur is a Multi National FMCG, with huge sales but in Pakistan it is still introduction life cycle.  Currently, Dabur`s problem is the availability of their products throughout the small stores; this issue is being worked on. Dabur Pakistan has launched two famous products in the market, Dabur Amla and Dabur Hajmola from which the company expects a greater market share in the country.  They also plan on creating the need of Dabur Honey and red tooth paste plus other products in the market.  They need intense market and superior supply chain to compete with Unilever P&G and Engro foods too.
  22. 22. Recommendation  Increase different SKUs for products in small places  Separate marketing and sales for more focus  Increase the promotional activities in malls and social media campaigns  More advertising and bring in Pakistani Brand Ambassador like Mawra Hocane  Change the name of Chyawanprash product  Make the product packaging Pakistani friendly, Dabur Amla and Vatika Shampoos, and advertise by reinventing them.  Introduce more products like gels, sprays and conditioners