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Marriot international slides

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An In-depth Analysis on Marriot International pertaining to its quality management especially in Pakistan.

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Marriot international slides

  1. 1. Marriot International Presenter: Muhammad Saad Mazhar
  2. 2. Brief Introduction of Marriot International: • A leading lodging company • They remain grounded in a set of core value • Most powerful brand portfolio in the world • More than just a business model
  3. 3. Mission Statement “Create an attractive environment both for associates and guests, where employees would be motivated to do their best to provide maximal satisfaction of the visitors”
  4. 4. Vision Statement "To be the Number 1 hospitality company in the world."
  5. 5. Quality Statement: “We achieve our goal through a company culture of skill and competence within the framework of a Quality Management System that accords with the principles of ISO 9001.”
  6. 6. Methodology:
  7. 7. Our Primary Sources: 1. Face to face interview 2. Telephone interview 3. Computer assisting personal interviewing (CAPI) 4. Paper-pencil-Questionnaires
  8. 8. Our Secondary Sources: 1. Official Website of Marriot International. 2. Blogs 3. Published Articles 4. Wikipedia 5. Google 6. Various related Websites
  9. 9. TotalQualityManagementofMarriotHotels(by viewingitviaPrinciplesandPracticesofTQM) • A committed and involved Management • Unwavering Focus on the customer • Utilization of the entire work force • Continuous Improvement • Treating suppliers as partners. • Establish performance measures for the processes.
  10. 10. A Committed and Involved Management: • Every individual in Marriot international participates for the improvement of overall quality management • Direct Compensation to their employees
  11. 11. How MarriotInternationalbringsinbetter qualitythroughtheiremployees? • Usually rest on organization citizenship behavior • They hired seasoned and dedicated management to reinvent the system of security after Marriot Islamabad Bomb blasts. • Hiring competent staff • Retention of employees • Career Advancement
  12. 12. Unwavering Focus on the customer: • Take customers on board • They go the extra mile to show their customers that they are important. • Settle disputes in a timely manner. • Know their customers by name • Let their customers be able to tell them exactly what they think about Marriot Intl (Hate Marriot)
  13. 13. Utilization of the entire work force: • Utilized their entire work force to reinforce quality management of their services • Each employee role is to fortify Marriot, which give them job security.
  14. 14. Utilization of entire work force to drive quality: • Payroll and benefits • HR administration • Teams • MBWA • Theories of Motivation • Develop Interesting Work • Celebrate Success
  15. 15. Treating suppliers as partners • Vertical integration • Stability of their business processes.
  16. 16. Establish performance measures for the processes: Bellhop ServiceConcierge Desk
  17. 17. Tools and techniques in TQM:
  18. 18. Qualitymanagementstructureof Marriot International:
  19. 19. Policies of Marriot International: Health and Safety Policy Environmental Policy Quality Policy
  20. 20. Corporate objectives/Annual Plan • Improve customer’s safety and clinical effectiveness • Improve the customer’s experience with respect to lodging and hospitality • Deliver excellence in hospitality and lodging. • Ensure financial and environmental sustainability. • Deliver effective and efficient pathways of care. • Be the provider and employer of choice. • Create robust infrastructure for the future.
  22. 22. QualityImprovementProgram:
  23. 23. Whatarethepossibleobstaclesinimplementing totalQualityManagementinalarge organizationlike MarriotInternational? • 1. Competitive markets • 2. Bad attitudes/abdication of responsibility/management infallibility: • 3. Lack of leadership for quality • 4. Deficiency of cultural dynamism • 5. Inadequate resources for total quality management • 6. Lack of customer focus. • 7. Lack of effective measurement of quality improvement • 8. Poor Planning • 9. Lack of management commitment • 10. Resistance of the workforce
  24. 24. Roleplayedby seniormanagersin the context of MarriotInternational: • Disseminating the idea of total quality • Setting standards like zero failure • Monitoring quality performance (quality costs) • Introducing a quality system based on 'prevention' rather than detection • Introducing process control methods like Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  25. 25. Code of Ethics followed in MarriotIntl: • Principle I: Confidentiality • Principle II: Professional Conduct • Principle III: Quality of Service • Principle IV: Moral and Legal Standards
  26. 26. Outcome of Employee Training in Marriot Intl: • Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas • Control inventories of food • Recommend measures for improving work procedure • Perform personnel actions. • Analyze operational problems • Record production • Purchase or requisition supplies and equipment needed to ensure quality
  27. 27. Whatarethekeyelementsthatpromotethe worker’sinvolvementwithinMarriot International? • Power: • Information: • Knowledge and skills: • Rewards
  28. 28. Application of Juran Trilogy in Marriot International: • Quality Planning 1) They identify the needs of their customers 2) develop a product to respond to such needs 3) to develop the processes. • Quality Control 1) measuring their actual performance • Quality Improvement: identify the improvement projects to establish the project teams with a project owner.
  29. 29. SupplierSelectionCriteria Defined by a “cross-functional” team of representatives from different sectors. • Previous experience and past performance • Relative level of sophistication of their quality system • Ability to meet current and potential capacity • Total cost assessment.
  30. 30. MethodsusedMarriotIntl.fordetermininghow wellapotentialsupplierfitsthe criteria: • Obtaining a Dun & Bradstreet or other publicly available financial report. • Visits to the supplier by management • Discussions with other customers served by the supplier. • Evaluation (SUCH AS prototyping, lab tests, OR validation testing) of samples obtained from the supplier of Marriot International.
  31. 31. Some other Performance indicators: Occupancy: RevPAR
  32. 32. Cont’d Revenue EBITDAR and EBITDAR Margin
  33. 33. Conclusion and our Group’s Suggestions: • Focus on the customer rather than focusing to raise profits. • They have to be very much thoughtful towards their suppliers. • Continuous improvement should have to be acquired • Performance measures ought to be reflective. • Formulate proactive strategies for the utilization of entire workforce from top to bottom. • They should recognize their employees • Juran trilogy, SPC, Benchmarking etc should be used to drive out quality. • Make up their quality statements