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Ancillary analysis

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Ancillary analysis

  1. 1. Ancillary Analysis Posters
  2. 2. Poster 1 Slogan Main Character Title (Masthead) Use of props Release date and other info
  3. 3. Poster 1 Here we have a poster for the movie ‘Planet Terror’. In the poster they use the space well, leaving lots around the character to connote that she is independent and alone. The image that they use if of a female that is key in the casting. Putting her by herself makes her seem isolate and alone. They also darken out her face, showing the audience that she is obviously mysterious an has a dark nature, giving off the vibe that she is the antagonist. The props and costume that they also use is important. The use of the gun for a leg shows us that the weapon is part of her, making her seem dominant and aggressive. The costume that the character is also important, as she has very little on and is very revelling, telling us that the target audience is primarily men as they are trying to use sexualisation to entice the viewer to watch. The text used is also a major part in how the poster stands out. The caption ‘Fully loaded’ tells the audience that it is to do with guns, and that it will be action packed throughout. The way that the Masthead is also set at a backwards angle and that the colour is a red on black, makes it stand out off the page and seems like it is coming towards you. This is effective in attracting the attention of the passer-by to gain recognition for the movie. This poster is conventional as it follow the route of the eye, making it easier and more pleasant for the eye to take in the information. It also has a main picture of one of the key characters, showing you what the main character looks like. It also has the date at the bottom of the poster, allowing you to know when it is coming out so you can go watch it in the cinema.
  4. 4. Poster 2 Main Character (Protagonist) Title (Masthead) Slogan Background Main Character (Antagonist) Billing Block
  5. 5. Poster 2 Here we have the poster for ‘Unborn’. This is a good example of a conventional poster. The image they use if of both the protagonist and the antagonist, setting the scene and showing you who to look out for instantly. They also try and pull the men in who is primarily a horror movies target audience by having her in her underwear, making it sexual and appeal to the male nature. The colours they use are blue and dark, showing you that it is depressing and scary, trying to make you see immediately just by noticing the shading and the colouration that the movie is a horror from the start. The text used for the poster is also very conventional. The slogan used is ‘Evil will do anything to live’ which automatically tells the audience that this movie is a horror, and give a vague idea of what the movie storyline is about. The props in this image is pretty much just a mirror, but this is to connote that the antagonist is always following the protagonist or that they exist in another dimension that we can not see. This is to strike fear into the audience by making them think that the antagonist is always behind them. This poster is conventional in the way that it follows the route of the eye, contains a slogan, has a Billing Block and the image sticks to conventions. This is a good example of what I should do for my poster when creating one for my own media production.
  6. 6. Poster 3 Main Character (Antagonist) Release Date
  7. 7. Poster 3 Here we have the poster for ‘Friday 13th’, this is a bad example for a poster to advertise a movie. The reason that the directors and producers have made this as a poster is that the mask is seen to be well recognised throughout the movie world, making it okay for them to do so. The image for the poster is just of the antagonists mask. This helps tell the audience recognise the movie so takes away the use of text and also draws attention directly to the poster. The colours that are used is primarily black, this shows you that it is a dark and mysterious mood to the movie and that the actions of the character will be erratic and hard to follow,