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Positives and negatives of digital R&D

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Presentation given at UKMW12, the Museums Computer Group's Museums on the Web
'Strategically Digital' conference, Wellcome Collection, London, November 30, 2012

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Positives and negatives of digital R&D

  1. 1. Positives and Negatives of Digital R&D
  2. 2. R&D and the Holy Grail
  3. 3. Then
  4. 4. Reality
  5. 5. Too hard and too fast ?
  6. 6. Moderation
  7. 7. Co-production
  8. 8. Advocacy inside and out
  9. 9. Funding
  10. 10. Takeaways: Social Interpretation• Content, Content, Content• Post moderation works• Deeper engagements happen online• QR Codes ain’t all that
  11. 11. Takeaways: R&D• Communication and advocacy• Be prepared to compromise• Resourcing• Raising Awareness• Build in evaluation• Incremental institutional change, baby steps• It’s not about the technology it’s about the experience• Is R&D right for your museum? – robust, stakeholders
  12. 12. Jane Audas Claire @clairey_ross