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What I learnt from a photo a day

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A session I did on what can be drawn from the experience of using Flickr & Blipfoto for the photo a day project.

What I learnt from a photo a day

  1. What I learnt from a photo a day Martin Weller
  2. The rules• Take a photo every day for a year• Upload to flickr, or blip• You must take it• It must be taken on that date• You can upload at a later date
  3. I need structure
  4. Being forced to do something has benefits
  5. And negatives
  6. I didn’t learn much about photography
  7. I need to get out more
  8. It’s unpredictable
  9. I’m a coward
  10. The whole is important
  11. The best camera is the one you have on you
  12. The best camera is the one you take with you
  13. You see the world differently
  14. And look for stories
  15. Sometimes it’s about the photograph
  16. Sometimes it’s about the day
  17. Sometimes it’s about just doing it
  18. Different sites have different context
  19. Some fun related things • Dailyshoot • Flickr pecha kucha • Flickr 5 story • DS106
  20. Is there anything we can take from it? • It’s not in competition with formal ed • It can be complementary to it • Structure & informality gets you so far • The community, social aspect is a strong motivating factor
  21. What other activities might it apply to? • Literature, poetry • Films • Music • Flora and fauna • Learn a thing a day…
  22. 10 min Activity• Devise a photo assignment• AND/OR• Come up with a similar activity in a different domain
  23. To consider:• Can we take lessons in motivation?• Assessment isn’t necessary• Light social connections are effective