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Web2 for Biz 2011 (Day 1of2)

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This is part deux of the Web 2.0 for Business (In Malaysia?) presentation series, first released back in February 2008. This document is part of a 2-day workshop material as presented in Kuala Lumpur in July 2011. Some site snapshots are owned by site owners, as clearly shown at respective pages, or mentioned in Reference (final) page. Some original parts are by author (

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Web2 for Biz 2011 (Day 1of2)

  1. 1. – Day 1/2 For B izWeb 2.0 ysia?? - JUL ‘11 In Mala alaysi 1m nasir@
  2. 2. It’s Monday!
  3. 3. It’s here,everywhere…on Fireflyaircraftyesterday
  4. 4. +
  5. 5. Google Plus URL: Slogan Real-life sharing rethought for the web.   Commercial? Yes   Type of site Social network   Registration Public (Invite-Only, Closed Beta)   Available language(s) Over 40   Launched June 28, 2011; 20 days ago   Current status Online
  6. 6. Why? (Knowledge is power! Team…)1.  Know what of Web 2.0 & its tools2.  How to adopt3.  Learn from others4.  Making strategies5.  Mistakes to avoid6.  Getting handy…
  7. 7. Who ru?   Management professionals:- 1.  Business Strategies 2.  Corporate Communications 3.  Customer Relation (CR/S&S) 4.  Marketing & Branding 5.  R&D
  8. 8. Why (listen attentively to) you/me?   I’m an entrepreneur, 20+ years…   I’m an tech early adopter. I know the ‘net. Nearly 20 years now!   I’m social too and I’m educated – I have a billionaire schoolmate :D   We’re SIMILAR yet DIFFERENT  We SHARE knowledge & experience. (We create ideas & inspiration. We connect and succeed together.)   We’re BUSY! (We opted for a 2-day workshop instead of a full month of lectures and lab classes) :D
  9. 9. When (bubble) 2.0?
  10. 10. Whoami?  M. Nasir Sobri has been marketing online since he first gotten on the Internet in 1992 – first via email, bulletin board system (BBS), gopher and immediately on the Web in 1993 when the first commercial web browsers (NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator and MacWeb) were released. He setup his dotcom venture immediately after college graduation in Ann Arbor, Michigan specializing in CMS development & server maintenance.  After ‘dotcom crash’ in 2001, he returned to Malaysia and continued webhosting & e-marketing business while venturing into broadband services & computer hardware resellership/physical retail. Over the early return years to Malaysia, he participated in local business conferences and expos plus major global events hosted in Malaysia by ICANN, GKP, WITSA, O’ Reilly Media/CMP Media etc. He also traveled to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan to learn about business environments elsewhere. In 2007, Nasir moved off his offline retail business, and jumped back to Web (2.0) bandwagon serving as a Country Manager for global Pajamanation project and attempted university- entrepreneur collaboration at UUM Kedah & USM Pulau Pinang campuses.  Today, Nasir continues to run a web solutions business – consulting, development, hosting and marketing services under “1oasis” domain-brand (he priorly used “” domain starting 1998, but later sold the brand 10 years later). As a serial (social) entrepreneur, Nasir co-founded a local ICT entrepreneur’s association, a state-wide entrepreneur’s Co-operative (private limited) entity, a rural area social entrepreneurship club, and helped catalyzing Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) campaign in Penang. He is now Chairman of KUMUDA Bhd and Honorary Secretary of ICT Penang. He previously served as Vice Chairman for MNCC Penang Regional Centre (2009-2010).  Nasir also teaches at local colleges & rural internet centres (PID, MID etc.) and speaks at government/business seminars and tech meetups as well as moderating several online forums & media pages on Yahoogroups (formerly eGroups), Googlegroups, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook: “Balik Pulau” (2000+ fans), “Pulau Pinang” (1000+ members), “Melayu-Trade” (15,000+ members), Mom-Dad Online (MDOL), “BizPenang”, “BizMalaysia”, etc.
  11. 11. What NOW:-1.  What’s APP!2.  Why…. Where?3.  How to IMPACT?4.  Why you, why use, why NOW?
  12. 12. t’s A PP!1. Wha eb 2.0? y - JUL ‘11 W hat is W laysia.m a na sir@1m
  13. 13. Flashbacks (Nasir’s in2008…)1.  “Almost 80% of corporations believe Web 2.0 has the potential to increas revenues” – Economist Intelligence Unit (  “CEOs more enthusiastics about Web 2.0 than CFOs, middle managers” HOW ABOUT NOW?
  14. 14. Top sites for Malaysians 2008 - MY JUL 2011 - MY JUL 2011 (Global)1.  Yahoo! 1.  Facebook 1.  Google2.  Friendster# 2.  Google Malaysia* 2.  Facebook3. 3.  Google 3.  YouTube4.  YouTube 4. 4.  Yahoo!5.  Google 5.  YouTube 5.  Blogger.com6. 6.  Yahoo! 6.*7.  Myspace 7.  Wikipedia (yay!) 7.  Wikipedia8.  Blogger 8. 8.  Live.com9.  Facebook (Microsoft’s) 9.  Twitter - 25-44,10. Wikipedia 9.  Twitter – us, jp, in, college+, female eu, br, mx, ru without children, from#Purchased for $26.4M by 10.* work!Berjaya’s MOL on DEC 2009 10.*
  15. 15. Tell-tale among friends…   In JAN 2008, US-based Friendster has 85% users from four Southeast Asian countries with large number of english-speakers/readers: the Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore – compared to just 3.4% from the US. FOUR (4) million Malaysians had respective Friendster profile. Friendster was acquired by Malaysian company MOL Global on Dec 9, 2009.   MAY 2011: Friendster with 8.2-million registered usersand 1M monthly unique visitors repositioned into social gaming site, and discontinued user social network accounts”. It now has only 1.2M users and ranked top-above 1,000 globally. Friendster ranks 471 in INDIA (nearly 20% of its current audience – compared to just 4.3% from Malayia)   Facebook had under 100M users in JAN 2008, but as of JUL 2011 has over 750-million active users including over 10M in Malaysia (2 every 5 adults has a Facebook account – similar ration in the US). grew at over 100% in 2008, but only 2.5% in JULY 2011.
  16. 16. There’s still time… ;D
  17. 17. Top Made-in-Malaysia NEW / TRANSFORMED COMMERCE / MEDIA OTHER1. 1.  Maybank2u.com2. 2.  Lowyat.net3. 3. 4. 5.
  18. 18. Human aspect of 2.0
  19. 19. 2.0 = participatory apps(criteria):-1.  Info sharing2.  Interoperability3.  User-centred design4.  Collaboration
  20. 20. Examples Social networking sites: Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace etc. Blogs & microblogs: Blogspot, Twitter, Friendfeed etc. Wikis: Wikipedia etc. Video sharing: Youtube etc.   Hosted SaaS: Google Docs, Zoho etc.   Misc. web applications (EyeOS, YouOS etc.), mashups & folksonomies
  21. 21. Technologies (client-side)   Ajax & XML   Adobe Flash & Adobe Flex   Javascript frameworks – Yahoo! UI Library, Dojo Toolkit, MooTools, jQuery
  22. 22. Concept1.  RIA: Rich Internet application2.  SOA: Service-oriented architechture3.  Social Web
  23. 23. Usage: Interact, partipate!   Podcasting   Blogging   Tagging   RSS-ing   Social bookmarking   Social networking
  24. 24. (Interactive) MARKETING!1. Engage consumers:- 2. Support customers:-  Product development  Wiki for Q&A  Service enhancement  Mini community  Promotion3. Research/Monitor:- 4. Distribute:-  New issues  Breaking news  Press  Coupons
  25. 25. Web 3.0 ??   Semantic web – new knowledge!   Personalization   Hi-speed, hi-bandwidth   Seamless automation   Death of TV, newspapers and other traditional media
  26. 26. Current trend… (2010Horizon Report)1.  Home internet access about 50% US homes, similarly in Malaysia too. High-speed broadband surpassing 50-million in US residentials, over 5- million in Malaysia?2.  Internet has gone mobile: smartphones & netbooks3.  Mobile computing will be mainstream in 2011.
  27. 27. Future trend (2011+)1.  Microblogs to be mainstream – Southeast Asians are blogging less (no longer in top-10 audience of as of 2011), but moved to Facebook and, soon, Twitter etc.2.  From Edu/Org (1990-2000) to Net/Info: Social (multimedia/fun: 2001-2010) to Com/Biz/* (RM/$: 2011+): LinkedIn is here with over 100-million BIZ/PRO users (founded 2002, IPO on JAN 2011: LNKD is nearly US$10B worth, trading at $80-100!)3.  US/EU to CN/Asia: RenRen Inc is worth ~US$4B. Other China- centric giants include Baidu (~US$50B), Sohu, SINA, Qihoo, Youku, Shanda, GA, Dangdang.4.  Capitalism, Branding, Individualism, No categories, Worldwide empowerment: Any-Brand TLD approved by ICANN!
  28. 28. … Wh ere?2. Why /2 z – Day 1 L ‘11 0 for Bi - JU Web 2. alaysi 1m nasir@
  29. 29. 1.   AirAsia Berhad (est. 1993, MYX:5099) is Asia’s largest low-cost airline and soon to become world’s biggest airline. RM13.25 B in asset and RM3.95B annual revenue in 2010.   Winner of Skytrax World’s best low-cost airline award in 2009, 2010 & 2011. “It has the worlds lowest operating costs at $0.035/seat-kilometre in 2010.”   Traffic-ranked top #1,693 globally, #36 in Malaysia with over 3,300 in-links.   Demographics:   Mostly 25-44 (Gen X/Y: working youths) and 65+ (‘golden citizens’), Few young adults (18-24) or baby boomers (45-64).   Mostly are graduate schoolers!   More female, without children   From work!! (less from school)   Baby boomers choose instead ;D
  30. 30. Disecting AirAsia 2.0 (blog)   Since JUL 2008 (3 years now!)   PageRanked 5/10 by Google   Over 1,000 blog posts in SEVEN (7) categories. Averaging 1 blogpost/day, but reducing from 1-2/day in 2008 to 0.33/day in 2011.   FEATURES: Custom Header with Logo, keyword tags, User contribution, integrated login, RSS,2.0 sharing, open comments, multi editors, What’s New FAQ, ToU, Privacy Policy, Copyright   LINKS: Twitter (nearly 50K followers of the blog), Youtube (only 53 subscribers, last video two years ago!), Facebook (over 1M fans), Koolred Group (only 132 members),, AirAsia Jobs (nice!), Wikipedia (great!) Entertaining & informative, but lacks active engagement with audience!
  31. 31. AAximpacts
  32. 32. Going aTwitter….
  33. 33. It’s a vs.#6 in Malaysia,ahead of actress@LisaSurihani (#7:167,016 followers)and Prime Minister@NajibRazak (#8:163, 116)Other Notables:-@hotfm976 (#16)@tonyfernandes(#19)@staronline (#24)@anwaribrahim(#25)@MAS (#31)[15jul11]
  34. 34. 2. SecretRecipeSdn Bhd   Established in 1997. Over 100 cafes in n Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Pakistan as well.   Viral in 2009 with over 25,000 montly active users then, but no longer active as of 2011.   Apps can be annoying after a while.
  35. 35. Other case studies1.  WEBSITE: Foldees, Maybank2u, iProperty2.  BLOG: The Star Citizen Blog3.  Facebook FAN PAGE & GROUP: Action City, AirAsia, Balik Pulau, KUMUDA, Malaysia Airlines, The Edge Malaysia4.  Facebook APP5.  PODCASTS: BFM 89.9
  36. 36. IMPACT? How to3. z /2 – Day 1 L ‘11 0 for Bi - JU Web 2. alaysi 1m nasir@
  37. 37. Engage:1.  Start2.  Enrich3.  Connect/Collaborate4.  Memberize (turn into customers)
  38. 38. i. Activate!   Start an (active) blog – several entries each week!   Start a vlog (a continuing series of video uploads)   Experiment with new tools, at least one week each.
  39. 39. ii. Make it (media) RICH!   Pictures are worth a thousand words, each! Use Google Picasa, Yahoo Flickr, Facebook Photos etc.   Videos, aah! Youtube, Facebook, Blogger etc.   Syndicate audio/video content via podcast   Slideshow and embed: Ning, Facebook, Myspace
  40. 40. iii. Collaborate   Start a wiki   Start a Fan Page & Groups – moderate walls & people.   Syndicate via RSS   Build fans & garner followers, turn into active members.
  41. 41. iv. Memberize/Make Sales   Built complete site: Wordpress, Yola, 1oasis Sitebuilder   Add e-commerce elements   Use coupons/discounts   Offer prizes   Connect internally too! (CULTURE!!)
  42. 42. Social Media in Plain English
  43. 43. , why use…4. YUw hy N OW? /2 iz – Day 1 1 0 for B - JUL ‘1 Web 2. alaysi 1m nasir@
  44. 44. You!   Human factor for TRUST – most important requirement for business!   CARE for LOYALTY – Tune Group: AirAsia, Tune Money, Tune Hotels etc.   Easy, accurate, fast – direct from the top!
  45. 45. Why Web 2.0   Web 3.0 not here yet. Web 2.0 is still NEW in Malaysia, here to stay for 5-10 years the least.   Facebook is HUGE: 750-million people, including over 10-million potential customers in Malaysia: bigger than any state in Malaysia!   Twitter is growing fast, and quick (over 100- million in world’s largest ‘chatroom’ ever)
  46. 46. Why NOW: Facebook isstill going up....
  47. 47. POP-QUIZ1.  Which country has the largest interest in Facebook today?2.  Which country has the largest number of users on Facebook? Twitter? Friendster? Wikipedia?
  48. 48. Why NOW: Indonesia &Malaysia are in top-10 for FB
  49. 49. GoDaddy!   Founded in 1997 by (Dr) Bob Parson, an accountant & ex- serviceman who previously sold Parson Technology to Intuit for $64M in 1994 (after 10 years in the business).   Take advantage of both traditional media (TV and prints) and new media (web, podcasts etc.)   TODAY: More than 45 million domain names in management – LARGEST ICANN-accredited registrar, 4 times bigger than closest competitor. Remained PRIVATE for over 13 years.   JUL 1, 2011: Deals closed reportedly ~ $2.25 BILLION.   Bob blogs at and syndicates podcasts…
  50. 50. RECAP (Day 1 of 2)1.  What’s Web 2.0 – How as a business tool?2.  Look at others – Big vs. Micro3.  How to benefit / What to do NOW?4.  Why You and Why Now? Stay sane…
  51. 51. More:1.  Attend Web 2.0 niche workshops – facebook, twitter, wordpress, joomla etc.2.  Read books: ie. “Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Social Applications” by San Murugesan (Multimedia University, Malaysia & University of Western Sydney, Australia )3.  Read online:,, DocStoc, TechMeme, Chris Pirillo etc.4.  Watch online: HowStuffWork, CNET, Revision35.  Subscribe podcasts: iTunes, iTunes U, Miro, BFM etc.
  52. 52. References/Further Reads web-20-for-business-in-malaysia (2007) index.php/fm/issue/view/263/showToc (2008) pressrelease1.html (2009),,, Wikipedia, Wikiversity