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In life sometime you will fill to read
poems like that. Its part of life to feel that
Your sweet love and lingering kiss.
Because love can be so beautiful
But only when I'm with you
Kiss me like there's no to...
Just You
Author: Dean Adam © 2012
I just called to say I love you, it's your silly wonder boy
I just rang to say I need yo...
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Love poems
Love poems
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Love poems

  1. 1. In life sometime you will fill to read poems like that. Its part of life to feel that way..
  2. 2. Your sweet love and lingering kiss. Because love can be so beautiful But only when I'm with you Kiss me like there's no tomorrow Just in case tomorrow never comes. JUST LIKE BEFORE Author: Julie Rutter Everything was perfect nothing at all was wrong we matched every love song I loved the way you touched the feeling was such a rush I cant explain it I thought I would last a long bit then I became silent you broke it off from there we didnt talk everything was hushed left untouched it didnt matter anymore we were apart just like before the start JUST TO BE ME Author: The sun is setting on a lonely day The colours are splitting, the perfect way Your strolling home as you see this too And I watch from a window thinking of you From this day on, Ill look forever That magical sunset, our memories together To help me through when my life gets tough And when I feel that Ive had enough The sun you see, makes me think of you The miracle of it, the wonder too I see you both everyday as you know To stop seeing either, Id have to say, no The bright colours shine from within my heart The colours of a sunset, a special part Of a day in my life I wish you could see Just whats its like, just to be me.
  3. 3. Just You Author: Dean Adam © 2012 I just called to say I love you, it's your silly wonder boy I just rang to say I need you, I love being your favourite toy. I just shout to say I want you, I will do it all day long I just whisper that I miss you, and sometimes do it with a song. I just want to kiss and caress you, and ease away your pain I just need to be close to you, it drives me so insane. I just have to make love to you, whenever I see your face I just need to feel each bit of you, when you're at my place. I just ache to have a part of you, with you I'm so obsessed I just have to give my life to you, as you're the very best. I just dream of having all of you, it's a selfish silly thing I just hope it is the same for you, more than a passing fling. I just smile when I think of you, and sometimes shed a tear I just have to consume all of you, my true love is so sincere. I just seem to want my life with you, every single day I just can't wait to be with you, that will never go away. I just wrote this poem to you, It's your total love I seek I just have to cheer each part of you, as you are truly unique. Love you forever. LAST KISS Author: Amy M. Kurtz As I looked into your eyes I knew something was wrong And then you said goodbye We had been together too long You said you didn't feel for me The same way I did for you
  4. 4. And after years of our love We were actually through I said you won't go You said you can't stay But how was I supposed to know It would all end that day I told you how much I would miss Each and every day And that was when we kissed And you turned and walked away. Let Me Be The One Author: Joyce Hemsley Let me be your sun I will shine when day is done Let me be the one. Love for you I cannot hide And a lake of tears I've cried. Was love but a dream With a passion so extreme? Fairytales are dreams! I need you here, you need me This is our reality. Rapture fills the air When I see you standing there Smiling ~ debonair. Come home to me, always stay Music sweet will charm each day. Pain will float away And we'll dance to love's refrain Danube Waltz again. Red parasol will unfold Two "gentle doves" to behold. ... So ... Let me be your sun I will shine when day is done Let me be the one. Love for you I cannot hide And a lake of tears I've cried. Let Me Love You Author: Freeman
  5. 5. Oh, what can I do to let you know my heart is for real, Sitting at the beach only the stars could tell you, Let me love you for no reason, for no return, Swinging with the waves of ocean, who am I speaking to; Oh, what can I do to let you know how much I feel for you, Wishing to the clouds let me see the moon, Let me love you for no reason, for no return, Shivering in the wind, oh, where are you; Let me love you, oh, let me love you, Not for my loneliness but for you, Let me love you, oh, let me love you, I whispering in my heart, oh god, let me love you... LIE STILL MY LOVE Author: Michelle Marie Brazier-Huelsman Lie still my love, sleep on til the morn, As I lie here, let me watch you sleeping, So quiet and so warm, I cradle you in my loving arms, just like an innocent child, A handsome man, so nice, so kind and with a manner so mild, Beside me you lie as you dream, Your loving heart beating slowly, I whisper to you softly those three most precious words "I LOVE YOU", Your endless dreams are yours to hold, In the shadows of sleep, they continue to unfold, But dream on my darling, until the morn, As I lie beside you so quiet and so warm. Light And Love Poem Author: Charles Winfield Stewart The Love that exists deep in my heart certainly does not want to stay It wishes to fly free and escape my Soul each and every day Through the bounds of my body straight from my Heart This Love is the purest Light
  6. 6. Not a star in the sky Or other lit heart Can compare to this brightest bright It bleeds from my essence A thousand life's worth To seek a matching Heart One with a Soul -equally pure and whole to vanquish the lonely Dark Two lights combine as two lives intertwine Two hearts that merged to one Forever I'll Live In the Light of your Love My Soul set free Like A Rose Author: Sam Fedarb My love for you is like a red, red rose, It started as a seed but it’s grown and grown. Its roots reach deep down inside of my chest, And it grows even more with each passing breath. The delicate petals lay beautiful and pure, All the doubts that I’ve had you have since cured. For all the thorns that this proud rose bears, They are all softened by the thought of your care. Soon the rose grows old and withers and dies, But the love that helped grow it will last for all time. Listen To Me Baby Author: Joyce Hemsley Please listen to me baby, You are my own sweet lady, With you I'm meant to be And tomorrow we will see Blue skies everywhere. A hotel stands in waiting Rose gardens near the sea Two hearts anticipating A romance of ecstasy. So hush your painful crying,
  7. 7. Very soon we will be flying Once again I'll hear you sing On a holiday in spring No sadness anywhere. A hotel stands in waiting Rose gardens near the sea Two hearts anticipating A romance of ecstasy. LONELY HEART Author: Lady Of Knight If I had a heart I'm sure it would say How lonely its been since you went away, With no one to snuggle and no one to hold. I guess I'll adjust, or so I've been told. It's hard to sit back as the line seems to grow And watch all the flirting, when deep down I know There's nobody there who can know your heart Or feel your thoughts even though apart. To know your thoughts with just one word Without the others being heard. To feel your heart and share what you love Like some magic secret from up above. The music flows and so do the smiles From you to them across the miles. Even our songs that were special there Are followed by smiles for all to share. I guess it's me... I just don't understand You told me you loved me and held my hand. How can I trust anything you say, When I'm yesterdays news the very next day. If I had a heart it would beat in place Instead of having this empty space. And yours would beat along with mine, And I'd be yours til the end of time. Longing Author: Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again. For then the night will more than pay
  8. 8. The hopeless longing of the day. Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times, A messenger from radiant climes, And smile on thy new world, and be As kind to others as to me. Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth, Come now, and let me dream it truth. And part my hair, and kiss my brow, And say My love! why sufferest thou? Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again. For then the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day. Longing For The One You Love Author: Shirlotta Tidwell For the longest time Have I longed to touch thy face To kiss thy beautiful lips And feel the warmth of thine embrace. For the longest time Have I longed to hold thee near And whisper sweet caresses From my mouth into your ears. For the longest time Have I longed to sing out loud Of the passion that I'll feel When we dance beneath the clouds. For the longest time Have I longed to be with thee To join my heart with your soul Until you're the greatest part of me. For the longest time Will you and I be together Until our fantasies have become realities And our spirits have become one forever. LOOKING THROUGH MY EYES Author: Robert Kyle Newton
  9. 9. Like the nights before today, The memories of you and me haunts me again like yesterday, Tomorrow will bring more sorrow, Of the love that I see no more, The morning sun that rises brings no longer the ray of light, Hiding itself behind the clouds, The nights that felt so warm before, Now cold and harsh, I searched my soul to find myself, And the journey never seemed to end, For I lost it not in me, But I lost it in you, The mornings will never be the same, The evenings only brings me more pain, Only when I close my eyes, Can the storms calm itself, For it is when you are in my arms, Where you whispers those words of love I long to hear, Where you heal me with your touch, Where my dreams are reality. LOST LOVE Author: Anonymous My love for you is so passionate and true I wish I could prove this to you I will climb the highest mountain to touch the sky And bring down that rainbow so high in the sky. Oh if I could prove to you that my love is real I'd swim that river oh so wide to prove That you are my joy and pride And my love is so real. But all these things are so impossible for me To do I can't climb a mountain oh so high and Bring down that rainbow from the sky, and no I Can't swim that river that is oh so wide. But to Prove my love is true and I really want to be with you is say I love you and mean it with all my heart!
  10. 10. Love Author: Ash Bradley Sometimes hidden, other times known. Often true, perhaps not. Sometimes feels like fire, other times not felt at all. Can be cold as cyan sadness, or hot as crimson passion. Perhaps today, possibly never. Love. Can be love at first sight, or built over time. Can be revealed, or kept secret. May be returned, or turned down. Love. Cannot be exclaimed by keeping to thyself, Cannot be expressed by saying simple words of the mind, The only way is by saying words from the heart. Love. Felt by the heart, not by the mind. Cannot be explained or defined. How can it be professed? The answer lies in thy own heart. The only way to find it Is by looking for it thyself. Love Poem Author: Amanda Norton Love is something that is not easily explained No one word can express it And no one person feels the same about it It’s waking up in the morning wanting to be with that one person And going to bed feeling the same way It’s knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with him And it's a feeling so great that no matter what anyone says will never be taken away It’s crying every night when the one you love doesn’t love you back It’s feeling that pain in your heart when you lose that one person. But to just hear those three little words come from his mouth And actually know he means it That’s the best feeling in the world To know that someone loves you for you
  11. 11. And wants to be with you forever Love is hard to find, and even harder to keep It takes time and effort to keep it going But you don’t mind because you would do anything in the world to keep it It’s knowing that when you come home you’ll have someone to share your day with It’s that last conversation of the night before you fall asleep He’s the first one you want when you wake up The only thing that’s on your mind all day, every day It's knowing that someone’s always there for you to cry on Someone’s always there for you to talk to about anything And won’t judge you for that It’s the person you feel the most comfortable with in the world And to know that you have that That you share that special bond with one other person That’s the best feeling in the world. But when you lose that feeling When you lose the only thing that ever mattered to you It seems like life has no purpose, no point at all You feel like you could just curl up and die That nothing or no one else matters to you And the only thing that you’ve ever wanted is now gone And you will do anything to get him back, Because he’s worth it You’ll try and try until one day you realize That things will never be the same again. Your love is still there, deep inside of you So you try your best to just be friends, And it works for a while But the feelings are still there And no matter how hard you try friend will never be good enough So you want to forget about him, but that’s even harder There’s too many memories, to many good times to just forget And no matter what you do, he’s always there Everywhere you look, everything you do, every place you go, Every song you hear, every guy you see Reminds you of him And you hope some day you’ll be back together But until then there’s nothing you can do But sit and cry, to go through that pain when he talks about Another girl he likes, or how good his life is going And that pain breaks your heart day after day
  12. 12. Tear after tear, until you have no mores tears to cry Until you just get used to that hole in your heart that won’t go away, That pain that never leaves you That lonely feeling that stays with you forever And you may have other guys, but nothing or no one could ever compare, and you know that. LOVE Author: Kayla Hinke The love of my life is Someone special, it's true He's someone I want to be with always My special someone is you. Will you be mine forever Is what I want to know Every time we're together My love continues to grow. The love I feel for you Is one I've never knew Everything you do for me Tells me you love me too. I love the gifts you give me They show me that you care Each one also gives a promise A promise you'll be there. I'll love you forever Until the day I die I'll be forever by you Trust me - I wouldn't lie. Love Abides Author: Michelle Misty Hamlin You picked me up and wrapped me in a warm blanket of love. You swept me up and dusted off
  13. 13. webs of hurts inside. You gave me warmth you sheltered me from life's stormy skies. Now I live in a home where love abides. You held me tight. Where there was darkness, you gave me light. Now the world seems real bright. In the place where love abides, you showered me with kisses, saw through my heart to love, chased away the darkness with unconditional love. Together we dwell forever in the place where love abides. Love Dance Author: Unknown, sent in by Rafaela T. It began with a touch, a smile, a moment shared Untamed emotions for which we were unprepared. You lead with your hand in the small of my back Lost, looking into eyes of ivory black. Aesthetically, you command style, I become the muse of the dance for a while. Rhythmically we step, movements pulsating The warmth of your hand I am embracing. Fingers entwined, bodies moving in time Hearts pounding to their internal rhyme. In every breath, every step, every beat, With each twist and turn we feel complete, We succumb to the hypnotic trance Lovers gone astray in life's love dance. My Love Destiny Author: Gabor Timis When troubles bring clouds to your day And you don't know how to chase them away, Just remember to look inside your heart And you'll know that I love you, sweetheart.
  14. 14. You have set me free And have opened my eyes to see A life I never knew that could be Full of love and happiness with thee. Every one has a destiny to heed, Looking in your eyes I have found mine. You're all I ever wanted, a love divine, You're all I'll ever need. Our love, our destiny ... Love Forever Author: Joyce Hemsley We are on a similar wavelength In all that we do and say! He agrees with me, and tells me To go ahead in the same old way. I nod to him in confirmation With energy and determination. Two of a feather, God brought us together And each day is the first day of May The feeling of love will not sever He and I will be loyal forever Because we are on the same wavelength In all that we do and say. Love Is ... Author: Incubus It's having someone to be with Someone you can't be without It's wanting to hold them every second That's what its all about. It's the happiness you feel When everythings gone wrong It's the way you sit there And think of crazy love songs. It's the sadness in your heart When you know their not there It's the safeness you have When you are feeling scared.
  15. 15. It's the hope you have When everythings gone It's the dreams you hold When your alone. It's having someone to talk to When noone else is listening It's being so in love That nothing in your life is missing. It's knowing I love you And I'll love you forever It's thinking of you every second Thats what true love is! Love Is The Greatest Author: Izabella Eriksson To love is to have someone special One who you can always depend To be there through the years Sharing laughter and tears As a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories Of moments you love to recall Of all the good things That sharing life brings Love is the greatest of all. LOVE OF MY LIFE Author: Seshadri Veeraraghavan A zest for life, a grace divine More intoxicating than wine. Carefree nature and wild, wild ways, You always make my mind sway! Bouncing black hair and coal- dark eyes, Remind me of monsoon skies, A spring in your step elevates my mood, Hey, nosey rain, do not intrude! As the wind caresses your lovely form, And the waves rush to feel your charm, What chance do I stand? Against nature's wicked game plan? There is no truth but love; Lovely as the blue skies above. There is no reality but bliss,
  16. 16. So there! Let me taste your lips. Let me hold you in my arms, And protect you from all harm, Life is too cruel, my dear! But, I am here, do you hear? Spend an eternity with me, I shall never tire of you, Remind me when day breaks, For, yet again, I will want to hold you. LOVE OF MY LIFE Author: Goodwill Mathonsi Silver streaks of moonlight shine in your eyes whenever you look at me The sun rises in your eyes my darling When you dream of holding the moon, I catch it and bring it to you, wrapped in red-watery rose petals I lay red roses for your feet to walk on I see your face on every moonrise Your face is on every sunrise My beautiful darling, I can never count the ways I love you Your eyes sparkle like diamond Your smile brightens my days like the sun Love of my life Sunshine of my morning Moonlight of my nights. LOVE, LOVE Author: Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  17. 17. What is the glory far above All else in human life? Love! Love! There is no form in which the fire Of love its traces has impressed not. Man lives far more in love's desire Than by life's breath, soon possessed not. If all that lives nust love or lie, All shapes on earth, or sea, or sky, With one consent, to Heaven cry That the glory far above All else in life is-- Love! O, Love! Thou melancholy thought, which art So fluttering and so sweet, to thee When did I give the liberty Thus to afflict my heart? What is the cause of this new power Which doth my fevered being move, Momently raging more and more? What subtle pain is kindled now, Which from my heart doth overflow Into my senses? Love! O, Love! Love Poem Picture Love poem in a picture that you can send your sweetheart.
  18. 18. LOVE'S HEAVENLY BLISS Author: Roger E. Eubanks I want to remember when our souls were entwined into one spirit. I remember the soft touch of your breast and the heavenly bliss into which I soared. I think of you as we explore passions of love so hot that fires rage within our souls. I remember as we touched each other in ways that only lovers can. The passions that lift our souls into the heavens will live forever in our hearts. Our hearts will soar higher than the highest mountain, yes and even higher than the eagle. Our quest for love has given peace within our hearts and tranquility never dreamed. Our love will satisfy our deepest desires and our hearts will melt into one. Let us remember the lust of our flesh is the lust of our heart and soul, for when we are as one then our spirits shall soar within the heavens and only peace can dwell within our souls. Love's Last Word Author: Joyce Hemsley Oh the pain of love, Oh the pain of fate, with love unrequited souls can be blighted. Better never to have known love at all, than to live a life of pathetic recall. Love Pains Author: Jake Jarvis Oh, how many times I ignored love's warm embrace. I lived every day in a cold and heartless place. I never needed a partner to get me through the day. I just kept a pattern, from which I would never stray. It was a hot and endless summer afternoon,
  19. 19. I had no idea where I would be soon. So aimlessly I wondered 'round the campus and back again, and passed by her beauty without a second glimpse. A few more weeks had passed, and my memory of her was gone. Knowing that she as well had probably moved on. I went the entire week without a second thought, little did I know that her love is what I sought. We met again some time since over a hot debate. We didn't see eye to eye, our views would not equate. She seemed undisturbed by my presence there, no more frivolous care in the world. Every time our paths would cross, we crossed our words as well. I was then a religious man, but she said I was destined for Hell. There was no one else in existence that she hated more than I, but I was determined to win her over to see things from my side. We than met at school one day and we laughed at the irony, of how much I hated her, and how much she hated me. Yet there we were to spend every day sitting side by side in class, nothing we wanted more than for that one hour to pass. But after many weeks had passed, and we spent so many hours together, our attitudes toward each other had slowly gotten better. There were many different things that we both could find pleasing, and on almost every topic we soon began agreeing. The year went by and summer rolled in, I was on my own again, and until that time had come, I didn't realize how much I missed my friend. So, forced I was to spend so long alone without direction, and I looked back on our friendship and soon began to question. After spending so much time apart, her importance I almost forgot, but I also had the chance to realize what we were not. When I got to see her again, I knew that we were not just friends, but we were destined to be together as lovers until the end. But too soon did I get excited about our fate of forever love, because she too had some news about the love she had been dreaming of. She had spent the summer in the city and had found the perfect man, but he had to go off to war, and was fighting in Iran. She said she would wait forever just for him to return, and eternity she would spend because her love he had earned. They had fallen for each other and on that passion she would dwell, he was her true match, and she was his as well. That next summer came, and it was twice as long as the last, because my one and only love now had come and passed. We still spend every day together, talking of love and life, but my heart has been split open with a dull and rusty knife. I wonder to this day if my pain will ever end, or forever in bitter days will all my life I spend. Was she my last and only chance at true and flawless love,
  20. 20. and if not then why is she what all my dreams consist of? I have tried to move forward, in a long but futile attempt, all of every part of me has slowly grown unkempt. I am lost without direction in a sea of utter regret, and even when I'm old and gray, her memory I'll never forget. LOVE YOU IN SILENCE Author: Honey Cai You came into my life Quietly, simply, tenderly... The world stood still I could not say a word Nor a single gestured showed. The feeling kept in my heart So I've loved you in silence Worshipped ypu from a distance And dreamt of you so often. I want to say I Love You, But I'm afraid... Afraid that you'll just take it for granted. In silence then, I'll just love you. In silence I'll find... The fulfillment of my dreams. Love Sonnet Author: Joyce Hemsley Fond words I write within my prose Sweet words of love for you alone My heart cries out where'er I go For you to be my very own. My mind is with you, rain or snow And when the winter breezes blow Sometimes I'm high, often I'm low, All because I love you so. Life is short as you well know So meet me where the lily grows Without your love, there is no prose No words come from a dying rose. My heart is yours, for you to own I sing love songs for you alone.
  21. 21. Love Sonnet Author: Joyce Hemsley Can you see how I adore you? Bliss brings lovelight to my eyes You speak ~ I hear a symphony Flowers dance, the bluebird flies. When first we met, I just knew No other soulmate could there be To settle deep within my heart And cherish its key eternally. Playing our parts for all to see ... We are "Sylvia and Dante Rossetti" Whene'er we talk, where'er we walk Moon and stars sprinkle confetti. Bliss brings lovelight, never gloom Shall we dance where roses bloom? Love Song Author: Ridge Mayberry Open your ears As your eyes let down their tears Upon hearing my song for you, A song of a love that is so true. This is my love song. It's not that long, But it does portray The feelings that I cannot say. So, to you, I will sing Of the love that will always ring In my heart, my dove. Listen as I sing this song of love, A song to describe you And all that you do. My ears will ring And my heart will sing At the thought of seeing you. I only wish you'd love me too. And now I must go, I will see you again, my wonderful doe. My time is nigh, I love you, and good-bye.
  22. 22. LOVING YOU Author: Ice My thoughts, my dreams I never thought they would come true. Days went by And I was still dreaming of you. The feeling I get it can't be defined When I look into your eyes, and you look into mine. I ache at night cause Im not with you I wish so much that I could kiss you. Your eyes, your heart, your touch Kristen you mean so much. Your on my mind 24/7 When Im with you I feel like I'm in heaven. Ive made mistakes in the past Things the same, never seem to last. Im sorry for all that I've done to you But no matter what, I will always love you. LOVING YOU IS EASY Author: Unknown There is so much I want to share with you, But my words are lost within me I have so many emotions How do I make you see Life is not that simple Hear this from my heart Our love will concur all As we stand here at the start. Not speaking to you is killing me You there and me here But one day soon that will change And I will finally have you near. The Angels they did send you The day that we met Our love will last forever As in concrete it is set Come fly, fly with me baby Oh come fly with me We can explore our love together And set our emotions free For the skies are without limits
  23. 23. And the tree tops we sour too Perched upon a branch Our love is forever true I never meant for this to happen But I am sure glad it did Hearing your love and laughter Makes me feel like a kid Please never doubt my love What is shared between you and me Cause I am here to hold you You just wait and see But for now, I have to be patient And except our destiny But I promise you this my darling You are forever within me. Madly In Love Author: Angelica Saranillo I can't explain why I feel this way, Everytime you would come my way I always tremble, feelin nervous, It's like I wanna fall down unconcious. I don't know what so special about you That made me fall in love with you. Maybe that cute face of yours, Your smiles and ways, yes of course Everytime you're by my side I'd like to stretch my hands open wide And embrace you tight endlessly But I can't, you might turn away from me. So what can I do, If this is what I feel for you Can you blame me, if I have fallen Madly in LOVE with you my darling. MAN OF MY HEART Author: Joyce Hemsley Spring comes with the sun cold winds there are none "man of my heart" - he's the one. I gazed at him once I gazed at him twice this was the start of paradise. He gazed back at me
  24. 24. he gazed lovingly I heard the notes of a symphony. We gazed at each other and our daydreams took flight beautiful wedding of white. Spring comes with the sun cold winds there are none "man of my heart" - you're the one. Meet Me Author: Tender Butterfly Meet me in the shadows of your heart, The place only you and I know exists. Take me with you and hold me in your arms. Meet me in the stars above, The place the highest goals live. See the light of love shining in my eyes. Meet me at the ocean's edge, The place where the water cleanses. Take me to a place of absolute purity. Meet me at the forest's clearing, The place where the trees part. Where we are sheltered and safe. Meet me in the billowy clouds, The place where heaven and earth touch. Dance with me in the sky and share our joy. Meet me on the mountain's peak. The place where you can breathe deeply. Inhale my essence and make it yours. Meet me, my love.... Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Share my soul and be one with me. MELT AWAY Author: Ebbe Perales Can I fade in your arms? Can I get lost in your eyes? 'Cause when I'm with you I just melt away Can I render you still?
  25. 25. Freeze this tmoment in time? 'Cause when I see you I just melt away Can I stay close to you Until the river runs dry? 'Cause when you're heart is by mine I just melt away Memories Author: Bill Memories long and pleasant spent Of touch and thoughts of you, Of kisses deep and heaven sent, And in your arms I grew. Of loving life with dreams replete, Our souls combined, yet still, How sudden ended and complete, The anger - love did kill. Sorrow quickly took its course, Now life, its beauty spent, And all I own is deep remorse, For the dreams we never dreamt. At times I drift on golden strands, And dream of you once more, Praying - clasping desperate hands, Wait! I hear a knocking at the door. Memory of Roses Author: Joyce Hemsley Sorrow I feel, for I must leave you standing in the midnight air; my heart belongs to a family of roses, your heart belongs to a maiden fair. Each of us made our promises to keep the vows and keep them well. I cannot stay, I must not linger, the time has come to say farewell. I shall miss your kindly gestures cheering this heart and soul of mine. Someday soon we will surely meet when romance and music combine.
  26. 26. Until then, my wonderful one, You will sleep deep within my mind. I kiss you now... for I am leaving to greet the roses I left behind. MINE Author: Candi I could look at your face forever I could hold your hand for all time. If I could have one granted wish, it would be that you are mine. I dream about you all the time and they way you look at me. I love hearing you whisper "goodnight" I love you so much, can't you see? That I'm crazy for your smile, and your beautiful glossy eyes. And when you hang with me you don't need to find a disguise. You're real around me and I love it. I love everything you do. I can't bare to be separated, so I'll stick to you like glue. I could look at your face forever I could hold you in my heart for all time. So there's only one question left for you to answer, will you please be mine? Missing You Author: Leanne Mcdonlad I'm missing you like crazy I think I'm going mad I simply can't stop thinking of the special times we had. Each moment lasts an hour Each hour lasts a day The clock is ticking slowly Just because you went away. I need you here beside me I just want to see your face To feel your precious heartbeat And be lost in your embrace.
  27. 27. I gaze out of the window And look up at the moon I play the waiting Game And pray you'll be here soon. They say hope springs eternal Well I only hope it's true For I can't bare the emptiness That comes from missing you. Missing You Author: Queenie Quisido You are the one who I always think, I even see your face everytime I blink. I really don't know why am I acting like this, All I know that it is you who I miss. When I think about you, my eyes seemed to glow, When I dream of you, I hoped for no tomorrow. To be with you right now is what I've wished 'Coz it is really you whom my heart has missed. I believe that we will be together sooner or later. How I hope that the time and day will pass faster So that I'll be with you and hug you tight, And never let go of you with all my might. 'Coz I really miss you and boy that is true. Missing You Like Crazy Author: Alice Garcia Sometimes at night, when I lay down to sleep, I embrace myself, I start to think ... Then I imagine that you lie beside me ... hugs and kisses all over my body. I wish you could really be here, just to whisper,
  28. 28. "I love you," in my ear. I would turn around and say, "I love you, too." But will it ever be true? So I turn around and I wonder some more, still wanting your embrace, so I close my eyes and picture your face. I fall asleep dreaming of you. In my dream it seems so true. It's as if I can really feel your kisses against my lips ... Then my eyes pop open and you're nowhere to be seen, And I feel so lonely once AGAIN !!! MORE ! Author: Michael Anderson I see myself holding you close to me, Squeezing your body tight. But for all I see as I daydream- I know I'll get tenfold tonight. Running my palms across your breast, As you tremble and bite your lip. Feeling your hands upon my chest, The softness of each fingertip. Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft, And slowly lowering my kiss. Over pert nipples, across your navel, And finally into pure bliss. Looking upon your face from below- As you tilt back your head. Feeling your fountains begin to flow- As you ease back on the bed. Your "innocent little devil" look-
  29. 29. Crying insatiably with the sensation. Lip to lip lapping up every drip- From the well of your creation. The way you pull me up by the hair- To the heat of your mouth, on fire. No other thoughts, no other cares, Just the quenching of mad desire. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you. On the waves of your emotion- In slow motion, so sweet and true. Pulse pounding in resounding rapture, Taken to the hilt, then just past. Rhythm growing, faces glowing, The climax coming fast. That heated, illicit look- Of ecstasy across your eyes. The culmination nearing- Within your undulating thighs. Echoing throughout the heavens- On overindulgent cries. The sultry look upon your face- In reaching that gyrating gush. The way you bite my fingers- When I try to make you hush. Your arching back, your fingernails, Your perfume mixed with sweat. The way you keep rubbing against me- With your insides already so wet. The way when I'm beat dead and ready- To fall face first to the floor, You put your sweet lips to my ear- And whisper, "I want more! "
  30. 30. More Beautiful Than The Seasons Author: Brett White To the girl whose beauty is present in all seasons I tell you why you are beautiful, here are the reasons: Your beauty extends into the heavens, It goes on forever and never lessens. Even when the clouds heighten You are here and the world brightens. You are like a fruit that constantly ripens Your beauty continues to grow no mater what happens. My fondness for you constantly deepens Because every time I see you my heart starts to weaken. You make everything else appear hollow Where ever you are loveliness is sure to follow. You shine so bright you cast your own shadow A beauty that others would love to borrow. But try as they might your beauty they will never catch Because something like you they could never match. Your beauty seems to increase with every breathe It tests the limits my imagination can stretch. It makes me question if what I am seeing is real I only know it is true by the way that I feel. Your beauty is so vast it can't be concealed There is no hiding it, your beauty is always revealed. The power of your beauty is the world's greatest gift The heaviest boulder it could easily lift. A girl this perfect I never knew All that changed the moment I met you. Heaven on Earth I was not aware Until I met a girl that was crafted with such care. You would be the answer to a prayer If someone asked for something rare with beauty to spare. If I had a choice I would choose this girl over air or air can't compare to a girl not found elsewhere.
  31. 31. MY BLESSING Author: Albrie Ann Miller I go crazy With one touch of your hand My dreams fulfilled With one look in your eyes Saying "I love you" Is what I love to hear When you wrap me in your arms And hold me oh so near I'm so happy To be here by your side I cry within 'Cause, boy, you are so sweet You belong to me And I belong to you And, boy, to stay by your side There's nothing I won't do I won't forget The way you make me feel When I am blue You know just what to say And forevermore I will stay here in love 'Cause, boy, you are my blessing From Heaven up above. My Calendar Author: Linda Merrill Seasons of my life, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall I've held the emotions And felt them all Spring, of new beginnings Summer of hot desires Fall a comfort zone
  32. 32. Winter, family and friends Of all of these I feel within you Like a calendar of each day Each day a new mark Of what I haven't had Of what I have forgotten All given as a beautifully wrapped package Each day open with surprise How do I forget How do I move on Like a Winters snow The flakes just keep falling Each one a delight on my face Trying to catch them on my tongue To taste for one moment A feeling of delight I thank you for each moment A new memory with each day that comes Holding on as tight as I can Hoping to never let go. MY DREAM Author: Diane B. I close my eyes, And I see his face I feel his touch, His warm embrace I hear his voice, He whispers so Says he'll never Let me go He smells so good, It feels so right I beg him please, To hold me tight He runs his fingers Through my hair Caresses my skin, His touch so fair And then he presses His lips to mine My body quivers, With feelings divine And just as I feel I haven't a care, I open my eyes,
  33. 33. To find he's not there Was it all in my head? Does my dream man exist? I feel a great sadness, as I ask myself this Then as I look up, As if out of the blue I see your sweet smile, And I reach out to you You gladly reach back, With your arms open wide The moment stands still, A love frozen in time You are the man, Of which I had dreamed I've waited forever, Or so it has seemed To share these feelings, So pure, so true I want to shout it out loud... I LOVE YOU! My Endless Love Author: Debbie T. I loved you the moment I saw your precious face. You took hold of my heart; Made it your own special place. No one comes before you And no one loves you more. When you came into my life, You made my spirit soar. I can only love you Until the day I die. I pray you will be there When it's time to say goodbye. Take my hand and hold me; Help my spirit fly. Let your face be the last I see before I die. You are my endless love. My Eternity Author: Gabriel Lombard
  34. 34. I look at you and can only see, My love, my life, my Eternity. With you there is no end, Let's hold each other, our love to tend. In this chaotic world of ours, One thing is for sure in my heart. You finish the circle throughout my life, Like a never ending fire through the night. Mystic colors swirl 'round, Only for you will they die down. Keep me on your mind and in your thoughts, What we have, my love, cannot be bought. My First True Love Author: Gail Poulter So many years ago we loved We love still We will love forever My heart was broken Now it is mended Each new day begins And my heart sings To the feel of your love And the beat of your heart At night I sleep With you in my heart It beats only for you my love Each beat matched by yours I long for the time That we spend together Each snatched moment I will treasure You eyes they shine With your love for me So tender and caring So full of love If I cannot have you to myself I will treasure each moment that we have
  35. 35. Forever my darling You are my soul Our hearts are linked By the bond we share Each thought we have We also care To you my love I give my All My heart And my soul You are the stars in the sky The wind on my face The rain in my eyes The tears on my cheeks You are the biggest part of me That I cannot deny As I sit here with a tear in my eye A tear of joy shed only for you For all you are For all you can be This I am grateful for Till the day I die You are my world You are my life You are my soul. My Forever Love Author: Kristy Trost Salazar It wasn't til that day I met you that I'd fall in love with someone so special as you when I first saw you, I knew you were the one When I look at you, I just want to melt When you hold me I never want you to let go I want to be in your arms forever I dream that someday we will be one I will always love you Tell me you love me I know you do I know I love you! I love for you is FOREVER! My Forever Love
  36. 36. My Future Love Author: Dria Gutierrez With the pieces of my wounded heart I fly to the safety of your arms With the tranquility of a flowing river I listen to your steady breath With the passion of a pianist I take in your comforting words. No, I am not ready to share the love That has always illuminated from the adoration in your eyes, The patience of your voice, The gentleness of your caress But one day, when my vibrant soul returns with open arms And my love is longing to spread it's wings, I fully trust that you will await me My knight, my savior, my rock, my shoulder. Please wait, just a little longer My heart is torn, But your shining love is stitching it back together My mind is tormented with misery, But your caring words ease it My body is desperate for the touch I long, But your gentle hands hold me And throughout all this blinding pain and misery, I bask in your glowing love. Despite my futile attempts to end, in you there is hope. In you is the future of my love In you is the light of my soul In you is the key to my caged heart, oh my future love. My Heart And I Author: Joyce Hemsley Love you so my dear to you ~ I take a bow this love is sincere no new beginnings now. To you ~ I take a bow, we have loved for years let's shout it out aloud no fears and no tears. This love is sincere my soul ~ it tells no lie when you hold me near
  37. 37. we sing - my heart and I. No new beginnings now needn't change our ways you and I made a vow to last all our days. My Heart Sings Author: Bill Turner A long, interesting life Bringing me to this point No longer upon the edge Pulling out of my free fall No longer feeling small Your love pulling me back It has been there all along Life preserver upon my sea Now that I have taken the ring I can feel my heart sing Candle light soft and flickering Showing me the way My hand searching for yours Finding you within the infernal night Your love making my world right Comfort within your smile Lost in the love light of your eyes Mesmerized by all you do Feeling all the love you have for me Knowing that my heart runs free Take my hand and do not let go Guide me down the path aglow Shimmering under the glorious light Love bringing us together Hearing the wind whisper "forever". My Heart & Soul Claim You Author: Jhonny Thermidor You have promised a new life to me, You have promised to satisfy my needs, Humble flower of all my dreams, The most essential deed of my dreams! Even though sometimes I could be sad, I can be impressed by your aimless furies, But I'm still attracted by your smooth love.
  38. 38. Assuage me with your romantic words! Cajole me with your soft, tender voice, Remain always very close to me. Allow me to judge my reactions. I'm still waiting for your forgiveness. Thus, I'm imploring you painfully, Honourable Rose of my worships, The one who makes my heart vibrate, The only one my restless soul claims, So far, I'm running out of options. My heart is craving for your love, My soul, in other hand, is questing for you Will you think of returning close to them? MY HEAVEN Author: Kamma Roberts I look deep in your eyes. I see there what I feel inside. We share something between us, Neither one of us can hide. I feel your lips touch mine, I loose all my control, All it took was a look and a kiss, To know you were part of my soul. I see your hands on my skin, I want and need you to do more, The passionate look you give me, Tells me heaven is in store. I feel your need against my thigh, I know you will fulfill every wish,. We were made to fit together, And all it took was a look and a kiss. I look deep in your eyes, And I see heaven there inside, You make me feel so beautiful, What I feel for you I cannot hide. MY GENTLE PLACE
  39. 39. Author: Cutie This gentle place is where I go To escape torments of life A gentle place it is although That shuts out bitter strife. This gentle place, where I go On Earth, with heaven above I find myself searching For my one and only love Within this gentle place of mine, Where I shall close my eyes Using judgment purely Divine Not fooled by simple disguise. In this gentle place of mine I see him oh more clearly The most loving man on Earth I give my heart sincerely. Like the whisper of an angel, His words put my soul at rest It is then, at that very moment I know Im truly blessed. To feel his breath upon my skin, And the sweet taste of his kiss I find myself lost within I feel nothing but pure bliss. His touch, as soft as a feather Tracing the path of my desire The touch bringing us closer together To join our passionate fire His lips upon my naked flesh Im lost within the second Our burning bodies begin to mesh The beauty of the flowers beckoned. And it is at that very minute When all time shall be stilled With only him and me in it All our fantasies fulfilled. Gazing in each others eyes Where true happiness exists All sadness and loneliness dies And heartache is dismissed. It is you, my darling man That is my great escape From all the bitterness of the world You are my gentle place. My Inspiration Author: Amir Vafamanesh If I could freeze time I would pass the day Watching you light up the room with your beautiful ways
  40. 40. Because I could spend whenever just getting lost in your eyes For they shine brine like the moonlit air of the night sky A simple conversation with you is more than enough for me For you have given me all the inspiration that I could ever need Everytime I hear you laugh, it's like music to my fears Your voice is like a sweet rhythm that sings melodies into my ears While the warmth of your smile emits joy into my heart, Sews all the seeds and keeps it from tearing apart It's all the wonderful things you do and the little things you say That have shaped yesterday's memories into thoughts of today And created the the type of magic that brings motion into my pen And instills life into my words over and over again. MY LIFE WITH YOU Author: C.K I've lived my life in a chaotic world I see the darkness as my days unfold. The trembling of my heart I feel, As sadness embraces me from head to heel. And now that I've found you Everything so right and true. You are the sparkle in my eyes You've filled lovin' with all my cries. You've mastered my fears And eradicated my tears. My sun burns even brighter, My life seems so much happier. Because of you I've learned that life is no misery Now I know love is kept for eternity. I've searched even the deepest sea, But there's nothing like the love you've given me I LOVE YOU HONEY... My Love Author: Catlin L. Crawford My love, oh how I long for you In your arms I ache to be Without you my heart would stop For it beats for only thee
  41. 41. It beats for only thee my love You inspire it to thrive You have given life to me my love And made me come alive Alive, I am for you my love Every breath takes you in My heart beats strong for you my love Then it stops and beats again It stops for only moments To pace itself a while For it's racing fast for you my love In a moment it's raced a mile I Love You, oh my dearest love I love you more each day Never once shall you ask to hear it For each chance 'I love you' I'll say I love you again and again I love you with all my heart I can not wait to love you more And for my life with you to start My love you are my only The one I trust and treasure My love for you runs freely And flows without end or measure I Love You oh my love With all that I am I love you I Love You oh my love With a love that I hold true. MY LOVE Author: Rob Thompson My love is like an ocean It goes down so deep My love is like a rose Whose beauty you want to keep. My love is like a river That will never end My love is like a dove With a beautiful message to send. My love is like a song That goes on and on forever
  42. 42. My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender. MY LOVE Author: Yahaira M. Lopez Of all that I can give, I give you my heart and soul. Nothing can ever compare; For you, my love I’d give it all. This newfound feeling I can’t quite describe. But it gives me warmth Deep down inside, It gives me a reason To smile everyday. It gives me hope And it shows me the way. In good times and bad, I’ll be there through it all. Never turning my back, Never letting you fall. I would give anything For us to be together. For you are irreplaceable; Our love should last forever. I would never forsake you Or make you hurt inside. I would never lie to you Instead faithfulness in me you’ll find. With all this that I’m telling you I want you to know my love is true. It will never belong to another My love can only belong to you. MY LOVE AFTER YOU Author: Robert Kyle Newton The sun rises once again, Awakening me from the calm of night before, Where I could hear nothing but the sound of silence, Where I could feel nothing but the breathing of my soul,
  43. 43. With the majesty of the morning sun, Comes with it the sorrows of my life, Where the realities of losing you haunts me, Where the shadows of the past taunts me, Cries of mine to you to return, Falls upon the grounds below, Like the autumn leaves which drops from the tree up above, Like the droplets of rain from the clouds beyond reach, The woe within my heart, Hides between the shadows of the dark, Praying for the night, For it all to go away again. My Love For You Author: Jamie Olsen My love for you is unconditional My love for you is real My love for you is something so incredible to feel Holding you on those summer nights Feeling your soft kiss with the sun My love for you is something that never once had to be won I love you with the passing days and with those we have not seen You are the one in all my thoughts in all my living dreams You are the one whose hand is in mine Whose lips I can't ignore You are my life, my world, my love You're all that I adore. MY LOVE FOR YOU Author: Robert Kyle Newton My Love for you surpasses all the beauties of the world, The rivers that run deep, deeper does my love run, The clouds up in the sky, higher does my love rise, The oceans and lands far and wide, farther does my love reach,
  44. 44. My love for you surpasses my own feelings, Hurt I might be to see you walk away from me, But the joys to see you happy, shall take it all away from me, Cry as I might not to have you, Harder shall I cry to see you hurt, My love for you surpasses all of these, My love for you surpasses me. MY LOVE FOR YOU Author: Unknown My love for you is deep and true No matter what you do I'll always be there for you No matter where you go I'll always be there beside you Till the day I die My love will always stay true to you MY LOVE FOR YOU I CAN'T IGNORE Author: Kathy Jones My love for you I can't ignore; My heart I need not let explore. For one day my darling in time you will see. Your love for me, it was meant to be. Until that day I vow unto you; To love you, be faithful and always be true. Please my Love, I'll do the right thing. Never let go, hold me under your wing. For I have no desire to venture away; I'll never let go, I'm here to stay. So as long as you love me, one day you'll well know. Our love for each other, in time it will grow. My Love Is Like to Ice Author: Edmund Spenser My love is like to ice, and I to fire: How come it then that this her cold is so great
  45. 45. Is not dissolved through my so hot desire, But harder grows the more I her entreat? Or how comes it that my exceeding heat Is not allayed by her heart-frozen cold, But that I burn much more in boiling sweat, And feel my flames augmented manifold? What more miraculous thing may be told, That fire, which is congealed with senseless cold, Should kindle fire by wonderful device? Such is the power of love in gentle mind, That it can alter all the course of kind. My Love Is Where You Are Author: Paul D. Medway If I could catch a million stars, I know just what I'd do, I'd arrange them on a paper, And sing them back to you. If I could give you gifts of gold, I'd have each one inscribed, With a special memory, That I hold, dear, inside. I'd give you everything you'd want, Or you could ever need, But that would never measure, All you've given me. With honesty and compassion, You lend a tender ear. And when I look into your eyes, My troubles disappear. But, I am not a rich man, Nor lucky enough to catch a star, I can only give you one thing... All that's in my heart. This is something you'll never be without, Whether you are near or far, For it is a simple but precious gift. My love is where you are. My One And Only Author: Holly Irwin Since the day we first met,
  46. 46. I knew it was love, God answered my prayers, you came down from above... You gave me your heart, and taught me to trust, for the first time ever, it was more than just lust... Your sweet loving words, are not to be compared, I am forever your partner, my soul I have bared... Every day I wake up, with a smile a mile long, I know that we are solid, I know that we are strong... So never put into question, my feelings being true, because I have found my one and only, And I will always love you. MY PAINFUL LOVE Author: Layla S. Why does it have to hurt inside? Why do I have to cry each night? I think I have to walk on by... Cuz I'm starting to lose my sight... What is it that changed your mind? Who is it that keeps you blind? Why did you change so fast? Did you really have to leave me behind? I start to think about all we had And how it turned this way... I guess I'll have to leave your side, And turn my face away... Although my soul will die... Although my heart will cry... I've got nothing else to do, I'm hurt deep inside But although I'll leave your side, You'll be always on my mind... My heart and soul will ache for you, Every day and every night... You're my never-ending love,
  47. 47. The love that keeps me alive... You're the one I'll love forever, Although it hurts inside... MY PROMISE TO YOU Author: Sherri Emily Avery I'll never forget, The first that we met, I remember it like it was yesterday, It's stays deep in my heart, The day you found me. ~*~ We have promised that we would give To each other all there is to give For as long as we both shall live. ~*~ I never want wealth or fame, I only want to have your name, I only want to wear That tiny band of gold And always have to you hold. ~*~ I will keep my promise to you, I will never be untrue, Even though sometimes I will be Away from you. ~*~ I will never break your heart, I've always loved you from the start, I must say to you this very special day, I won't let it take my pride, I want to be your bride. ~*~ I will never let you feel empty inside, I will never break the ties that bind, I will never leave you behind, I will never let our love die. ~*~ So I make another promise to you, my love, We will live and we will learn, And where ever you may go, My heart will always follow. ~*~ And now it's plain to see, The the promise's that I have made to thee, Will show in time, you see, That you and I will never be lonely, I love this you and me.
  48. 48. My Secret Passions Author: Jennifer Littrell I dream of fragrant flowered nights, Of passioned love and sweet delights; Such moments of my life do stay Alive within my mind each day. Great passions lie in the prison keep Of my yearning heart, so dark and deep; And will remain in silence there, Unless, somehow, you start to care. They can't be properly conveyed To you, my love, through poems made. They need to be expressed to you, In hopes that love will then ensue. They wait for the precious light of day, Which only you can bring my way. They wait for me to set them free, But only you possess the key. My Undying Love Author: Anonymous I love you like the sun in the sky Or maybe how a bird is destined to fly Even more than a mother loves her child Or all the animals running in the wild A pedal to a rose And everyone knows It's more that just love Soring around like a white turtle dove Tears for joy and tears for pain It's like standing out in the hot summer rain It's more than the sound of your sweet gentle name More than a predetor loves its game Words can't sum up the way that I feel But I'll definetly say These feelings are real And as Sent from above Im here to give you my undying love So in closing my dear I pray I've made it rather clear You mean everything to me My sweet heart can't you see I can't get enough of your endless touch
  49. 49. Oh my sweet baby, I love you so much! NEVER FELT Author: Ashlee Rush - age 13 I don't even know what you do to me But it feels so good You take over my body Like no one ever could I've never felt this way before I never want it to end It feels so good the way it takes Over and over again You don't even have to touch me Just say a single word It lifts up my day As if I am a bird One day you'll get that feeling Of both pain and joy And when you do you'll tell me Cause you'll always be my boy! New Love Author: Claudia Miriam Trejo A whispered longing, A silenced tear Cherry-red lips, trembling with fear. Beautiful and amazing It's hard to beleive you're mine Sweet and quite tempting My heart is yours til the end of time. My heart had not been inspired Since many, many moons ago My body not set on fire Nor my skin given that warm glow. Your voice works a magic Deep within my soul My desire surpasses logic A desire only your would know. This fire will soon be calmed This need will soon be met There's no longer a fear of being harmed And my heart, with happiness has wept. My wonderful sweet treasure You've made my life complete.
  50. 50. New Love Author: Paul Curtis A New love, young love, Fresh and in bud, Exciting, Heart racingly so, Though uncertain, exciting still A Breathless love Full of longing Eagerness to be together Reluctance to part. Hand touching hand, Pulse raising Heart full of love, Head full of doubt Do they feel as I? Am I just a fool? Will our love last? Will it blossom and grow Will it bare fruit? Or wither on the vine. NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR DREAMS Author: Azrelix There will always be a heartache, and often a silent tear, but always a million wishes, wishing you were here. There will always be your reflection, in my lonely saddened stream, and there will always be a 'you and me', as long as I can dream. Now! Not Tomorrow Author: Joyce Hemsley Dance with me now ~ There is no tomorrow. Twist with me, Turn with me, It's goodbye to sorrow. Let us take flight for only one night. Hours we steal, Minutes we borrow. Love is everything, Songs divas sing.
  51. 51. Dance with me now, Just show me how, We will take wing right now! never wait for Tomorrow. No Words Author: Richard Hayman Ricky What is there left When there is nothing left to say When you are faced with a choice Of whether to stay or walk away. What is there left When there is nothing left to feel When you let pride get in the way And when the problems seem too real. What is there left When there is nothing left to be spoken When you realize it's a new day But your heart remains broken. What is there left When you lose touch When you finally realize That she loved you so much. What is there left When you cry for her gentle memory When you cherish all you had Before her untimely tragedy. Not Yet Kissed Author: Brent Scott Taylor We have not yet kissed We have not touched each others heart I have only sat back and hoped that The other one would give this a start. What would it be to touch your lips once? What would it be to hold you every night? What would it be to look into your eyes And at the same time know I've seen the light. Words can only say so much As to how I feel about you Actions can only come form the heart Therefore a kiss- would make my words true.
  52. 52. My Love Author: Rose Angel For as long as I live My love to you I will unconditionally give For always until my last day I will love you in every possible way. Ever since into my life you came I have been blessed; when God revealed your name I know that He brought me here to you To love you my whole life through. We have been together for a few years With both laughter and tears I love you beyond anything Happiness to me; you can only bring With all that is in my soul You are the one that makes me whole. Without you, I will surely die I will love you until all the waters on earth run dry A woman needs a man to love God gave me you from above A love like ours has never been before As it was made under God's law Look deep inside your heart Of each other we are the total part By God's promise to me. One Last Word Author: Kirsty S. Sitting in silence, In the middle of the night, Not able to sleep, Because of our stupid fight. Love now lost, So much pain, Its not all about you, Dont be so vain. I dont know what to say
  53. 53. My feelings are mixed, Im wondering if ever, Things will be fixed. I was so sad, As you walked out the door, Our relationship broken, But I couldnt take any more. I didnt want us to end, I want you to know, Ill always love you, But cant let it show. Its too complicated, And will always be, I love you to bits, But you cant be with me. I have to tell you, I believe in fate, Im waiting for god, To find my sole mate. I know Im crazy, Even insane, But I believe in this, And have no shame. Im so sorry, Im not right with you, Now Im saying goodbye, What else can I do? ONE KISS Author: dpacker3000 One kiss is all I want To take away my tears And give me a healthy smile. One kiss is all I want To give me hope And take on life as it comes. One kiss is all I want To know your lips And hold them forever. One kiss is all I want To show you I love you And be there for eternity. ONE WISH
  54. 54. Author: Erin Jane Doris Sabados If I could have just one wish It would be to turn back time To go back into the lonely past To the days when you were mine. If I could have just one wish It would be to be with you Because I know that in my heart My love is forever true. If I could have just one wish It would be to be in your arms To have you hold me, touch me, kiss me To keep me out of harm. If I could have just one wish The future is what I would see So I could know if someday soon You would be with me. If I could have just one wish I would be able to read people's minds So I could hear your hopes, your fears And hear what's going on inside. If I could have just one wish It would be to move on with my life Because you were my one true love And you cut my heart like a knife. If I could have just one wish It would be to forget all about you Because you see I can't live with myself Knowing I'm not with you. ONCE UPON A STAR Author: AJ
  55. 55. I gaze up at the sky each night and find the brightest star. It's always waiting there for me so close, but yet so far. The star winks in the evening sky and reaches out to me. It magically appears each night for all the world to see. I've wished upon this special star my whole life through, it seems. I've closed my eyes and made my wish of hopes, and plans, and dreams. And then, one day I got my wish for I finally met you. You are that someone special who's made all my dreams come true. So now whenever we're apart I find that same bright star. It makes me feel so close to you no matter where you are. Only In Dream Author: Roy Orbison A candy-colored clown they call the sandman Tiptoes to my room every night Just to sprinkle star dust and to whisper Go to sleep, everything is all right. I close my eyes then I drift away Into the magic night, I softly say A silent prayer like dreamers do Then I fall asleep to dream of you. In dreams I walk with you In dreams I talk with you In dreams you're mine all the time We're together in dreams, in dreams. But just before the dawn I awake and find you gone I can't help it, I can't help it if I cry I remember that you said goodbye. Too bad it only seems It only happens in my dreams
  56. 56. Only in dreams In my beautiful dreams. ON DREAMS OF PERFECT LOVE Author: David Ruble A misty sunrise fills the east With yellow, gold and red. The bowl of space a palest blue, Sheds light upon our bed. The warmth beside my soul, a feast Of love for only you. So let the birds, with song, remain Within the morning hours, To pour upon the crisp, new day A hope, like cleansing showers. For you I send refreshing rain To wash the past away. A quiet breeze so warm and slow, Has drifted ‘cross my face. It brings the scents from flower climbs, And leaves without a trace. It stirred this battered heart, you know, To love this perfect time. Like whispers lost at sea, we soar Beyond the sky of fire. Together. Lost together, free To claim our each desire. Like leaves we float to earth, once more To close our eyes and be. OUR DAY Author: Cherokee1275 I see your bright shining smile As I make my way down the isle as the preacher talks about love and life I stand here proud to be your wife binded together by trust and love
  57. 57. I remember the prayers to god above now we are joined in spirit and heart just as we were from the start as everyone watches from their seat our sacred vows we do repeat in sickness and health-till death do us part as I say these words- they come from my heart rings exchanged-from you to me and me to you my hands begin to shake-when you say "I DO" he says kiss the bride- you lift my veil my heart skips a beat- beginning to sail you kiss me so softly and kiss me so sweet like the first time you swept me off my feet as we are pronounced husband and wife we walk hand in hand and begin our new life Our Love Author: G. Hollis I want to spend my life with you These feelings inside I know are true Being away from you is hard to take A wonderful life with you I'll make. You and only you is what I live for Enjoying all of you yet wanting more Selfish at times, I can't let you go Loving you always this I tell you so. Some days are easy while others hard The hand we play from dealing the cards I'll stand by you no matter how long Our love is like the notes to a song. Creating a melody for everyone to hear Bringing with it laughter and tears An inspiration for what love can be A shining beacon for all to see. Our Special Place Author: Luke When the sun falls on your face, my world is lost in yours, for we go to our special place, there are no walls, windows, doors. When the moon glows on your face, the darkness around me flees,
  58. 58. for we go to our special place, it wimpers and begs, cries and pleads. When sunlight glimmers on your face, my eyes become heavy with tear, for we go to our special place, where we can have no fear. For you, my love, are with me, when love shines from your face, I love you forever, just you and me, for we go to our special place. PARANOIA Author: Ershad Mazumder He admires you When you are not there He praises you With all sweet words He decorates you With flowers of soul And you become The beauty queen Of this planet. He loves you When you are Out of sight. He is unhappy And gets sick As if you are Not known When you are Infront of him. He hates you If you are reality Because he loves A dream of his life. Passion's Embrace Author: Little Wolf Dancing The softness of your lips As they slide over mine Taste like honey to my soul As they take me back in time Oh the fire of your touch Like hot silk on my tender breasts
  59. 59. The passion I crave so much As you taste the nectar of my kiss A Slowly drumming melody in my heart Your skin like a river of light My moan of pleasure as you start Ecstasy I'd never fight A lovers tune dances up my spine As the shadow of your embrace Slides across my thighs Ohhh sooo slowly the pace Our hearts mingled in rapture The torture of passion so sweet The affection of a thousand years As at least we meet The motion of our rhythm In perfect unison we move Our flight those of doves As we reach heaven's hymen PASSION'S FLAMES Author: Jeffrey Carter A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames PERFECTION IN MY EYES
  60. 60. Author: Ashley Borden All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart, And for us to be together, to never be apart. No one else in the world can even compare, You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would, I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize, How perfect you are when seen through my eyes Picture Perfect Author: Amir Vafamanesh You came down from the sky, blessed me with your presence Now I'm in too deep and I'm stung by your essence Call me a fool for love but I had to rush in As soon as we locked lips and indulged in sweet sin We made love all night until the sun came out "I promise to give you all I got until I run out" My heart, my mind, my body and soul Just fall into my arms baby whenever your days are cold. I want to be the first one you see when you wake up Mesmerized by your beauty without your makeup I just thought I'd let you know so you can realize That you paint the perfect picture reflected in my eyes And embedded into my writings, my thoughts and in my dreams For you instilled the motivation and the strength to believe That we go good together no matter the weather we weathered
  61. 61. For we make each other better Let this love not ever sever. Prayer Of Love Author: IRF Never thought there'll come a time, I'll feel again the warmth of its shine. You came like a rain in my mind, Still there's a reason that I should find. There were many things I should have known, Yet my fear held its throne. It led my heart to a place I know, Where there's no other way but to grow. Only God knows where this will go, I could only ask for His mercy to show. For prayers and love are all I have. Because there's no other way I know my love. PROMISE Author: Diana Lynn I will love you with all my heart, To have forever - never to part. This is a promise engrained in me, Take my hand and let it be. I will go to the ends of the earth if that is what you need, Just say yes and let your soul take the lead. This is a promise at the core of me, Kiss my lips and let this be. I will wipe your tears with no questions asked, No more will your feelings be masked. This is a promise I make to you, Look into my eyes and follow through.
  62. 62. I will know how to hold you just by the look in your eye, I will never forget - not even on the day that I die. This is a promise of my passion for you, smile at me and make it true. I will support you even when I cannot support myself anymore, I will dig deeper and find the hidden strength at my inner core. This promise means I sacrifice all of me for you, Understand this and make our lives anew. I will love you with everything so deep inside, And to only you - this gift I shall confide. This is a promise so incredibly real, kiss me my love and you shall feel. PURE ECSTASY Author: Marmee Can you imagine a romantic table set for two? With candles flickering against the array of flowers As their scent fills the room The embers brightly burning in the fireplace And the sound of the fire crackling is heard. The finest bottle of French wine is set for you and I. Our favorite love songs Are softly playing in the background. Candles and the fireplace is our only light A perfect setting for our Romantic evening of pure ecstasy. Our hearts both filled with passion, wanting To blend as one, embraced and looking deeply Into one anothers eyes we caress each Others face with the gentleness of our hands. We make a toast to our gift of love sent from above. As we drink from each others glass with hands entwined. Softly I kiss your lips that now taste like sweet wine And with the tip of my tongue I trace The outline of your soft tender lips. Taking me in your strong arms you lift me and carry me Before the blazing fire and slowly lay me down as we Feel love's desire flow swiftly through our veins. With the fire flickering on our bodies ... Our passion now becomes the heat of the night. As we dance the dance of love in perfect rhythm, We slowly fall into ecstasy And our bodies melt together as one. Emotions flowing and hearts soaring, Two bodies blending in an unimaginable way ... The most beautiful way ... the way God intended it to be Between a man and woman who love deeply. Two lovers who desire one another
  63. 63. For the whole eternity. Rain Author: James Rowe Rain fell last night...quiet, gentle rain, that tapped against my window pane, and called me back from troubled sleep, to soothe a heart too numb to weep. My loneliness was too deep and real, and like a wound that would not heal, it throbbed within me, and I knew my arms were empty without you. But as I listened to the sound of soft rain falling on the ground, I heard your voice, tender and clear, Call my name, and oh my dear, I threw my window open wide, to let the sweet rain rush inside. It kissed my lips, my eyes, my hair, and love, I knew that you were there. Tears that my heart could not release Fell down from Heaven, bringing peace. Last night while gray clouds softly wept, I held you in my arms and slept. Red Roses Author: Brittany Our love is that of a red rose Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face, Whose petals expand further and richer Whispering secrets of happiness and affection. And even though with the fall of dusk All contentment is swept away, And the rose's petals unite as one Reflecting any light that may endeavor to shine through, The sun will always rise And the rose's petals will eternally broaden Until they fully blossom into a stunning creation. Our love is that of a red rose Possessing a few imperfections That may cause evanescent wounds, But the internal radiance That will everlastingly bestow healing and comfort.
  64. 64. Red Rose Petal Author: Elizabeth Dixon I don't want red roses to show how you care Because I need to know if loving me is too much to bare Can you be there for me in my time of need Or are you going to abandon me out on the street? Is your love pure or is it fake? Do you enjoy watching my heart break? These tears I'm crying are for you And I don't know exactly what to do. Am I rose petal you tore off a rose Or am I whole with you so close? I want it to be a whole one, can't you see How much your love means to me. I'm nothing without you but I want the truth Do you enjoy watching me alone in this booth? I'm hoping I'm right and your love is true Because I don't know what I would do without you. REMEMBER Author: Judycarlene Do you remember- those times we shared? The times when our lives touched; The way we cared. Fate brought us together For just a short while. A brief taste of happiness Along life's mile. You were my darling, My friend and my lover. I'm glad we met- Even though it's all over. But, dear, let me ask you, Whatever you do Remember me, sometimes- I won't forget you! Rememberings Author: Peter Robson
  65. 65. As I recall the memory of your face My thoughts begin to peak Into many splendid rememberings Of beauty and grace unique In you I found something special For me its very true I can't explain the hows and whys But I know they are all in you I also know for me you're the one In spirit, body and soul Forever, whenever, wherever you be You are the half of my whole So bring together the two halves now Quickly, won't you my dear The half of you and the half of me So that we can revere As I recall the memory of your face Of eyes and nose and lips And gleaming smiles that so beguile With lines I long to trace Rememberings, for now I see Till next with you I be To hug and hold and kiss and love My dearest and sweetest honey. RUNNING AWAY Author: Abigail Oh hold me close just one more time Your perfect touch, your lips on mine because Perfect things- they never last We steal our moments, oh so fast. Come with me, let's run away Hide awhile and there we'll stay. Cuddle close and hold me tight In your arms the world is right. Leaning near, you steal a kiss My blushing cheeks tell all of this Your laugh, so sweet, as you watch me. Oh, we'll love forever... they'll just see. Say Anything But Goodbye Author: Tom Zart
  66. 66. Forgive me, forgive me And I’ll kiss your tears away. You're the first thing and the last, I think of every day Let bygones be bygones, And be willing to forgive. And I will love you only Every moment I live. I love you and I need you, It's a fact and not a lie, So if you plan to punish me, Say anything, but good bye. Sealed With A Kiss Author: Rachel The soft autumn breeze Whispers in our ears The weakness hits our knees As that special moment nears. The closer you come The tighter you hold me My body becomes numb Like it was always meant to be. As you come near There's a smile on my face I know there is nothing to fear When my heart begins to race. The sounds become unheard A feeling I've had never You say that special word That lasts in my heart forever. Our breathe slows down We're now face to face Our love is renown As our lips willingly embrace. Searching Soul Love Poem Author: Kandice Campolo
  67. 67. I crawl in bed and lay my head upon my pillow, With thoughts of the day falling away Behind my eyes your face comes to me with love, I can see your trust for me in your eyes I reach out my hand to you as you turn to leave me, I touch your hand you stop, I move to face you to see your soul As I come to your face only for you to turn away again. What are you hiding from? You tell me that you're worthy of love, But you're not free in your heart, You don't know how to give your heart away Pain keeps you scared afraid to be open, fear has you frozen, I place my hands along your face, bring you down to my eyes, I look deep within your windows to your soul. I see your fear there holding tight to you, I place my lips to yours and breathe your air in, In return I breathe mine into you, With one deep breath your walls fall and a new feeling is replaced, Love is now within you so I close my eyes and kiss you good bye. You ask me to stay, why must you go you say, I say I have gifted you, my love is now yours Keep it safe, share it, love like never before, Share the gift we are all giving, I turn from you and walk away with joy in my heart, My love for you now is never ending, You will always carry me within your soul, Even though I have never been with you. SECOND TIME LOVE Author: Joyce Hemsley Falling in love with you again, Calling in dreams, for one sweet kiss, Strolling along down "memory" lane, Rolling on waves of magical bliss. Evening is here, the rain has gone, Gleaming stars cluster high above, Leaving soon, for a new honeymoon,
  68. 68. Believing in "second time love". Secrets Of My Heart Author: Uwo Kiss Why does my heart still hold on to you At every waking moment, in everything I do Why do I have to see your face all day And if you knew, what would you say? My heart breaks in two when I see her with you And I think to myself, what didn't I do I wish I could somehow turn back the time And relive one second when you were mine. I wish no one ever had to know The feeling of lovesick pain from head to toe Like someone rips out your heart and tears it in two And sit back and watch is all you can do. In my dreams you say those words I long to hear And when I look in your eyes, I know you're sincere So I'll see you later, when the day is through When I'm asleep in my bed, dreaming of you. SET ME FREE Author: Jeffrey Campbell You mean the world to me, And I can't get you out of my mind; I don't really want to, But I miss you more than anyone could ever know; I need you here and you're not here, But your voice sets me free. Everyday, all I feel is more for you; I never thought it would be this strong, but it is, and still, I like this feeling; You're with me in my heart, Even though you're so far away; I know you feel the same way, too. For you, I do all I can, But to me, it's not enough; You say it's more than abundant, And I feel you in my heart; I hope so much that this is real, I just want to hold your hand. I hope someday that we'll be together, But for now, I'll take what I can get;
  69. 69. I remember three hour phone conversations, and in-class text messages; It makes me smile, You make me so sure. You are the first, my only; I never want to let you go; Pretzeled for hours, Never thinking of anyone else; I look at your face, and am amazed; You constantly set me free. After a time, I finally realized that, I really do love you; And was overjoyed, That you felt the same. I can't wait for the next time I'm with you; I miss you very much, is what I'm trying to get at. No one else could set me free like you. You're the only one I want to kiss. I almost can't stand to be away, But duty keeps me here. I want to hold your hand again, And just be close to you, too. It's only beginning, And I hope it won't end; You're part of my heart, My soul, my world. You set me free, And all the time I'm grinning. Soon we'll be together again, And soon I'll be ecstatic; I'll feel complete once more, And hold you in my arms; You'll be with me, And you'll set me free, then. I want to be with you forever, But right now I'm made to wait; I think of you always, And will never stop; My love for you is a journey, Starting at forver, and ending at never. And like my love for you, This poem is never ending; I find my self adding to it, And I will always do so; We will be together, my angel; It will be true. You do set me free, Everytime I think about you;
  70. 70. I can barely stand to be without you, But in my heart I know I'm truely not; I'm always with you, As you're always with me. Silenced Screams Author: Marc Kratzer A look from you is as blinding as the sun, As stunning as your eyes I lose myself in. A look from you is as pure as the clear blue sky, As isolating and binding as the ties I'm in, When I'm with you. Every minute I'm not around you, I feel like I left something behind. Every time I'm not looking at you, I feel like I am blind. A smile from you is as electrifying as the moon, As beautiful as the moonlight that shimmers off your skin. A smile from you is as calming as the stars in the sky, As cruelly wonderful as the world I'm in, When I'm with you. For you are the star in my life An angel in the sky What do I have to sacrifice? For you, I would die. I've tried, but I can't fly No use, just hurting me more You're my angel in the sky Here I am, tied to the floor. You leave me here, standing in the rain You leave me here, staring at the sky You leave me here, in darkness and pain You leave me here, all alone to die. I'm soaked in blood of shattered dreams I'm drenched in tears of silenced screams Looking at the stars in the sky They're like scars, making me cry. For you are the star in my life You fell from the sky What do I have to sacrifice? For you, I die! SILENT IN THE DARK
  71. 71. Author: Sarrah Chang So many words go unspoken, As we linger here in the dark. There is a thing or two I wish you to know, But all the words seem to slip away, As you tenderly wrap me in your embrace. Still I wish I could find a way to say, I never thought dreams could come true Yet you showed me that they do, When you came into my life. You set my soul free, With every kiss we share. That from the moment I saw your face, These feelings washed over me Like a tidal wave agaist the jagged shore. Tell me you feel the same. Tell me there is nowhere else you would rather be. Then here at this momemnt in each others arms. So many words go unspoken As we linger here in the dark. Trying to find a way to let the other know How wonderful life is here together silent in the dark. SILENT LOVE Author: Reden Magpantay Jobli Have you ever been silently in love With someone you can never have? So close you can touch her hand Yet, so far to feel her heart? Have you ever lived in pretense Quietly loving without any condition? A feeling of love that's unknown Hiding it, not knowing for how long. Have you ever fallen deeply Loving the person unconditionally? So afraid to say what you feel Acting normal, keeping things still. Have you ever been hurt unintentionally
  72. 72. But put on a smile, pretended to be happy? Deep inside you're in pain and suffering But outside you're jolly and laughing. Why does holding her hand feel so right? Your heart smiles everytime she's at sight Hearing her sweet voice makes your day Hope you can hug her in a special way. Silent Talk Author: Paula Odell I can hear your whisper, upon the breeze, and see your smile, in the sun. I touch your kisses, by the dew, as the meadow lark, sings his song. I can smell your fragrance, upon pedaled stems, and the color abundance, shows your joy. I feel your tears, when it rains, soft, salty, and warm. I will always listen, to how you speak to me, silent purity, upon my heart. Six Silent Tears Author: Adrienne Kay Last night before went to bed Thoughts of you filled my head Though I have not cried this way in many years Onto my pillow fell six silent tears The first was for your smile that I miss And your tender lips I long to kiss The second was for your angle face And thoughts of your loving embrace The third came as no suprise As I thought of your beautiful eyes
  73. 73. The fourth came rolling Instead of my pillow, it should have been you I was holding The fifth came for one reason alone I felt my love for you wasn't fully shown I really love and miss you my dear And there just fell the sixth silent tear. SMILE Author: Jason, PEI, Canada The sun glistens on the water Making it sparkle and shine It almost seems alive to me This touches my heart I hear a loon cry All alone in the night Her song haunts me This touches my heart I see a rose growing in a bed of sand Struggling to survive It seems to cry out for help to me This touches my heart I hold a new born baby in my arms Opening it's eyes to a strange new world It's crying for it's mother This touches my heart. All of these things touch my heart But none near as much As when I see you smile SOUL MATES Author: Dianne Our meeting was more than fate. God knew you were my soul mate. Your timing is never wrong. Now we share a bond so strong. Our time together means so much. Each moment intensifies the need to touch.
  74. 74. Your love has reached my deepest soul. Longing for you to daily hold. May our love and need continuously grow. Forever, LOVE, NEED, PASSION to each show. SOUL REFLECTION Author: Jade I draw these sounds on parchment and hope it would reflect, Your sacredness deep within me I cherish with honor and respect. Our two souls have united, entwined in love's single embrace, breathing in happiness and peace, playing in God's sacred space. You are the soil of the earth in which the seed of my soul grow, You are the mirror of my eyes in which your true reflection show. Inside you I have discovered the meaning of who I am, Through you I came to realize if I believe I could, I can. You poured the riches of your wisdom into me, a once empty shell, And made me forget sadness and regret and wave to it farewell. You are the anchor in the days I drift sad and lost away, My own special mould that God made from human clay. I hope these sounds I drew could even simply explain, that you are my rainbow I see through the endless rain. I know I am not a Poet,I could not even pretend, but I hope you know you are the essence who helped my soul to mend. Steel And Velvet Author: Doug W. He loved her as steel, he loved her as velvet And in her heart, so closely she held it, To make her complete, was his deepest desire, to take her inside him, to bring her his fire She loved him as snow, she loved him as rain, To give him her warmth, to vanquish his pain, To make him complete was her longing desire, To take him inside her, to bring him her fire They loved as with joy, they loved as a dance So deeply in love, through the endless romance. STILL Author: Joyce Hemsley
  75. 75. There is no need to tell me - I know. I know how you love me so. It comes as no surprise, I see it in your eyes, There is no need to tell me - I know. Be still my heart, you love me still. You need me still, you haunt me still. After all the years, and all the tears You calm my soul, you still my fears. Be still my heart, you love me still, You dream of me still, and always will. There is no need to tell me - I know. I know how you love me so. It comes as no surprise, I see it in your eyes, There is no need to tell me - I know. STOLEN HEART Author: Semone Akil Tabb Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me No more coldness within my heart You changed it from dirty stone Into a beautiful piece of art To passion I had no vision But you kissed my eyes and let me see Another part of my rigid being You so graciously set free Emotions which I found foreign, Seem to be a second language today You taught me how to speak them Within my heart they'll stay Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me Stole my heart without a peep I thank you for being so silent My heart you shall keep. SUMMER ROMANCE Author: Sexy Girl
  76. 76. The days are filled with sunshine.. I can smell the sweet scent to the flowers... Some nice purple grapes on a vine... I can stay here and pick them for hours... I can feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders... It's like the warmth of a man's strong hands... With only one wish, for him to hold her... I close my eyes and try to see my man... I see a face with happiness in his eyes... I can feel the warmth of his body next to mine... As I look up I can see some white fluffy clouds in the sky... I want this moment to last a lifetime... I pulled him close to my body as I kissed him... He kissed me back with hot passionate kisses... With heat radiating from around and within... Sounds of soft spoken whispers and wishes... Warmth is found when he covered my body like a blanket... To let the warmth embrace of love soothe those secret places... Summer Love Author: Denise Thomson Arms entwined in true loves embrace He holds her close to kiss her face. The gentle warmth of skin next to skin, The tender feelings that wells up within. With eyes closed, she breathes him in so fine, This man so beautiful, so sublime. His gentle caresses on skin so smooth, In parallel unison their bodies move. In slow rhythmic motion their bodies unite, Touching, caressing in the soft moonlight. Feeling the cool summer breeze as they make love, Whilst bright new stars twinkle above. They sense the freedom, the love, the pride, Of being able to make love outside. Unseen by others in their own little spot, Surely no one else on earth could have what they've got. No longer hiding what they truly feel, This love of theirs they know it's for real. Hearts that have hidden feelings for so long, Now explode with love and desire so strong.
  77. 77. For these two they will always find, That they are as one in heart and mind, For to each other they are companions, lovers, and friends. This kind of love will never end. Sunshine Love In The Garden City Author: Unknown All I heard was a rumbling I thought I was stumbling Surprisingly, I was standing Strong on the wind of Love. Then the wind began to blow And along with it, I began to roll. Suddenly it began to rain As I gain some grains Of Love in the garden city. But I became cold And began to fold Like a baby toad in leau. Joyfully from the east As I sat on a hammock seat Sipping a hot but sweetened tea I saw your Sunshine Love. I watched this rising sun As it gingerly shines on me And like an impassioned coal I set out to warmly glow and grow In my role of love. From the Sunshine state, Your love tenderly shines on me In the Garden city. SURREAL Author: Ebbe Perales Every time we touch I feel as if I'm floating Your gentle kiss Will set my spirit soaring You are all I have Everything to me Wrapped around your arms Encompassed in gaiety
  78. 78. Feeling your heart Beating against mine What I am feeling Now words can define Lying with you Watching the sunrise Listening to your whispers Looking in your eyes You are all I have Everything to me Wrapped around your arms Encompassed in gaiety You are all I need All my dreams came true The sun shines brighter In different golden hues When you smile at me My knees get weak I melt inside Everytime you speak I am lost without you I need you to go on When I am with you Nothing seems wrong You are all I have Everything to me Wrapped around your arms Encompassed in gaiety You are all I need All my dreams came true The sun shines brighter In different golden hues You are all I have All my dreams came true Sweet Love Of Mine Author: Jason Roop I know it hasn't been long since I last saw you my dear, But to me it feels as long as five hundred year. I miss you to the point I am loosing all sanity, There has to be an end to all this calamity. I think of you every second and every breath, For you I would stare even into the face of death. To kiss your lips is to taste the sweetness of love, And it brings forth feelings from the heavens above. To look into your eyes is to gaze into the sky, So beautiful with the stars and the heavens inside.
  79. 79. To see your smile is to see the divine, This poem is for you, sweet love of mine. TIMES LIKE THESE Author: Troy A. Eury Times like these Seem so hard to bare. The pains of life Surround us from every direction. Soon, We seem to be consumed by it, Caught up in it, Until we can no longer see How precious and dear We are to one another. Times like these When life seems so unfair, And the world is set against us, Unknowing of our desperate need To simply hold each other, Treasure each other, And to discover That all we have been searching for Has been carefully packaged In the blissful union of togetherness. Times like these Are all we truly need, To prove to ourselves And to that cold, cruel world, That nothing more than the unquenchable fire, Of that Never-Ending Love Can come between us, And infuse our very souls Into that Heavenly, Heavenly state of oneness; You and I - For all Eternity And Times Like These... That's All I Ask Of You Author: Joyce Hemsley Kiss me once again my love, the way we kissed before, I'll become a beauty queen loving my Romeo once more.
  80. 80. Sing to me of purest love those lyrics I cherish so; sing of butterflies and doves, answer my prayer, oh Romeo. Music is the peace I've found, it calms the stress of pain, softly, hearts will beat as one, when you kiss me once again. Kiss me once again my love, ~~ that's all I ask of you ~~ I long to be your Helen of Troy, your Juliet and your Sylvia too. THAT'S LOVE Author: Angel Have you have wondered If, how, when and where, You would ever find true love And find someone who cared? Sometimes it takes a lifetime And sometimes you never do, But special things take a while If they're really true. It didn't take a lifetime, But pain, hurt and strife And now that I found you I know it was all worth the time. You love me unconditionally So real and so true So now I have to wonder, How did l live without you? You bring me joy and happiness In everything you do
  81. 81. And I just want to thank you And send all my Love to You! THAT TIME AGAIN Author: Carmen Evans Yes, that time has come again, for you to board on that train, it breaks my heart, when we were apart, How much pain do we have to take, it's so unfair we deserve a break, our time should be forever, yet we don't have enough together, All this pain down deep inside, will one day be put aside, for our love is for one another, we will be together forever and ever. The Beauty Of A Woman Author: Teresa Mahieu The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman Must be seen from her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, The place where love resides. The beauty of a woman Is not a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul. It is the caring she lovingly gives, The Passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman with passing years -- only grows and grows. The Enchantment Author: Thomas Otway Did but look and love awhile, It was but for one half-hour;
  82. 82. Then to resist I had no will, And now I have no power. To sigh and wish is all my ease; Sighs which do not heat impart Enough to melt the coldest ice, Yet cannot warm your heart. Oh, would your pity give my heart One corner of your breast, It would learn of yours the winning art, And quickly steal the rest. THE FIRST TOUCH Author:Patricia L. Burd As he stood behind me His body against mine. His arms wrapped around me His hands caressing me I felt a sensation A sensation my body has never felt. As I felt his soft kisses and tongue Starting at the top of my ear Slowly moving down to my neck My body melted. As his hands wrapped around my waist Slowly to my stomach Softly to my breasts My body tingled. A touch A caress A kiss Never felt so right. A distant, hidden fantasy of him Never imagined would happen