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National Geographic Magazine, Yellowstone Special Issue Cartography

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NACIS 2016 Presentation
Martin Gamache, Art of the Mappable
Lauren Tierney, National Geographic
Brian T. Jacobs, National Geographic
We will discuss the cartographic work that illustrated the May 2016 National Geographic Magazine Greater Yellowstone special issue. We will specifically discuss the Elk migration supplement as well as the land ownership and reference maps found throughout the issue. Specific topics will include GIS analysis of elk GPS collar migration data, base map data compilation, relief, property ownership and finally the interactive edition of the supplement.

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National Geographic Magazine, Yellowstone Special Issue Cartography

  1. 1. Yellowstone Cartography May 2016 issue of National Geographic Magazine Magazine page maps: Lauren Tierney, NGP Elk Migration supplement: Martin Gamache, Art of the Mappable Interactive maps: Brian Jacobs, NGP NACIS 2016
  2. 2. Magazine Maps Magazine page maps: Lauren Tierney
  3. 3. Supplement Elk Migration supplement: Martin Gamache
  4. 4. Interactive maps: Brian Jacobs
  5. 5.
  7. 7. — WEB — D3 - GeoJSON, SVG/Canvas LEAFLET - Tiles, Vectors Pre-rendered map data, in raster & SVG HTML/CSS/Javascript MAPBOX - Vector Tiles of OSM & own data CARTO(DB) - Similar, better data processing GOOGLE MAPS - Limited customization, can overlay data DESKTOP - COMMAND LINE - SERVER SIDE SOFTWARE arcgis, qgis, gdal, ogr2ogr, mapnik mapublisher, geographic imager, node, python…
  8. 8. hRp://
  9. 9. hRps://
  10. 10. LOCATOR MAP Data: Generalized North America boundaries, borders, elk range data; conic projec%on Format: Shapefile to GeoJSON to TopoJSON. Tech: Javascript / D3 / Canvas
  11. 11. BASE MAP Data: Snowfall, NDVI, Na%onal Hydrography Dataset, Admin boundaries, Gov't parks boundaries; Yellowstone Equal Area Projec%on Format: GeoTIFF to re%na %lesets (jpeg)
  12. 12. ANIMATION MIGRATION Data: Processed GPS tracks from hundreds of tagged elk Format: Shapefile ➡ GeoJSON ➡ Generalized temporal JSON of GeoJSON Tech: Canvas, Leaflet, D3 (browser: graph), proj4js, D3 (Node), Lodash (Node), Bluebird, MomentJS, Gulp
  13. 13. MULTISCALE PROJECTION AGNOSTIC RASTER PROCESSING Data: GeoTIFF files represen%ng the same geographic area at different scales Format: Structured folders of geo%ff to WMS %le sets + metadata for proj4leaflet to consume Tech: Bluebird, Node GDAL, ImageMagick, GDAL2Tiles (modified), proj4leaflet, proj4js,
  14. 14. Additional Contributors Primary Scientific Advisers: Arthur Middleton, Matthew Kaufmann Design: William Marr, Sandi Owatverot-Nuzzo Interactive Design: Julia Smith, Vitomir Zarkovic Graphics: Lawson Parker, Daisy Chung Research: Shelley Sperry, Brad Scriber GIS: Theodore Sickley, Matthew Hayes, Jerod Merkle Cartography: Lauren James, Dianne Hunt Production assistance: Andrew Umentum, Emily Eng Map Edit: Gus Platis Text: Jeremy Berlin