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Gnld complete whole food and tested


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Gnld complete whole food and tested

  1. 1. GNLD Whole Food Difference“Human-Natural” Nutrition Natures Blueprint
  2. 2. What’s a person to do? Consumers are skeptics Good today…bad tomorrow Who to trust?
  3. 3. "Natural" means nothing EU approval sought for Antioxidant Wood Extract 03-Sep-2010 A Russian firm has applied for novel food approval for a wood extract, which it says has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.The applicant which filed for novel food approval via the UK’s Food Standard Agency (FSA), said it intends to market taxifolin as an ingredient for foods, supplements and in foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS). Some of the proposed food applications include dairy, meat and confectionery products, as well as oil and fats, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. 4. What People Want to Know• What are the products made from?• Where do the ingredients come from?• Are they safe?• How do I know?
  5. 5. Whole Food Ingredients
  6. 6. Tre-en-en® Grain ConcentratesProvides the Complete Lipid and Sterol Profile of Wheat, Rice and Soy vs. African Potato
  7. 7. Carotenoid ComplexWhole Food- DerivedFruit and Vegetable Extracts & vs. Dunaliella salina & Concentrates Blakeslea trispora
  8. 8. Salmon Oil Plus• Pure Salmon Oil A healthful “salmon dinner’s worth” of vs. Algae omega-3s
  9. 9. TRE Liquid Nutritional Essence Resveratrol vs. Japanese KnotweedGrapes
  10. 10. No GMOsIdentity-preserved
  11. 11. Better than just “Organic” Audit of Organic Program Is Ordered Agencys Standards Will Be Scrutinized By Kimberly Kindy Washington Post published a story “The last Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, August 8, 2009describing how federal organics month standards had been relaxed as a result of decisions by program officials and an advisory board that had approved a growing list of non-organic ingredients. Also, certifiers often set their own criteria for determining what products earn the federal organic label, leading some food producers to shop around for certifiers.”
  12. 12. Zero Contaminant Standard
  13. 13. GNLD Quality DifferenceFrom the Farm to the Table
  14. 14. Everything is Qualified Everything that goes into every GNLD product must meet our stringent quality requirements • Every supplier • Every ingredient • Qualified, and Re-qualified*These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  15. 15. The Best Farm Fields Carefully selected farmfields produce the highest quality ingredients Superior Nutrient Content
  16. 16. Superior Raw IngredientsStringent Quality StandardsCrops are continually analyzed fornutrient content and quality
  17. 17. The Purest Extractions & ConcentratesState of the art processing technologies and equipment guarantee the purest extractions and concentrates
  18. 18. Re-verification & Confirmation Re-verification of Purity and Potency All ingredients are then quarantined until lab tests confirm their purity and potency
  19. 19. The Manufacturing ProcessState-of-the-art equipment for maximum efficiency & consistency
  20. 20. Quality Control• Leading-edge testing and certification on finished products• On-going inspections to assure safety, quality and efficacy• Additional samples are collected and retained for tracking
  21. 21. To Your TableTracking Batch Coding System
  22. 22. Quality Without CompromiseMillions of satisfied users across the globe Ultimate proof of quality and efficacy of GNLD products
  23. 23. World-Quality StandardsGNLD products meet or exceed the quality standards for purity, potency and consistency of every major regulatory authority in the world
  25. 25. THE POWER OF COMPLETENESS Having them all makes a big difference!It’s important for fish oil too. That’s why GNLD’sSalmon Oil Plus gives you all 8 omega-3 fatty acidsyou need!
  26. 26. THE POWER OF COMPLETENESS When they’re not all there things just don’t work right!That why GNLD’s Salmon Oil Plus delivers all 8 of the omega-3 fatty acids involved in human nutrition!
  27. 27. THE POWER OF COMPLETENESS When something’s missing it’s hard to get to where you need to be! That’s why GNLD’s Salmon Oil Plus gives you all 8 omega-3 fatty acids Nature intended.
  28. 28. THE POWER OF COMPLETENESS Think your fish oil is complete?If it’s not Salmon Oil Plus from GNLD chances are no.Salmon Oil Plus delivers all 8 omega-3 fatty acidsnature intended and you need.
  29. 29. THE POWER OF COMPLETENESSAre you sure you’re getting all the omega-3’s nature intended and your body needs? Only GNLD Salmon Oil Plus delivers all 8 of the omega-3 fatty acids involved in human nutrition!