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Learn Earn Own - LEO - Business Presentation

LEO (Learning Enterprises Organization Ltd:) offers an innovative and creative approach to learning with multilingual products for flexible, hands-on learning.
While our Members promote LEO's products and business models, we compensate them in ways never before done in this industry.
We realized that making money is not enough that's why we created platforms to diversify business interests into different avenues gaining a return on investments.

For More Info: Contact At:
Cell Phone: +923322991032
Skype: nadeem991032

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Learn Earn Own - LEO - Business Presentation

  1. 1. Life begins with an empty mind. You are born to make great changes. Learn to let go of your past because your past does not determine your future. Yesterday is a history but tomorrow is a mystery. Always try to learn from things, however you are making mistakes that means you’re going to be perfect. Learning is the most prior and foremost thing to your success. I am happy because my company LEO provide Learning.
  2. 2. LEO, Learning Enterprises Organization Ltd, is committed to marketing products to support our customers with their personal and professional development goals and to help our members become successful Entrepreneurs. Our products have an Entrepreneurship focus and anything that will help you unleash your true potential is also part of what we do.
  3. 3. About LEO (Learning Enterprises Organization) • LEO – Dan Andersson & Atif Kamran announces the launch of LEO in United Kingdom on 20-12-2012 • Its Headquarter is located on: Battle Barns 112 Preston Crowmarsh Oxfordshire, OX10 6 SL United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1491 839 559 Email: LEO Headquarter, UK
  4. 4. Our Members are the heart of our Business There is greatness inside everyone Diversity is Empowering True success causes no harm Fast is better than slow Dan Andersson Atif Kamran
  5. 5. A person who leads an ordinary life like me & you. He/She studied & founded a job where he/she is getting a fixed salary. And until he/she has energy in his/her body he/she don’t want to discover any new idea to secure his/her future. He/She devoted his/her valuable time to obey other’s commands. This is going on till he/she gets older and older. A person who leads a creative life. He/She studied the things around himself/herself, whether he/she founded a job or not, but he/she discovered some new ideas & plans to secure his/her future. He/She served his/her precious time to learn new things & in building Productive Asset. LESSON Before we get much older and touched a stage where we don’t have to utilize our energies, we must consider & go on some new ways to try new things. Because we want to change our lives & to have a strong future.
  6. 6. A world Top Economist Robert Kiyosaki, explained in his book “THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT” the following four ways to produce income. People who works for others. As an employee, you’ll earn monthly income, no matter the company you work for gained profit or not. But what if for any reasons you could not work anymore? As an employee, there’s a Boss who take control of you. Otherwise, how much maximum income could you earn? You’re the Boss & employee as well. As a self-employed, you don’t have Boss, no one give you orders. You can work any time you want. Your income depends on your working time. The longer you work, the more you earn. But what if for some reasons, they could not work anymore? Will you still get income? As a Business Owner, you’re the Boss. You’re manifesting people’s time and energy to make money for you. As an Investor, money works for you. If you had a lot of money, just have put on investment. Such as paper sheets, deposit accounts and property. Left side of Quadrant generate Active Income Right side of Quadrant generate Passive Income According to Robert Kiyosaki, if anyone wants to have Time Freedom as well as Financial Freedom, you must have to enter the Right Side of the Quadrant where it produce Passive Income.
  7. 7. Network Marketing is the process of developing a Network or an organization of people who use a product or service & share that product or service with their friends, relatives & independent distributors. As individuals, share the product or service, their network or organization grows larger and larger. They are compensated both for their own personal retail sales & for the volume of retail business that is generated by the people they train & lead in their network. For nearly 50 years, Network Marketing has been providing opportunities for the people who wanted to start their own business they could run from their homes to produce additional income & give them greater control in their lives. This innovative method of marketing has grown to become a $50 Billion Dollar industry that involves all economic strata in virtually every developed country of the world. The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. There is no end in sight. It will continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. They are raising the entire standard of Network Marketing to the point where soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.
  8. 8. “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would chose Network Marketing.” “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business.”
  9. 9. “Network Marketing is HUGE, and the potential income that it can yield when done correctly is GREAT. The great thing about it, is that you can do it part time. So find yourself a company that you can excited about, and start your own business today.” “Your Industry (Network Marketing) gives a chance for everyone to make the most of their lives. I thank you for keeping it strong for so many people and expanding it to more millions of people.”
  10. 10. “Network Marketing gives people the opportunity with very low risk and very low financial commitment to build their own income-generation asset and acquire GREAT WEALTH.” “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.” “The Network Marketing Industry offers a ready- made business system to anyone wanting to take control of their financial future.”
  11. 11. “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.” “Whoever renders service to many put himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation and great joy.”
  12. 12. Cost Profit Expense Advertising Cost Profit Expense Advertising Traditional Company LEO – Network Marketing Company Distributor Whole Seller Retailer User / Consumer Company Member Member Member Member User/Consumer
  13. 13. High Capital (Investment) No Capital (Investment) 24 Hours Job 2 – 3 Hours Only High Risk No Risk Experience Required No Experience Required Profit Starts After A Certain Time Profit Starts Very Next Day (Approx: 2 Years) Uncertain Profit Ratio Ever Lasting Commissions New Branches, More Capital No Need Of Capital Again Traditional Company LEO
  14. 14. Office Home LEO As Part Time Everyone can bring a drastic change in their lifestyles while working with LEO as a Part Time Business
  15. 15. Story of LEO LEO Business Opportunity Programs & Incentives How To Get Started
  16. 16. Transparency Integrity Professional Epic If you want to know more about Transparency, go to LEOTV where your will found all the recorded Webinars from 2012 up to date.
  17. 17. LEARN OWNEARN Learn how to develop A successful mindset using LEO’s products Earn unlimited commissions from your team, network & uplines Own your business, property & investments. Become your own boss.
  18. 18. 2012 2016201520142013 LEO Membership Growth 2,500 13 Countries 10,000 50 Countries 50,000 100 Countries 182,000 120 Countries 1,00,000
  19. 19. UK Philippines Australia USA Canada Pakistan UAE Sweden Hong Kong France
  20. 20. Read about the Roles And Responsibiliti es of DSA Pakistan Here: http://dsapak es-and- responsibilitie s-of-dsap
  21. 21. Direct Selling is a method of marketing & retailing goods and services directly to the consumers, in their homes or in any other location away from permanent retail premises. It is usually conducted in face-to-face manner, either where products are demonstrated to an individual, or to a group or where a catalogue is left with the consumer and where the direct seller call as later to collect orders. Unlike, direct marketing or mail order, direct selling is based principally on personal contact with the customer.
  22. 22. LEARN L E EARN O OWN eLearning eTutoring Live Seminar Technology
  23. 23. Virtual Classroom with real-time coaching Interact with subject-matter experts & other like-minded students Learn from comfort of your home or office Multi-lingual
  24. 24. £1,000 Gold Membership £5,00 Silver Membership £150 Bronze Membership £10 Basic Membership
  25. 25. Start Earning LeoCoin By Choosing Between: 1 Month Value Pack - Unlimited access to hundreds of Entrepreneurship Trainings for one month. - One Live Seminar Ticket. - One month mining service that generates 80 LeoCoins. Value: Over £20,000 BP, RP: 125 Price: £150 1 Year Value Pack - Unlimited access to hundreds of Entrepreneurship Trainings for 12 months. - 12 Live Seminar Ticket. - 12 month mining service that generates 80 LeoCoins per month. Value: Over £20,000 BP, RP: 1250 Price: £1,500
  26. 26. LeoCoin is a new type of CryptoCurrency, a digitally created currency, based on mathematical algorithms. Born out of the success of BitCoin. LeoCoin is not a Pyramid Currency, the members will create the market, mine the coins & keep the profit. LeoCoin is traded in Open Exchanges: LeoCoin will become next successful CryptoCurrency in the world.
  27. 27. Leased mining or leased hashing is the concept which allow users to form a group or pools where there is joint efforts are rewarded with greater income compared to sole mining. All LeoCoin mining is done in without any offline hassle such as electricity, hosting issues, installation and un- keep trouble. This every one can earn extra revenue with little to no risk.
  28. 28. We offer you opportunity to start mining LeoCoin and avoid the unusual problem you can face when buying mining equipments like delay in delivery breakage losses the need for sufficient power supply or cooling devices, personal time spent for continuous mining. We have mining facilities all over the world. We are established limited company based in UK. 100% safe and secure. No hidden fees.
  29. 29. More advanced & more secure algorithm (Script). Smaller denomination makes coin more usable (2.1 Billion coins) – BitCoin reached up to 1200 USD per coin which made it inaccessible for many people and not practical as currency. LeoCoin exchange provides due to its centralization higher liquidity and less volatility, unlike multiple BitCoin exchanges all selling in different rates. Dedicated management team responsible for strategy, attracting merchants and building LeoCoin Brand vs decentralized approach of BitCoin. LeoCoin is mined in mining pool or teams keeping individual investment hardware, etc, minimal. LeoCoin use KYC procedure and cannot be abused for illegal purposes, like BitCoin was. LeoCoin is still in early stage therefore interesting for investors while BitCoin is already very mature, hence opportunity is over.
  30. 30. Barter Exchange Commodity Money Fiat Money Plastic Cards Money Digital Cash
  31. 31. Barter System is the trading of products & services from other products, services. Barter trading is the simple method of transaction, in which no money is used. It is often utilized between nations or sometime between corporations. Barter also known as Counter-Trade most accepted medium that makes trading more convenient for those nations who have difficulty in currency conversion. Shopping Against Barter Exchange
  32. 32. Commodity Money is a means of payment made out of precious metals such as gold or silver or other valuable commodities. It has been the prevailing medium of exchange in most societies since classical times up to around two hundred years ago. Shopping Against Commodity Money Exchange
  33. 33. Fiat Money is the medium of exchange whose value derives entirely from its official status as a means of payment. We take them because we believe we can use them in future. Shopping Against Fiat Money
  34. 34. It is a new and easier way of paying for goods and services. Provide convenient usage along with incentives. An alternative to hire-purchase or loan on consumer goods. Shopping Against Plastic Card Money
  35. 35. Digital Currency is any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form. Digital Currency is not tangible like a Dollar Bill or a Coin. It is an internet-based medium of exchange distinct from physical that exhibits properties similar to physical currencies. It allows users instantaneous transactions & borderless transfer of ownership. Shopping Against Digital Currency
  36. 36. Limited Supply Cannot Be Created Effort To Acquire Durable Private You have the opportunity to be part of it.
  37. 37. £50
  38. 38. Purchase Your Product Pack & Become Part Of Our Global Team! Global Business Rewarding Compensation Plan Marketing Website BackOffice Support
  39. 39. Pay For Performance Plan 10% Team Building Bonus Up To 10% Network Bonus Up To 30% Matching Bonus* Up To 25% Reverse Matching Bonus* Paid Instantly Every Week No Minimums!
  40. 40. Most Innovative And Rewarding
  41. 41. Team Building Bonus: £ 250 Matching Bonus: £ 125 Network Bonus: £ 125 Platinum Ownership £ 500 Award: 1250 RP 1250 RP 1250 RP
  42. 42. Team Building Bonus: £ 10,000 Matching Bonus: £ 5,000 Network Bonus: £ 5,000 Ownership Award: £ 600 50,000 BP 50,000 BP
  43. 43. Over £1.4 Million in Rewards The world’s most rewarding compensation plan. Helping thousands around the world to. “Unleash the Lion within” Associate Senior Associate Coordinator Executive Senior Executive Director Marketing Director National Marketing Director Regional Marketing Director Global Marketing Director
  44. 44. LEO Rank LEO Pin Award Award Value Required RP Member -------------- --------------------------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------------- Bronze -------------- --------------------------------------- ---------------------- 125 Silver -------------- --------------------------------------- ---------------------- 500 Gold -------------- --------------------------------------- ---------------------- 1,000 Platinum Yes Platinum Ownership Award $728 2,000 Associate Yes Associate Ownership Award $1,456 10,000 Senior Associate Yes iPhone Award** $728 25,000 Coordinator Yes iPad Award** $873.60 50,000 Executive Yes Dubai Executive Trip $2,620.80 100,000 Senior Executive Yes Mac Air + Projector Award** $2,912 250,000 Director Yes Office or Rolex Award** $7,280 500,000 Marketing Director Yes Car Award $14,560 10,000,000 National Marketing Director Yes Award $29,120 2,500,000 Regional Marketing Director Yes Award $145,600 5,000,000 Global Marketing Director Yes Property Award $436,800 10,000,000 Vice President Yes Property Award $1,456,000 2 GMD on each Team Business Ownership Award (Worth of £20,000): Is awarded on achieving Platinum Rank in first 90 days and given out on becoming Director. Lion Award (Worth of £100,000): Awarded on achieving Platinum Rank in first 90 days and given at the discretion of LEO Board based on your business plan.
  45. 45. Paid Trip With Exclusive Activities One Week Of Pure Pampering Top-notch Training Friendship, Fun, Special Gifts
  46. 46. LEO Rank Required RP Team Building Bonus Network Bonus Matching Bonus Reverse Matching Bonus Network & Matching Bonus Cap Rank Promotion is based on required RP in lesser team Paid on BP of all products sold by your personally sponsored members Paid on BP of all products sold in lesser team Paid on Network Bonus (NB) earned by your downline up to 10 levels deep Paid on Network Bonus (NB) earned by your upline up to 7 levels up Weekly maximum combined earning of network & matching bonus Member ----------------------- 5% ------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Bronze 125 10% 10% 10% (4 levels deep) ----------------------------- $728 Silver 500 10% 10% 15% (6 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $2,912 Gold 1,000 10% 10% 20% (8 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $7,280 Platinum 2,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Associate 10,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Senior Associate 25,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Coordinator 50,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Executive 100,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Senior Executive 250,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Director 500,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Marketing Director 1,000,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 National Marketing Director 2,500,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Regional Marketing Director 5,000,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Global Marketing Director 10,000,000 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840 Vice President 2 GMD on each team 10% 10% 30% (10 levels deep) 25% (7 levels up) $21,840
  47. 47. LEO Tower Business Ownership Award £20,000 Lion Award £100,000
  48. 48. LEO Tower Achieve Platinum status* in first 90 days & qualify for £20,000 BOA Receive at Director rank
  49. 49. LEO may invest up to £100,000 in your business idea. Achieve Platinum Status* in first 90 days & Qualify to apply at Director rank
  50. 50. Private Secure User Friendly
  51. 51. Helping others is truly rewarding. Send LeoCoin gift to your friends in your mobile contact list.
  52. 52. Download LEO Smart 3.0 App & Sync Your Phone Send Gifts To Your Friends They Each Receive A LeoCoin & You Do Too
  53. 53. Personal Development Cutting Edge IT Platforms World Class Products Fully Compliant Business Global Infrastructure Payment Solutions Business Tools (Personal Website, Marketing System, etc) Business Trainings (Boot Camp Training) Weekly “Leaders Meeting” Webinar Official Newsletters Long Term Business Partnership
  54. 54. Speak to your sponsor to find out more Do the Boot Camp Training Attend our next Webinar Visit Share LEO Business opportunity to your friends & family Attend a LEO event in your area. Ask your sponsor when & where. Join LEO Now
  55. 55. 1 2 3 Go “All in” Be a Lion Help your team To go “All in” Create Duplication
  56. 56. I want to LEARN how to developa successful mindset & skills and want to network with positive thinking people. I want to EARN unlimited commissions from my sales & want to work with people who also value being successful. I want to OWN my own business, property & investments to enjoy a great lifestyle with other like- minded people.
  57. 57. In July 2016, two well know persons have joined LEO’s Advisory Board. This reflects the growth of LEO. 1. Steve Stockman – USA (CryptoCurrency Expert) 2. Paul Southworth – UK (Ex: UK DSA Member)
  58. 58. Enjoy LEO that 100% benefits you & your people