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England traditional food

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England traditional food

  1. 1. Dwi Sarayustisia (09431008) Rizky Amiliyah (09431032)
  2. 2. England isinternationally famous for its fish and chipsand has a large number of restaurants and take-away shopsselling this dish. It may be the most popular and identifiable English dish.
  3. 3. The fish (cod, haddock, Huss, plaice) isdeep fried in flour batter and is eaten withchips. Traditionally, the fish and chips arecovered with salt and malt vinegar and,using your fingers, eaten straight out of thenewspaper which they were wrapped in.Now-a-days small wooden forks areprovided and the fish and chips are wrappedin more hygienic paper. In the north ofEngland, fish and chips is often served with"mushy peas" (mashed processed peas).
  4. 4. The advent of take-away foods duringthe Industrial Revolution led to foods such asfish and chips, mushy peas, and steak andkidney pie with mashed potato. These werethe staples of the UK take-away business,and indeed of English diets, however, likemany national dishes, quality can varydrastically from the commercial or massproduced product to an authentic orhomemade variety using more carefullychosen ingredients.
  5. 5. How to make Fish and ChipsEquipment: Ingredients:• A bowl • 4 pieces of Cod or Haddock• A sharp knife roughly• A sifter • 1 sprig fresh parsley• A cutting board For the batter:• A whisk • 1 cup flour• A deep heavy • 1 teaspoon salt bottom pan • 1 egg• A frying basket • 1 cup heavy beer (Guinness is best but any heavy beer will work)
  6. 6. To make fish and chips :→ First, make the batter and letstand. In a bowl, sift the flourand salt. Next crack the egg intothe bowl and whisk the mixture.Next, slowly add thebeer, whisking all the time. Keepadding the beer until the batteris a thick consistency. Set aside.
  7. 7. → Place the oil in the pan,no more than a third of theway up the side. If you areusing the oil you just cookedchips in, allow it to reheat.When the oil is hot, place thefrying basket in the pan.
  8. 8. → Cook for 3 to 4 minutes until golden brown. Remove with the basket, place on apaper towel to drain and serveimmediately. These will notstay crispy and must beserved straight away. Servewith chips, salt and vinegaror tartar sauce. If you want to be really oldfashioned, serve them on paper. Not newspaper,even in England, that’s illegal now
  9. 9. → Serve with chips,salt and vinegar ortartar sauce. If youwant to be really oldfashioned, servethem on paper. Notnewspaper, even inEngland, that’sillegal now
  10. 10. The traditional British Sundaylunch. Crispy on the outside,rarer inside, the beef comes witha rich gravy enhanced with itsjuices. Yorkshire pudding is madefrom a batter and was originallycooked in a tin under the rotatingspit on which roast beef wascooking - the juices from themeat dripped on to it, giving adelicious flavour.
  11. 11. Possibly the most famous of allEnglish dishes. At one time theFrench used to call us "LesRostbifs" - and probably still doout of earshot! This recipe is froman English family and hasappeared on their SundayDinner table lots of timessauce.Roast Beef is best served withroast potatoes, YorkshirePuddings, boiled carrots andboiled peas. Have a gravy boatbrimming full of gravy for dinersto help themselves to.
  12. 12. First a little about the YorkshirePudding. Different areas ofEngland cook, serve and eat this intotally different ways. No singleway is right nor wrong. It dependsupon your family tradition andwhere you live. Originally theYorkshire Pudding was eaten on itsown as a first course with thickgravy. This was to fill your stomachwith the cheap Yorkshire Puddingso that you would not eat so muchof the more expensive meat in thenext course.
  13. 13. Ingredients (YorkshireIngredients (Roast Pudding):Beef):  110g / 10oz of 1.4kg / 3lbs plain flour (sifted)joint of sirloin of  1 large eggbeef  A large pinch of 50g / 2oz saltbeef dripping  150ml / 5oz water  150ml / 5oz milk
  14. 14. Combined method for cooking the Roast Beef and the Yorkshire Pudding: Heat the oven to 180ºC / 350ºF/ gas mark 4. Put the joint of beef into ashallow baking tray or tin. Season the meat to taste with alittle salt or a sprinkle of rosemaryor a little black pepper Melt half of the beef drippingand pour over the meat andseasoning. Place in the middle of the ovenfor 70 minutes.
  15. 15. → After 70 minutes, keep the meet in the oven,but turn up the heat to 220ºC / 425ºF / gas mark7. → Pour the remainder of the beef dripping intoa cake baking tray (The type of baking tray usedto make small cakes / muffins). Put the tray, witha little bit of dripping in each of the depressionsin the tray, into the oven for 3 minutes or untilyou see the dripping smoke.
  16. 16. → Remove from the oven and pour 2tablespoons of the Yorkshire Pudding batter(see below for batter recipe) into each cakedepression and bake for 15 to 20 minutes in thesame oven as the beef.→ 10 minutes after you have taken out thecooked Yorkshire puddings you can take out thebeef. Leave to stand another 10 minutes to allowto cool a little before carving.
  17. 17. To make the Yorkshire Pudding Mixture(Batter):→ Sift the flour into a large bowl→ Break the egg into the centre of the heap offlour.→ Mix the water and the milk together in ajug. Pour the mixture slowly onto the flourand egg. As you start to pour the water/milkslowly beat the mixture together with a whisk.Add the salt and continue to beat. Thepuddings will be lighter if the batter includesa little air.
  18. 18. → Once all the ingredientshave been beaten togetherleave to stand, covered by acloth, for 40 minutes or so.→ Now you are at step 8 inthe main cooking method.Your oven should be veryhot and your tray for thepuddings very hot.
  19. 19. English sausages,colloquially known incertain regions as"bangers," aredistinctive in that theyare usually made fromfresh meats and rarelysmoked, dried, orstrongly flavoured.
  20. 20. Cumberland Sausage: There are lotsof regional sausages in the UK, butthe Cumberland variety is the bestknown. Made in a coil, each butcherkeeps his recipe as closely guardedas the ingredients for Coca Cola.Basically, its a spicy pork sausageand is best roasted whole. Anysausages served with mashed potatoare known as "bangers and mash".
  21. 21. How to make Cumberland SausageIngredients :• 450 g Pork Shoulder , bone and diced• 450 g Belly Pork , no rind and diced• 2 tsp Salt• 1 tsp Black Pepper• 1⁄8 tsp Nutmeg and Mace• 1 Pinch Majoram• 1 Pinch Sage• 1 Pinch Cayenne Pepper• 1 Pack Sausage Skins
  22. 22. To make cumberland sausage→ Place the meat in the fridge for several hoursbefore beginning to make the sausages.→ When ready remove meat from the fridge andmince coarsely i.e. to the consistency oftraditional beef mince.→ then add more spices as necessary.Place the mince in a large bowl, pour in thebreadcrumbs and the seasonings and mixtogether well.
  23. 23. Step 4Now rinse through your sausage skins withwater. Step 5Now fill your sausage casings. If you don’thave the special tools (sausage filler) forthis, simply pull the casing over the end ofa plastic funnel and press the meats downinto the casing through this – don’t packthe meat too tightly in the casing – justfirm.