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Time Capsule 2014-2114

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Runner-up project of the 2016 European eTwinning Prizes - age category 12-15.

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Time Capsule 2014-2114

  1. 1. eTwinning project 2014-2015
  2. 2. 10 countries 13 European schools
  3. 3. Our eTwinning teams!
  4. 4.  Starting point  Τhe starting point for the project was the information that a time capsule of 1914 hidden in Boston City Hall has been found and opened after 100 years.
  5. 5. Basic aim  Students had to make a time capsule and to “bury” it during the spring of 2015 somewhere in the surroundings of the school.  The time capsule would contain mainly “letters to future generations”, written by students of European schools but also various items/objects of symbolic value.
  6. 6. More specifically further aims of the project were: To think about the consequences of our today actions on the citizens of tomorrow. to prepare students to be citizens of a multilingual society, in which, on the one hand, awareness of, respect for diversity and interest in other cultures are vital, and , on the other, the ability to communicate with speakers of other languages is a much valued skill. To understand that we all are interconnected and that the survival and the further development of our planet is based on the value of a peaceful and creative cooperation.
  7. 7. Basic questions were:  What do you consider important to be communicated (about you, your city, country, culture, Europe and generally about the world)?  What kind of information do you want to give about dreams, worries, problems of your generation?  What kind of object do you want to put in the time capsule and for what reason?
  8. 8. Method  Experiential and cooperative learning which encouraged the critical thinking of students and led to the creation of the final product
  9. 9.  Creative use of ICT and more specifically of Twinspace and Web2.
  10. 10. Implementation tools: Web 2
  11. 11. Ιnterdisciplinary approach Writing letters Immediate historical sources Creative writing Production of written and oral speech Connection with the curriculum & syllabus
  12. 12. Activities Letter to the future generations - Book of messages
  13. 13.  Mascot of the project Mr. Mole
  14. 14. Coloring Mr Mole…
  15. 15. Mr Mole’s adventures
  16. 16. Activities Creating and exchanging (by post) Christmas cards among European schools. with Christmas cards & Greek traditional carols (kalanta)
  17. 17. Activities Photo contest and voting for the selection of the best
  18. 18.  Cooperating and co-creating a calendar Activities
  19. 19. Activities Creating «the vase of happiness» Instructions about «the vase of happiness»
  20. 20.  Brain storming Activities
  21. 21.  Discussions among students Activities
  22. 22. Preparing the time capsule Activities
  23. 23.  Βurying the time capsule Activities
  24. 24.  Βurying the time capsule Activities
  25. 25.  Βurying the time capsule Activities
  26. 26.  Βurying the time capsule Activities
  27. 27. Βurying the time capsule Activities
  28. 28. Appointment after 100 years …
  29. 29. Evaluation of the Project
  30. 30. Evaluation board of the Greek team
  31. 31. Message book
  32. 32. Time Capsule
  33. 33. Twinspace
  34. 34. The website of the project
  35. 35. The Czech webpage
  36. 36. The Polish website
  37. 37. The Turkish website
  38. 38. The Romanian wiki
  39. 39. The Hellenic blog
  40. 40. National Quality labels
  41. 41. European Quality labels
  42. 42. 1st Award in the National Contest of eTwinning projects in Greece
  43. 43. Runner up of the category 12-15 years of the eTwinning Prize 2016
  44. 44. “The future depends on what you do today” Mahatma Gandhi
  45. 45. Coordinators of the project Athanasia Papachristou -Kamila Strzeminska Power point presentation made by Athanasia Papachristou Photos and texts were taken from Twinspace of the Time Capsule 2014-2114 project