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Second Harvest Heartland Tour

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Second Harvest Heartland Tour

  1. 1. Your referralsdo make adifference! TM
  2. 2. Since 2007, Residential Mortgage Group, a division of AlerusFinancial, has made a commitment to invest in the communitiesthat we all call home. After every referral-generated loan closes,RMG donates $100 — in honor of that customer — to a school,police or fire department of their choice. And in late 2010,in response to the growing issue of hunger in our communities,we added Second Harvest Heartland to the list of organizationscustomers could select.During the four years “Refer a friend. Build your community. ” TMhas been in place, RMG’s referral-generated donationshave surpassed: $750,000!
  3. 3. In just the first six months that Second Harvest Heartlandwas included as a designee organization, 274 clients chose to givetheir referral gift to Second Harvest Heartland, which is the UpperMidwest’s largest hunger relief organization.Those 274 referral donations equal $27,400, which in turntranslates to: 101,380 meals!On June 9, 2011, eleven RMG employees took a tour ofSecond Harvest Heartland’s facility in St. Paul to get afirst-hand look at the warehouse and fulfillment operations.
  4. 4. Second Harvest Heartland is on track to distribute 68 million pounds of food in 2011 through 1,000 member agencies and programs such as food shelves,shelters and communitymeal programs.
  5. 5. Our tour was led by Second Harvest Heartland COO,Bob Chatmas.
  6. 6. We learned that families in Minnesota miss out on 125 million meals each year; this is the equivalent to missing dinner10 times per month.
  7. 7. Second Harvest Heartland provides emergency food for an estimated 468,400 different people annually in 59 counties across Minnesota andwestern Wisconsin.
  8. 8. 40% of the members of households served by Second Harvest Heartland are childrenunder 18 years old.
  9. 9. Our tour included visits to Second Harvest Heartland’s massive refrigerator andfreezer storage areas.
  10. 10. On the day of our tour, volunteers from Blue Cross Blue Shield were assembling boxes that will be distributed across Minnesota through the Commodity SupplementalFood Program.
  11. 11. Our group, along with Second Harvest Heartland COO BobChatmas and CampaignsCoordinator Sara Ibis
  12. 12. RMG simply couldn’t make these donations without you —thank you for your trust and support. We appreciate that youcontinue to send your friends, family members and co-workersto RMG when they are in need of a home loan; we appreciatethe business, and we appreciate what your referrals have donefor local organizations like Second Harvest Heartland!Supporting communities andfamilies: it’s the right thing to do,and it’s what RMG andAlerus Financial are all about.
  13. 13. Want to learn more? Visit and search for“Build your community.”Data on number of people served and statistics about hunger in Minnesota provided by Second Harvest Heartland.