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Experience Design: Why Pages Are The Last Thing You Need To Worry About

Annotations/Backstory available on my blog:

Some thoughts on emerging approaches to designing experiences; major differences between traditional "IA" or "desktop publishing" and designing user experiences.

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Experience Design: Why Pages Are The Last Thing You Need To Worry About

  1. Yeah, I Know...Right? I don’t think that the guy from Finland who designed this slide ever read my article...
  2. Anyway...Hi. I’m Tim.
  3. Twitter @nanotim
  4. Experience Design Why Pages are the Last Things You Need To Worry About or...
  5. How I Learned to Keep Jakob on the Shelf Until I’m Designing a Page
  6. So...It’s Three Things It’s Always 2, 3, or 5 Things...Right?
  7. First Design Experiences - Not Pages
  8. Second Grow Organically
  9. Third Design Inside Out
  10. Pages The Old Building Blocks
  11. People Aren’t Looking for Pages They Want Answers
  12. The Experience of Finding Digital Brings Drastic Changes to the Role of an Index
  13. Search Was King Because Attribution Has Been Going to Last Click Share Video with Friends Gather Online Clue ! dropped in Show Watch Show Registration on Microsite View YouTube Video ! View YouTube Video ! Magazine Ad Impression ! Microsite Visit ! View Email ! Text Message ! Outdoor Display !
  14. ! ! ? ! ? ! ! ? ? ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! Real Behavior is Messy Mapping a Series of Interactions ? ! ! ! ! ? ? ! ! ! ? ? ! ?
  15. So...Let’s Design Experiences Behavior cannot be modeled in a Site Map
  16. We Can Design Experiences And...then a Site Map
  17. Homepage Cheats Index Page Cheats In ience + Situation e Gamer Seeker ituation: he Gamer Seeker is already miliar with the ite. e is stuck on the 5th level of arhammer 2 for Xbox, but Storyboard an’t seem to get pass e Ogre. e knows he can go to The page rebuilds with a The gamer lands on the Cheat The Gamer enters the Warhammer 2 cheats, as’s site to find out index page where they are able to related information. They Homepage via a bookmark User Action heats from others around filter their results by “Platform” to filter to level specific ch that they have set previously. and “Genre” and finally “Title. e community. After finding and reading They select “Cheats” under quot;They go through the alphabetical the cheat, hey notice that Start with Stories the Game Menu. index results and select community of other Warh Warhammer 2 Gamers. ience Situation Questions Lo-fi UI’s + Narrative FTW an’t get pass level 5! Can I find it on Okay. I notice there is a category for eat. There are results for Warhammer 2. Warhammer 2. I wonder how many entries I now have 237 results. onder how many there are? there are? ay. There are quite a few results. How Great. I can filter down to just le n I find my specific result? results, read, and copy the che onder what everyone else is saying out Warhammer 2? w! There is a huge community of rhammer 2 fans...I wonder what the top mer has to say? Video Clips Cheat Database Cheat Database Content Available News & Reviews UGC Cheats UGC Cheats UGC
  18. Reseller Program Landing Sales Guide Search Grants and Programs Grant Detail 5 Home 13 Predictive Search UI About Intel Landing 12 11 1 9 Corporate Leadership Leadership 10 Technologies Experiences Aggregate 6 2 Stories Combine to Show System Structure Download Item 8 Product Nav Support Landing Language Support Article 3 4 Product Category Landing Product Family Landing Products Landing
  19. In Review Design Experiences - Not Pages
  20. In Review People Aren’t Looking for Pages People Are Looking for Answers + Entertainment Design the Experience, Then Design the Site Map Compile Stories to Describe the System
  21. Part 2 Die, Enterprise, Die
  22. Innovate, Then Integrate Design What You’re Going to Design
  23. Are Those Requirements? Or, Are You Just Happy to See Me?
  24. Who’s Designing Here, Anyway? The Solution Is The Design
  25. Design is Thinking, Made Visual - Saul Bass
  26. A Word on UX + Creative How to Design Together
  27. UX Roles Analyze the Challenge, State the Insight, Connect the Solution
  28. UX Roles Understand Relationships Between Brand, Product, + People
  29. UX Roles Fight for the User
  30. Creative Roles Evoke Visceral Reactions
  31. Creative Roles Make People Feel an Idea
  32. Creative Roles Visualize Thinking
  33. Comfortable Chaos The Best We Can Hope For, Sometimes...
  34. In Review Grow Organically
  35. In Review Enterprise Will Not Innovate by Nature Innovate, Then Integrate Requirements Are Not the Design Strive for Comfortable Chaos with Creative
  36. Part 3 Design Inside Out + Outside In
  37. The Real World Unstructured Data
  38. Semantic Structures Even Indexed Information Is Not Optimal
  39. Bottom-Up Tagging Limited by Quantity of Topics + Differences in Usage
  40. Why Design Ontology? Multiple Concepts of Meaning for Organizing Content
  41. What Does It All Mean? We Must Swing Both Ways
  42. Create the Experience Provide the Context + Container
  43. What Is the Experience? What Does the Brand Do? What Do People Do?
  44. Create the Containers What’s the Context? Where Does This Happen?
  45. In Review Design Inside Out
  46. In Review The Best Index Still Yields a List Semantic = Strong Identifiers, Simpler Experiences Ontology = Good for Growing Structures Ontology != Silver Bullet Design the Heart of the Experience + Page/Context
  47. Thanks, a lot... Please reach out Tim Richards Director, User Experience Razorfish More at:
  48. Credits Photos + Work Slide 4, Tim @ LA UX Party: Jeff Mercado Slide 7, 3 Things: Slide 8, I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This: Slide 9, Leave The Desk...: Slide 10, What Is It, Sir?: Slide 26, PlayBill “One, Two, Three”: Slide 41, Ontology Diagram: Rich Keeves Slide 42, Basil Exposition, Austin Powers: Slide 43, First Month! 02: Slide 44-45, G4 Sketches: Darren Wong

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Annotations/Backstory available on my blog: Some thoughts on emerging approaches to designing experiences; major differences between traditional "IA" or "desktop publishing" and designing user experiences.


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