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Workbook answer key unit 1

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Workbook answer key unit 1

  1. 1. Workbook Answer Key Yin and English Unit 1 4. Luxor, Egypt Arabic and baseball Exercise 1 – Answers will vary. Ahmed English Exercise 2 2. A: What’s your teacher’s first name? B B: My teacher’s first name is ... Answers will vary 3. A: Where is your teacher from? B: My teacher is from ... Exercise 8 4. A: How is your English class? Sarah: Pretty good, thanks. Are you a student B: My English class is ... here? 5. A: What are your classmates like? Rich: No, I’m not. I’m on vacation. Are you a B: My classmates are ... student? Sarah: Yes, I am. Exercise 3 Rich: And what are you studying? 2. A: My name is Young Hoon Park. Sarah: I’m studying Spanish. B: Nice to meet you, Young Hoon. Rich: Oh, really? Is Susan Miller in your 3. A: Hello. I’m a new club member. class? B: Welcome. Sarah: Yes, she is. Is she your friend? 4. A: I’m sorry. What’s your name again? Rich: No, she’s not. She’s my sister! B: Joe King. 5. A: How do you spell your first name? Exercise 9 B: A-N-T-O-N-I-O Tina: Hi. I’m Tina Fernandez. 6. A: What do people call you? Amy: Are you from South América, Tina? B: Everyone calls me Ken. Tina: Yes, I am. I’m from Argentina. Where are you Exercise 4 and your sister from, Alex? 2. Jim: What’s your last name? Alex: We’re from Taiwan. Bob: My last name’s Hayes. Tina: Are you from Taipei? 3. Jim: Who’s that? Alex: No, we’re not. We’re from Tainan. Say, Bob: That’s my wife. are you in English 101? 4. Jim: What’s her name? Tina: No, I’m not. I’m in English 102. Bob: Her name is Rosa. 5. Jim: Where’s she from? Exercise 10 Bob: She’s from Mexico. 2. A: Are you free? 6. Jim: Who are they? B: No, I’m not. I’m very busy. Bob: They’re my wife’s parents. 3. A: Are you from Spain? B: No, we’re not from Spain. We’re from Exercise 5 Mexico. 2. Our 4. He 6. Her 8. It 4. A: Is your teacher Mr. Brown? 3. your 5. My 7. They B: No, my teacher isn’t Mr. Brown. I’m in Mr. West’s class. Exercise 6 5. A: Are Kim and Mika in your class? are / are / am / is / is B: Yes, Kim and Mika are in my class. 6. A: Is it an interesting class? Exercise 7 B: Yes, it’s an interesting class. A 7. A: Are they on the same baseball team? 1. Cali, Spanish Volleyball B: No, they’re not on the same baseball team. Mario Colombia and They’re on the same volleyball team. French 2. Mozambique, Swahili Exercise 11 Eileen Africa and Hello Good-bye Portuguese How are you X 3. Su Taiwan Chinese volleyball doing?
  2. 2. See you X around. So long. X How’s X everything? Long time, no X see. See you on X Monday. Have a good X weekend. Hi there! X Exercise 12 Answers will vary.

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