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Beautiful parks in Kyiv

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Our team's presentation for the etwinning project "Whyy is it worth seeing your region".

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Beautiful parks in Kyiv

  1. 1. Mariinsky Park • The park is located in the center of the city. Its story has about a half of century. The park is one of the most picturesque parks of Kiev, and is designed in the so called English style. The park contains more than 80 trees; a lot of roses grow here. There is Peoples’ Friendship Arch, the Puppet Theatre, and the Museum of the water in the park. It is very famous due to the fact that the Mariinsky Palace, one of the greatest monuments of Kiev, and at the same time the principal residence of the Ukrainian President is situated on its territory.
  2. 2. Fomin Botanical Garden • Fomin Botanical Garden is one of the oldest gardens in Ukraine. Currently it is a research institution of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and at the same time fulfilling the educational and scientific functions. Several generations of botanists created in the Botanical Garden a unique collection of plants of different geographical origin, which has about 10 thousand units. On the territory of the garden a wide range of natural fauna samples is presented. The garden is considered one of the most unique natural sites of Kiev.
  3. 3. The Zoo • The Kiev Zoo has existed for already one hundred years, and during this period it gradually turned from public menageries into one of the biggest zoological parks of Europe. The Zoo collection contains more than seven thousand three hundred animals of 414 species. The territory of the Zoo has expanded, new facilities appeared there: «The Island of Animals», enclosures «The Aviary» for rare birds – black griffins, «The Bears Continent». The Zoo contains such species as the Przewalski’s horse, Grant’s zebra, Southern white rhinoceros, tapir flat, hamadryas baboon, Japanese macaque, and many others.
  4. 4. The Park of Glory • In 1967 in the city centre at a natural lime park the Park of Glory was opened. The Alley with the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and the defenders of the homeland leads to the high monument of Glory, created by the architect Tyurin. Near the monument there is the Eternal Flame, which symbolizes the memory of the Unknown Soldier. In June 1970 a five - meter high sculpture called «The Soldiers» by architect Yuri Ushakov was created here.
  5. 5. Pirogovo Museum • The National Museum «Pirogovo» is a set of folk architecture and everyday life in the open air. The museum was founded in 1976. There are over three hundred monuments of 16-19 centuries from all over Ukraine: Prydniprovje, Poltava land, Slobozhanschyna, Polesje, Podolie, the Carpathians and the Crimea. These are the estates with rural homes, and old wattle and daub houses, and wooden churches, and windmills, and many other exhibits illustrating special features of Ukrainian life during the past centuries.
  6. 6. Holosiyivsky Park • It is one of the largest parks in Kiev,measuring 150 hectares.There are four lakes, a sport complex, a funfair and a museum of the work and life of Ukrainian poet Maxim Rylsky. In this park there are also several lakes, playgrounds, restaurants and cafes
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